Redsn0w 0.9.10b7 Released; Includes Corona A5 Jailbreak For iPhone 4S, iPad 2 on iOS 5.0.1 & More

Jailbreak iPod Touch On iOS 4.2.1 Redsn0w

As we eagerly wait for pod2g to release the untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.1, the iPhone Dev team has quietly updated Redsn0w, which includes a number of new features including the Corona A5 untethered jailbreak for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 still running iOS 5.0.1.

Redsn0w 0.9.10b7 includes the following new features:

  • Corona A5 untethered jailbreak for iPhone4S and iPad 2 still running 5.0.1
  •  It can also re-install that jailbreak for those who accidentally uninstalled the untether.
  • When stitching an IPSW, it can now grab your blobs directly from Cydia.
  • It now shows a lot more info about your device (for instance, whether your iPhone3G has the vulnerable baseband boot loader, or whether your iPhone3GS has the old exploitable bootrom.

Dev team has also revealed that they plan to add  built-in restore support in Redsn0w, to provide an alternative to iTunes restores, which will be a killer feature as it should be able to avoid those annoying errors when you try to restore using custom iOS firmware files using iTunes.

Redsn0w 0.9.10b7 can only perform a tethered jailbreak for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS (expect iPhone 3GS with old bootrom), iPad 1 and 3rd-generation iPod touch on iOS 5.1, which means that you need to connect your iOS device to the computer on every reboot. So if you’ve jailbroken your iOS device running on iOS 5.0.1, you are better off avoiding the iOS 5.1 software update, which doesn’t include any major feature.

if you’ve accidentally updated your iOS device to iOS 5.1 then you can use Redsn0w 0.9.10b7. You can download Redsn0w 0.9.10b7 using this link for Mac and Redsn0w 0.9.10b7 using this link for Windows.

If you need help in jailbreak your iOS device on iOS 5.1 then click on relevant link for our detailed step-by-step jailbreak guides:

Meanwhile, pod2g continues to make progress in releasing an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.1.

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[via Dev Team’s blog]

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  • Gie

    Oh great. Another 5.0 .1 jailbreak. It’s not as if we didn’t have this already. What’s wrong with the dev team that now it takes them forever to jailbreak any new release. Why doesn’t anyone else ever get onto the development except for the dev team?

    • Yo Mama!

      Are you paying for it? If Not please be quiet…!

    • axe

      Why don’t you join them since you seemed you are the best in the world.

    • Brando212

      why the hell are you blaming them?!?

      it’s Apple that keeps patching things making it harder for the dev team and the others to find something that works

    • Louis

      BOOHOO I want something free and the people providing it free better hurry up and get it to me. BOOHOO!!!
      Why don’t you figure out how to jailbreak the phone yourself and stop complaining about people that are helping you at no cost to you.

    • kono

      GIE, is a noob!

      • craizee

        GIE is a nob!

  • Not a B-tch

    Stop being a b*tch.

  • Sako

    Another dum*as*

  • I love it when people complain about something free.

  • Dave

    Yup. I’ll bet this guy complains about Facebook changes too. I am grateful for the Dev Team and everyone else that contributes to the iPhone jailbreak community. I also keep my mouth shut and wait patiently. And when I can afford to, I will even donate to the cause when such a system exists.

    • Louis

      Yeap. I bought a homeless beggar lunch several years ago and he complained about the food I bought for him. People expect things free and damn if they don’t like what you give them. This has become a world on ingrates.

    • Layla

      Yes I’m very eager for the new jb too but I’ll shut up and be patient because im very grateful for wt the dev team does 🙂 admire them!

  • Chris

    On my iPhone 4S, the bluetooth doesn’t fully work (I can connect to a headset but it doesn’t work with Siri, that same headset works with Siri on another 4S so I know it’s the phone itself). I’ve read a lot on this issue and most people say that it gets fixed when you rejailbreak so I was really excited to see this release! Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem Redsn0w will let you run the jailbreaking process again once it’s already jailbroken 🙁 Does anyone know a workaround for this?

  • Kimk69

    Just wondering if I have an iPhone 4S jail broke on iOS 5.0.1 but want to restore and jailbreak to the same iOS, will this redsnow
    Let me cook a 5.0.1 and restore if need be???

    • Nokto

      Just tried it and it won’t allow you to stitch ipsw for iPhone 4s yet.
      Does not support stitching for iPhone4S,1_5.0.1_9A405_Restore.ipsw
      That is to bad.

      • Kimk69

        Ah sh@t. Thanks for letting us know anyway.

