SAM Update Makes it a Lot Easier to Unlock Your iPhone

Unlock iPhone

If you had trouble unlocking your iPhone using SAM then we’ve some good news for you.

Sam Bingner – developer of Subscriber Artificial Module (SAM) has updated it to make it a lot easier to unlock your iPhone.

You no longer need to worry about having the original SIM or copy the IMSI. It just works. He tweeted few hours back:

The latest update for SAM should fix some issues with the activation if you click in SAM, and give you a pretty indicator while you wait.

Here’s the simple step-by-step instructions to unlock your iPhone using the updated SAM jailbreak tweak:

Step 1: Launch Cydia on your jailbroken iPhone.

Note: If you haven’t jailbroken your iPhone yet then check out our How to Jailbreak webpage for links to the latest tutorial to jailbreak your iPhone.

Step 2: Sam Bingner’s SAM (Subscriber Artificial Module) package

Note: If you’ve already installed SAM then install the latest version of SAM via the Changes tab and jump straight to Step 4.

  • Tap on the Manage tab
  • Then tap on Sources
  • Then the Edit button
  • Enter as the Cydia/Apt URL
  • Tap on Add Source

Cydia will verify the URL of the repo and successfully install it.

Step 3: After the package is installed, you need to Install SAM and SAMPrefs.

  • Either tap on Changes tab or use the Search tab to search for SAM
    • Select SAM for the list of search results
    • Tap on the Install button
    • Then tap on the Confirm button.
    • Tap on the Reload Springboard button when prompted.
  • This will also install SAMPrefs

Step 4: Insert the SIM card that you want to use in your locked iPhone.

Step 5: Launch SAMPrefs from the Home screen.

Step 6: Tap on Utilities and then tap on Attempt Activation under Activation Utilities.

That’s it, you will see the Activation message box telling you to “Please wait …. this may take a while“. After a while, your iPhone will reboot and it should be successfully unlocked.

You can also refer to this video tutorial by Jeff Benjamin if you had problems following the step-by-step guide:

After you’ve successfully unlocked your iPhone, please don’t forget to take a backup of the activation ticket using Redsn0w or iFile as it could be useful in the future.


Apple has started blocking SAM trick to unlock iPhone, check out this post for more details.

As always, let us know how it goes.

Frequently asked question:

➤ Can I unlock iPhone for free using Ultrasn0w (software unlock)?

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  • Mr Knows Nothing

    First! I have nothing to add to this. Sorry. Im not whitty. Awesome stuff though! Thank you Jesus!

  • trapped

    can i use this to unlock 4.1 bb 02.10.04 iphone 4.. or should i just upgrade to an new ios. kinda new at this any help is greatly appreciated.. thanks

    • Aaron

      If your iPhone is Jailbroken you can and if it’s not well just free your iPhone “Jailbreak”

      • trapped

        so this should work for all baseband..

    • daniela

      you cen use on any i unlock my iphone4 ios 5.1 04.12.01
      thanks to sam

      • KEn

        I have a iPhone 4 bb 04.12.01 iOS 5.1. Tried to unlock it with SAM. I have followed the steps on the video but it says I have to use the original carrier SIMID! NEED HELP!!!

  • kubbie

    Once you unlock with SAM package can you use any SIM or do you have to redo the whole process if you want to use a new SIM?

    • nrgy

      1 sim = 1 unlock process
      20 sim = 20 unlock process

      • Ambulansya

        Im having problems with 2nd, 3rd sim etc. after a while it loses signal. But my 1st sim (the one i used first) never fails. Any toughts about it?

  • MOY


  • Doug

    1. Does this work for iphone 3G if I restore in iTunes?
    2. Another question. After Activate do I need to conect to Itunes?

  • Arejaye

    Im looking to sell my iPhone 4S. Is there a way I can sell it jailbroken and unlocked? I’m confused because when the next person gets it how would they set it up with their info without restoring and losing the jailbreak and unlock? Does it stay unlocked? Any help I would appreciate thanks!

    • ufugslyxu

      Settings –> delete all data

      Will wipe, deactivate, but not restore the iPhone. You’ll have to re-jailbreak it, but that will be possible, because the phone hasn’t been restored.

      Assuming nothing goes wrong.

  • Bob

    Wow Just Wow!! It wasn’t to hard before, but this is unreal. It will make it so easy to switch between mulitiple sim cards, just stick new card in and press attempt ativation. Cool.

