Samsung Australia Denies Sending Protestors to Apple Store Chanting “Wake Up”

SlashGear reports that Samsung Australia has denied sending protestors outside Apple Store in Sydney chanting “Wake Up”.

It was assumed that the flashmob was part of a guerrilla marketing campaign for the Galaxy S III launch by Tongue – a media agency that was hired by Samsung, especially after the first teaser video for Samsung’s next generation smartphone implied iPhone users are sheep.

The Wake Up Australia website also displays a countdown, which many had speculated was countdown for the launch of the next generation Galaxy S smartphone in Australia.

But SlashGear reports that Samsung Australia has denied any involvement:

”Samsung Electronics Australia has nothing to do with the ‘Wake-Up Campaign” the company told SlashGear today.

It is now unclear who was behind it as no one has claimed responsibility for it. It is good to know that Samsung wasn’t behind it, as it was quite weird and lame.

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  • zlo

    good point. Wake up!

    • Devol

      Yer such a troll. Go read a non apple based website. TROLL


        Better a Troll than an iSheep!

        • pakaku

          Cool username bro

      • Whats a troll?

  • Ciprian B

    maybe a bomb will blow when the counter hits zero. maybe its a terrorist attack. or just a joke :))

  • Kiwiholden

    I think they are lying

    • Hmmm?

      Actually the countdown doesn’t correspond with the unveiling on May 3. And it’s good to know that this site posted the clarification. Don’t like when sites spread unconfirmed “news” for the sake of arousing “emotions” in their readers.

  • conspiracy theorist


  • KillerPubes

    I’m no major Apple fan but I am an iPhone user and always have been. It was certainly the best phone out there for a long time. Maybe some of the newer Samsungs are better, I don’t know and I won’t find out as I find their advertising policies and this latest stunt an act of desperation and insulting to those who do choose to have an iPhone. Why would I give my money to a company that thinks insulting us will turn us in their direction? I find it amazing how a lot of hard up people I know use Samsungs, are they cheaper to get hold of or something?

  • User

    Insulting and mocking others iPhone users is not a good way to persuade them to switch to android based phone, I have try Samsung produts before, I would buy anything from them but the phones, wake up samsung ppl , think of some more proper marketing stragety!

  • HumanCentiPad

    It’s north Korea. Those crazy kids..

  • Mark

    WAKE UP!