Samsung Galaxy S III Teaser Video Implies iPhone Users Are Sheep

Samsung is widely expected to unveil its next generation Galaxy S smartphone – Samsung Galaxy S III along with S-Cloud – an iCloud competitor at a media event on May 3rd.

Ahead of the media event in London, Samsung has just posted a video on its teaser site, which seems to provide some clues about Samsung Galaxy S III and seems to take a shot at iPhone users by saying that the next generation Galaxy S will allow users to stand out from the crowd (or sheep).

CNET’s Don Reisinger writes:

“Although the company didn’t mention Apple or its customers by name, detractors have long called the iPhone maker’s faithful customers ‘iSheep’ for their ostensible willingness to follow Apple’s lead and buy its products whenever they launch.”

Samsung Galaxy S III is rumored to be powered by a 1.4GHz quad-core processor, come with a 4.6 or 4.7-inch Super AMOLED screen and a 12-megapixel camera.

If the rumor turns out to be accurate then we’re not sure if mocking iPhone users who are Samsung’s potential customers is the best strategy.

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  • Slick

    cute sheeps, hopefully will help sell some phones haha
    keep the commercials coming !

  • Joseph

    NO matter what they try people wont leave Apple, apple has the most loyal users out of all companies out there.

    • Hmmm?

      I think cigarette companies have them beat.

      • hater

        ha I switched and so did 5 of my other friends, not to loyal there.

        • Ismail

          LOL Same hear 😉

  • Zayod

    I’m gonna sell my 4S and buy Galaxy S ||| 🙂

  • Paris Paraskeva

    Someone please tell me this is not a real Samsung commercial!

    Looks nicely done but then the sheep part makes it look very lame!

    Not to mention that the only thing that the video did remind me of was the now obsolete OSX welcome video!

  • lovemerice

    Samsung doesn’t get it. Apple has an advantage over its competitors because of their integration with their hatdware and software. For example, I own a macbook pro, ipad, iphone, apple tv. It all works good together without a lot of work on my part. Thats just my opinion and its why I stick with Apple.

    • jetblac

      Yeah, nobody gets it. You missed the biggest link though–iTunes! As long as they have content, Apple rules. I am on my second galaxy, an S2 and a Note, and I am so bored with them. I carry my iPhone 4 where ever my Galaxy Note goes; and that is a shame.

    • Reeplay

      And why would i need an Mac, when my PC does everything (and much more), while also being ALOT cheaper?

      • FredMC

        because no matter what, Windows will always be a POS

  • Hmmm?

    Well there advertisment seems to
    have worked. Got this Apple fansite talking about it. I don’t really care much for commercials but if you’re offended by the sheep bit then something is not right. And I don’t think the majority of Apple customers even know what the reference to sheep means.

  • Lily

    Samsung need to have a samssung store. So that customer have problem with their devices just bring to the store and they swap it no question ask. That what I love about apple and yes the integration is all idevice

    • Hmmm?

      In certain parts of the world they have their own stores but I believe in North America they are building in store locations in Best Buy and certain Carrier stores.

    • BCSC

      There is a Samsung store in Richmond BC. Great store.

  • kmanvan

    insecure much?

    Nothing from the video implies the iphone directly. The sheep image means “everybody else” like it said.

  • dcmina

    S-Cloud???? I’d say S-Sheep – I need not say more…

  • MOY

    … ! SAMSUNG SUCKS ! …

    • Guan

      Your iPhones auto spelling correction kicked in! Looks like you were trying to write:
      … ! SAMSUNG ROCKS ! …

  • Rico

    If everybody else is sheeps , then there could be only one dongkey.

  • City023

    Lets be realistic!!! I’m an iPhone user since day 1. And an iPhone isn’t an iPhone if it isn’t Jailbroken. I would leave apple iphone if it wasn’t jailbreakable.

    • Christian

      Finally, a smart person. iPhone is a piece of crap without the capability of jailbreaking it. Apple consumers are not loyal. They are all a bunch of idiots. Apple can make a new device, and a bunch of people would buy regardless of lack of improvement from the previous version.

      Ex: iPhone 4 and 4S
      iPad 2 and “new iPad”

    • shrug

      +1 here
      jailbreaking is 99% of the fun.