    Well done and thanks for your hard work, this is a great gift to the community.

  • Eduardo

    I currently have a locked AT&T iPhone 4 but once my contract is over I might switch to T-Mobile, do I need to have a T-Mobile SIM card to be able to save the BB ticket?. Also, probably doesn’t make that much sense since once my contract is over, I can have AT&T unlock it forever. Any benefits of doing this whole SAM thing?

  • italiano

    will this work on sprint iphone 4s 4.0.1 anyone????????????????????????

    • ingm83

      work with all iphone just u need a jealbreaking iphone !

      • italiano


  • Jay

    Does this unlock finally allow for full speeds or are you stuck on edge still on tmobile or other providers?

    • Eduardo

      Those are two different animals. There’s NO iPhone that supports T-Mobile 3G or higher speeds simply because T-Mo uses a different frequency.

  • marion

    I tried this on a SAM hactivated 3GS with the ipad baseband. when i tried activating through SAM, I got an activationinfo rejected. you must select the original carrier SIMID of your phone. any thoughts?

    • Fernand Huang

      you need to ‘restore lockdown stock’, choose country and network instead auto detect. SIM ID<— first one. i forgotten. then attempt activation. you should get signal searching…. wait a minute. there u go… i just did it and had the same problem. thats my solution what i did.

    • Zangy

      Sorry if I’m confused… but why not just install new ultrasn0w? Think it is in beta maybe but still works… specially if you have ipad baseband anyway…

  • Pirão

    I do not have the option: “attempt activation”

    • IPHONEnoob27

      you must de activate it before you see the attempt to activation

      • Happy

        i am not getting attempt to activation its only showing restore activation and already do deactivate iphone(clear push) but still not getting Attempt to activation any help and after restore activation my sim card not working

  • Miguel Ensenada

    Gracias por esta actualización si antes era fácil ahora si ni dudas debe haber.
    Thank you for this update if before of this was easy now there is no doubt.

  • james

    who’s sam?

  • trapped

    should i upgrade to 5.0 or 4.3. will i preserve my baseband at 02.10.04 4.1.. I’m currently using a gevey sim. what can i do…

  • Raj

    Do you need to have wifi in order to unlock the phone (the “attempt activation” step) after SAM and all its modules are installed on it?


    • Jazzy

      Yes u do.

      • Raj

        Thanks for the reply. Is there any way to unlock it if you have internet connection on your laptop but no wifi on your phone?

        Thanks again

        • gopal

          Just create a ad-hoc internet connection from your laptop and connect iphone to this wifi

          • Raj

            Thanks a lot. Do you think that apple will be able to patch this issue soon? The thing is that the sim card that I wanted to use is corrupted and now I cant get a new one until I go back to India.

            Thanks again

  • jay

    couldn’t unlock sprint 4s were having so much trouble before but with this update of SAM all you is to put the sim and just press attempt activation. Love the part that you don’t need the itunes anymore. THANK YOU iPhonehacks for sharing.

  • andy

    does not work I have iphone 4. with 5.01 OS. does everything it said but mine said It’s rejected and I must choose a carrier SIMID. Any idea???

    • JLX

      mine too:(

    • alex

      Same with mine.

  • Ahmed

    Does it work worldwide or it’s for US ONLY?!?!?!?

    • Lars

      Works great with any operator in norway, europe. AT&T locked iphone 4, ios 5.0.1 from USA.

  • Cesar

    Any body knows if this works on iPhone 3G

  • jdm

    No option for: “attempt activation”

    only backup activation, De-activate iPhone and Restore Activation.

    need help

    • Quintel Phillips

      deactivate iphone first and then attempt activation

  • Kevin

    hi i’m from panama, central america. I downloaded SAM and used auto detect and worked perfectly.


  • Amazing ! One question if possible guys Let’s say I have ATT as original SIM and T-Mobile as back up. By “unlocking” my T-Mobile sim will I be able to insert my ATT original SIM back or I’ll need to “unlock” phone for ATT again ?

    Thanks I am sure more than one person wondering the same thing.

    • Cesar

      Check the latest video on this, with old sam method I was able to do it, just insert AT&T sim back and your good. No need to do it again. According to video you must activate your AT&T again.

  • Jazzy

    Anyone know how to restore settings back to factory or even restore an activation ticket after performing the method above?

  • Jazzy

    Anyone know how to restore to factory activation settings or back to a backed up activation ticket after performing the above method?

