Samsung Accuses Apple of Infringing on Eight More Patents

Apple Vs Samsung

If you thought that the patent war between Apple and Samsung may finally come to an end with news of a possible out-of-court settlement then think again, as Samsung has just filed a counterclaim to Apple’s lawsuit filed in February 2012, claiming that Apple product infringe on eight Samsung patents.

FOSS Patents reports:

Late on Wednesday by local time, Samsung brought its answer to the complaint as well as infringement counterclaims over eight patents.

Two of those patents are FRAND-pledged patents that Samsung declared essential to ETSI standards. Five of the patents (including the two FRAND patents) were originally applied for by Samsung, while three others were acquired (one from Hitachi, one from a group of three inventors). Also, Samsung’s complaint states for two of the patents that Apple was shown “detailed explanation[s]” of infringement (presumably that means claim charts) in October 2010. One of those two patents was previously asserted against Apple but then withdrawn from the first California litigation between these companies.

Interestingly, it looks like Samsung is targeting Apple’s entire product line and not just iOS devices as Macs, iCloud and iTunes have also been mentioned in the list of products infringing these eight patents.

FOSS Patents’s Florian Miller is surprised that Samsung is suing Apple for violating 2 FRAND patents, especially when the European Commission has started an investigation to see if Samsung is violating FRAND terms.

It will be interesting to see if Apple and Samsung reach a settlement when CEOs of the two companies meet in the next few days, but based on Samsung’s latest move, we won’t count on it.

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