    • Kraken

      I’ve been an iPhone user since the 3g, and the recent difficulty in jailbreaking is why I’m planning to get the Galaxy S3. I’m sick of waiting 6 months to year for a new jailbreak, only having a week of opportunity to buy a new device, being afraid of a tweak causing a software problem and not being able to restore it while maintaining a jailbreak, having to figure out how to get a micro-sim into a 3Gs just to activate it as an ipod touch, etc. I’m weary of the cat and mouse game. Apple, you win; I’ll support someone else.

      Even though its what Apple advertises, on Android, stuff just works. You just drag and drop media and you can play it with dozens of players, no jailbreak needed.

  • Zman

    Am I too old? or Samsung missing the point. Apple hardly stressed its iPhone hardware spec. It just emphasizes “Just works”. It stressed how a average person uses iPhone to do everyday tasks easily and works. Same for its Macbooks too.
    The Ad here is fancy but did not really deliver message that related to our everyday life.
    I have both iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S2 (my corporate assigned me), both are fantastic phones (Samsung S2 actually better) but iPhone with all its seamless integration with my iPad, Macbook, AppleTV, iCloud, iTunes, Apple Time Capsule and my Synology NAS, with easily and better iOS software overall, as well as excellent picture, video taking and editing software, I just use iPhone.

    Samsung needs to partner with Google to have better integration, unfortunately, Samsung, Google, Amazon, Sony and Microsoft all want to fight with Apple but none of them can without somehow unit together with some strategy partnership, IMHO.

    • shrug

      yeah, big advantage for apple
      however samsung (or should i say android) have a strong thing going for it.
      being more open means more possibilities for integration.
      take a look at the pebble kickstarter project for example, they have much more integration with the android simply because it allows them to do so. apple being more restrictive may make it more secure in peoples eyes (fantastic illusion) but it also restricts what the end user (and developers) can do with it.

  • Olaf

    Interesting, but has Apple ever made a teaser trailer? Do they need too? I see these other companies taking indirect shots at the iPhone and I wonder why. Let your product speak for itself.
    I love my iPhone. I’ll be honest though, I’m not unwilling to switch to a different phone. I love new technology, especially when it works right.
    I hope Samsung can sincerely back up their product.
    – My 2 cents

  • Ben

    See  needs not to make a teaser video of that extent. We the users advertise it for them, that’s because I’d something is good you just don’t need to spend time trying to have people to come over and try it.  is way to go.

  • Robert

    O my GOsh!
    To sum up the message is :
    “You buy Samsung or if you don’t you are stupid”
    I think the Samsung should fired the people
    Who make last part and keep the people
    Make first part. The first is really good!!!??

  • Eric Chen

    “Everyine Else” mostly 90% of other phone user.I’m a iPhone user since day 1 iPhone launch,i had over 30 iphones(most of them sold to my friends),and I’m happy with it,I don’t want be the 10% of the smart “S”

  • Eric Chen

    “Everyine Else” mostly 90% of other phone user.I’m a iPhone user since day 1 iPhone launch,and I’m happy with it,I don’t want be the 10% of the smart “S”

  • Tony

    You know Samsung is desperate, jealous & wish they had the loyal customers or as the commercial implies, da sheep. I personally like my Iphone but, i also like technology and competition. All this is doing is bringing that new technology to the consumer and with that, we are all WINNERS!!!

  • Ismail

    iFans should stop being so Defensive/Obsessive. Since when does everyone else stand for iphone users? LOL. I guess that reaction means they truly are.

  • akachay

    hahaha i think it’s amusing. if you flinch, you’re it. i’m gonna use the pic “above” as my wallpaper 🙂

  • Manzo

    Samsung still has the urged to copy something else yet again. This music is from Mass Effect.

  • pakaku

    Cell phone companies are sheep when they keep copying the iPhone… Seriously, the Windows Phones actually tried to do something different, can’t Samsung do the same?

  • Guan

    How are these commercials any different from Apples own commercials a few years back?

    If you spew a bunch of “Think Different” garbage, you must be prepared to face the same music.

  • dafug

    would totally try a samsung phone but it seems they are getting bigger and bigger which is a no no for me