  • iPhone rules

    If I unlock my iPhone 4 5.1 using this method, will I be able to restore the iPhone without losing the unlock?

  • Grime

    Anyone know if its possible to unlock a 4s for Verizon or Sprint so that it would work on T-mobile or At&t in the US or worldwide?

  • The Boss

    Worked great for me, but had to turn on ‘enabled’ in the SAM option on the 1st screen of SAMPrefs. I was using Gevey Sim before, now no need!
    -iphone 4 GSM
    -4.1 ios
    -02.10.04 BB
    -Thailand dtac
    My question is, can I now update to latest ios and maintain my unlocked phone state? Previous answers are not clear.

  • Fernand Huang

    If error persists like ‘need valid sim card’, and Device state is FactoryActivated, you’ll need to deactivate by restore lockdown stock in “more utilities”. Then, Choos ‘country and network’ SIM ID <— first one. Then, tap 'Attempt Activation'.

  • axel

    hey guys i just got my unlock from att but i bought my wife and iphone is unlock by gevey sim card if i try this sam method how long does this last ? do i have to worry about the software updates ?

  • Paul

    Fernand Huang@ NOT working

    Iphone 4 – 4.3.3 error. You must select the original carrier SIMID of your phone.

    I tried to select Country and Operator but no chance (Bouygues France). Operator has 2 SIM IDs. I tried both and between atempts I press Revert Lockdown to Stock to ensure a clean restore. No chance. I begin to belive that there is a problem with this operator.

    • Cesar

      You need to update to 5.01 better. Don’t forget to do a custom firmware preserving your base band. Use latest Redsnow

  • Bojan

    Man it works, after fiew attempts. Extra, now I can put my gevey card to some dark place 🙂 Excelent work !!! Sorry for bad English 😉

  • Nekoj Sekoj

    What if I once unlock the phone with one SIM card and then want to use another SIM card. Is it possible to do it or i will have to restore/re-jailbreak/re-install SAM and complete the process.

    Thanks in advance guys

  • Jays_on

    Worked perfectly. Was using gevey on Iphone 4.

  • Iphoner

    Does it work on IOS 4.1? Baseband 02.10 , please help

  • It works for my iphone 4. Just make sure your iphone is connected to a wifi internet, and i method to automatic since i dont know AT&T’s “Sim ID”. Also i may not restart it self after you are done but u can restart it your self. flip$ide, Ghana, West-Africa

  • Adeal

    Thank you SAM.

  • it keeps asking for the SIM iD !! PLS HELP!!!

  • Boo

    Is it possible to update an iPhone 3GS to 5.1 with official baseband 05.16.05 from the iPad baseband 06.15.00 and use SAM to unlock?

  • john

    I’ve installed “SAM” followed the process, tap on “attempt activation” error appears “Activationinfo rejected”. Must select the original carrier SIMID of ur phone.. Can anyone plz help…

    • Lui-G

      Same with me. It seems that nobody speaks about this issue. I’ve tried different phones and only had success with one.

      • john

        i hope i didnt do anything wrong… what can i do now? just might have to stick with gevey sim

    • Mike

      Hi I had the same thing I did unlock 5 phones today now I tryed to change sim but its saying error it looks like too many people on it wwe need to wait and then try

      • john

        should i install without sim card in fone or it doesnt matter

        • john

          install SAM w/o sim

  • Mike

    Hi I did it fine later today I tryed to change sim by following the the same steps but it kept saying u need to use original sim carrier so any one having trouble at this time please help

  • alex

    Doesn’t work on my iphone 4 ios5.01 Ireland Vodafone sim card, after press attempt activation error message: you must select the original carrier SIMID of your phone.:( Help please!!!

  • Greg

    The OLD method worked PERFECTLY every time, and wasn’t that hard.
    The NEW & improved method has NOT WORKED at all, not even one time thus far, and in fact
    all it ever says is: Activationinfo rejected. you must select the original carrier SIMID of your phone.

    I have tried everything now, re-activating with the AT&T card, De-activating the phone, Stockifying, even the by Country & Carrier and nothing ever works, always rejected.

    Why mess with a known good working thing?!?!?!? 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    On the topic of the SIM ID, T-Mobile USA has like 15 of them, in the first working method I did not have to pick ANY OF THEM, but it seems like in the video from iClarified, now they say you need to pick one, how are you suppose to know which one to pick?