        • moodi

          I got it working Kimk69 ,as one of our great DOOOOODS in her suggested

  • michael

    Im so lost on this, so does this mean i can finally jailbreak my phone or not lol i have the iphone 4s 5.1

    • Kimk69

      No, not on 5.1.
      Only 5.0.1 for 4S.

  • Dixonsuhaimi

    why the redsnow 09.10b07 cannot detect my iphone in DFU mode?
    redsnow 09.10b06 cannot detect my iphone in DFU mode too, but redsnow 09.10b05c can detect my iphone in DFU mode. i’ve jailbroken my iphone several times. i know how to get my iphone into the DFU mode, please someone help me, REDSNOW can’t detect my phone in DFU mode, my iphone has been stucked in the apple logo for 2 months

  • Me

    Hi All
    I have an iphone 4 with Version 4.3.3 (8.2) Firmware 04.10.01, I was wondering if I can unlock it?

  • harjot

    can i restore my jailbroken iphone 4s running on 5.01 to factory settings????

    • Kimk69

      No, you can not. Or you can but it will
      Want to update to ops 5.1.
      This is the problem right now with the
      4S & iPad 2 & 3. No way to downgrade and no way to even cook a firmware to restore to.

      • Kimk69

        Damn auto correct got me again.
        That last post should say (iOS 5.1)
        In case anyone couldn’t figure it out.

  • Luminous

    It is a good question why they drag it out so long and why with it the biggest mobile platform out there on a single device and it’s got only ONE TEAM on it

  • KiDD

    tutorial please

  • Mitch

    Does this let the iPhone 4s downgrade to 5.0.1 from 5.1

  • mintyfrenchy

    can you run the new redsnow on top of redsn0w_win_0.9.10b1 ??

    • Kimk69

      Usually redsn0w let’s you do that but
      Not 100% sure on this latest.

  • Black

    Does this jailbreak iOS 5.0.0 untethered on iPhone 4

  • deviboyz

    can this jailbreak 4.3 version of ipad2?? or any help

  • moodi

    For some reason I had to update my iPhone 3GS to 5.1 which I did . Some strange things are happening with it.
    1) I jailbreak using this new Redsn0w 0.9.10b7 and it worked fine .
    2) I can reboot without connecting the iPhone to computer ( don’t know how it worked ??)
    3) when I was jailbreaking using the 0.9.107b , I installed the iPad BB 06.15.00 to unlock the Iphone BUT i did not get it to work ??? no carrier signal even i installed the latest version of Ultrasn0w .

    Can some one Please help and explain to me what is going ON ??? Thanks

    • Kimk69

      I’m like 99% sure you can’t install the iPad baseband after upgrading to 5.1
      There is no way to software unlock
      Any iOS 5 firmwares unless you cook/stitch your own firmware from previous unlock/jailbreak. It’s a long story, there’s a few things that have to fall in line for that to work. If you upgrade the iOS without preserving the baseband before time that’s it. You can’t downgrade a baseband. If you upgrade to ios 5.1 and the baseband is
      Higher then the iPads 6:15 which I’m guessing for the 3GS it is, then your out
      Of luck. Again not positive but 99% sure. Get a Gevy Sim to unlock maybe.
      It’s only like $30 bucks if it’s even available for 5.1’s baseband. Anyway hope this helps and this is why you have no carrier or signal using the iPad baseband. You were supposed to preserve the baseband before upgrading if you had the iPad 6:15 working on a previous iOS.

      • moodi

        Dear Kimk69

        Please send me your Email and i will attach to you photo of my iPhone showing what I am talking about. I side it I did not know how it worked

    • achex

      Yes, you can install the iPad BB on it, and yes, you can unlock it using ultrasn0w, all you need to do is, install the 5,1 fix in Cydia; it’s called “ultrasnow fixer for 5.1”. If you can’t find it in Cydia, add this URL “” as a source.

      • moodi

        A big Thanks for you MAN.
        I did it what you suggested and it worked like a charm.

  • Lol

    I bet Gie also wonders why he can’t get a girl and still has wet dreams… Dont worry man there’s always Russian mail order although you will prob have settle for the short fat one

  • BigBuddhaBlaze

    so is there a way of jailbreaking the iphone 4s on 5.1?? if so can some one email me please and help me out lol

  • lololololololololol

    c’mon guys. i hope they can find this loophole in the 4s 5.1 A5 thing. I really need it jailbroken.
    Lets do this.
    cough im sorry, just had to say that

    • Dutch

      Sorry, we have no chicken

  • Brad

    Im patiently waitin for the 4S 5.1 JB also, i wish someone would push a tethered JB at least until untethered is released. It sucks that ih8snow is keeping his downgrade exploit until next JB release because at that point why would someone want to downgrade when they dont have to. Great work on current JB in progress though. Two thumbs up