  • ali

    attempt activation” error appears “Activationinfo rejected”

    please help older version way better
    new version is not working guys i even did a clean restore and didn’t help

  • Wei

    I have an iphone 4 but am unable to unlock using sam. I keep getting an error :Activation reports Error:ActivationInfo rejected. You must select the original carrier SIMID of your phone. Does anyone have a solution for this problem? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    • Lion

      Download ifile from xsellize repo and follow the video instructions ….

  • Ruzan

    Even after I delete the Lockdown file and the…….. files, I try to activate it and it shows the same exact Sim ID error. Please help!

  • the SAM hack is down. Apple fixed the activation bug in their servers.

  • the SAM hack is over. Apple fixed the activation bug

  • Santiago

    I don’t understand, do I have to choose the SIMID of the carrier who is locking my phone or the SIMID of the carrier I want to use Now?

  • john

    wow. Apple kills the SAM; Now I cant unlock using my Gevey sim on ip4 GSM running 5.0.1.
    help anyone.. thanks

  • Jun

    I jailbroken and unlocked my iPhone4 (AT&T) by pwnageTool at firmware5.0.1.
    Can I use SAM to unlock again for “take a backup of the activation ticket”?

  • Ryannnn

    hey so there ANY way to unlock my iphone 4.. i keep getting that error message anyone!!??

  • Ryannnn

    by the way i have a iphone 4 5.1

  • farzad

    can i use this method just for the unlock to have in the future or do i need the sim card that i want to unlock?

    Iphone 4 AT&T

  • Matt

    Hi I was having trouble with this method for the last 2 days.
    I installed sam exactly as mentioned in the above steps. I had installed sam previously but I had done a fully restore to start again. When I installed sam again (6th) time it didn’t have attempt activate I had to select deactivate first. Once i did that. It did everything thats expected (blue screen message) then black loading icon. Once it restarted my phone still said no service.
    So I gave up and I was starting to get annoyed with having to enter the sim pin every time so I turned it off.
    As soon as I turned off, it worked the second the pin was turned off! I’m very pleased. Over here in france all sim cards come with pin on as standard. I have no idea why it suddenly started working but I suspect the pin thing must be something.
    I unlocked my iphone 4 iOS 5.1 firmware modem 04.12.01. locked to SFR to work on Bouygues Telecom

    Hope this might assist people.

  • och_nimo

    I’m using gevey sim. I followed the above steps and restared my phone. But i didn’t remove the gevey sim from phone. After restarts i’m still using gevey sim unlocking steps.
    How can i know my phone is unlocked? Thanks.

  • cohen

    i just got a iphone 4s from att, tried it last night, got full signal bar but the word tmobile is not showing up next to the signal bar and there is a voicemail but cant make calls or listen to voicemail. i had to cut up two tmobile sims lucky me has a extra sim and be able to get the micro sim to work on my phone without an adapter.
    is there any other way to unlock? SAM might update to get it work again??

  • Ricks

    This SAM option is stil alive or Apple has killed it…

  • varun

    Which baseband you have in your phone

  • Gandara

    Is it still working? I have unlocked my phone using SAM, now i want to change my sim again and use other network, is it still possible to do? Or its a bad idea now? Pls help, i thinks its to late to ask now huhuhu T_T

  • FreshPick

    Hey Guys,

    How will I know that the SAM I installed is the updated one? It seems to not work for this method. I was able to unlock my locked iphone 4s sprint to my carrier here in the philippines. Now my friend is asking me to unlock his at&t phone. It doesn’t work 🙁 I tried the old method and the method used on this video. I wonder what’s wrong?

    Need your help please.. thanks!

  • Alessandro

    Please, I need help to understand why after the party started SAMprefes appears (artificially subscribe module), I do not understand why missing, I can not change state belonging Vodafone SIM, thanks
    attention my iphone 4 con baseband 04.12.01 e IOS 5.1.1.

  • Linh Tran

    First of all. Thanks for the video. Ive done all your steps. it respring the device and all but it doesnt recognize the sim card. It still says NO SERVICE. So frustrating. Can you help please? Thank you

  • Beliz

    I couldn’t find the “library” folder while starting. How can I reach it

  • Taide

    I did all diz process and at the end it says sucessfully unlocked but I have no signal :/ any help

  • shabaz

    what to do i have tried again and again but unavle to unlock its showing

    Activation reports Error:
    Activationinfo rejected. You must
    select the original carrier SIMID of
    your phone.

    plz help……

  • YOumama

    sprint is a cDma carrier