Should Hackers Release Jailbreak for iOS 5.1 or Hold Off Jailbreak for iOS 6?

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Couple of days back, pod2g had tweeted that though they had all the exploits required for the iOS 5.1 jailbreak, there was still quite a bit of work to be done and he had “no clue” when the jailbreak will be released.

With 6 weeks to go for Apple’s WorldWide Developer Conference 2012 where it is expected to unveil iOS 6, some users have felt that the pod2g and team should not release a jailbreak for iOS 5.1 as Apple will fix those exploits in iOS 6, if not earlier.

pod2g is also currently pondering over that decision and has put up a poll on his website asking users if they should release the iOS 5.1 jailbreak and expose the 5 exploits that they’ve discovered so far or wait until iOS 6.

So before we say which option we will opt for, lets go through the pros and cons of the two options:

Option 1:

pod2g and team should wait for iOS 6:

One could say that based on what we’ve seen in iOS 5.1, there is no compelling reason to upgrade your iOS device to iOS 5.1 (assuming you’re on iOS 5 and iOS 5.0.1) and it seems unlikely that Apple will release iOS 5.x.x that includes a major feature that would tempt users to upgrade. Taking that into consideration, releasing a jailbreak for iOS 5.x.x would be a waste of those 5 exploits as users could simply avoid upgrading to iOS 5.1 or later iOS software updates. So pod2g and team are better off waiting for iOS 6.

Option 2:

pod2g and team should release a jailbreak as soon as possible:

  1. The biggest problem with waiting for iOS 6 is that we’re assuming that Apple won’t find the five exploits that pod2g and team has discovered. There is a huge risk that Apple fixes most of the exploits in iOS 6 making it impossible to release a jailbreak until new exploits are discovered.
  2. By waiting for iOS 6, it would also mean that all new iOS device users (except for iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS) won’t be able to jailbreak their iPhones and iPads as they would come pre-installed with iOS 5.1 or later. (There is currently only a tethered jailbreak for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 1, iPod touch 4G and iPod touch 3G on iOS 5.1)
  3. It also means that if for some reason you end up restoring your iOS device due to some unforeseen issue then you will stuck without a jailbreak until a jailbreak for iOS 6 is released (assuming it is possible – refer to 1).
  4. The jailbreak community has rarely held off releasing a jailbreak with the hope that they will use the exploits to jailbreak for a future iOS software update, they always prided themselves on finding the exploits in the new software update. When they have waited, it hasn’t worked out as they’ve planned.
Considering all these reasons, we strongly feel that the pod2g and team should release a jailbreak for iOS 5.1. However, there is one possible reason which could tilt the decision in favor of waiting for iOS 6 and that is if the exploits include a bootrom exploit that works across all iOS devices, which would allow pod2g and team to release a jailbreak for future iOS software updates without worrying about Apple patching it (at least for iOS devices that have already been sold/manufactured). However, as we mentioned in point 1, it is a huge risk as Apple could fix it anytime and start selling iOS devices with the updated bootrom. We’ll still go with option 2.
Note: The options are not in the same as order as we’ve mentioned. There is also a third option for those users who don’t care about jailbreaking.
Now that you’ve the necessary information do hop over to pod2g’s website and take the poll and don’t forget to let us know what you think pod2g and team should do in the comments below. Also please feel free to let us know if we’ve missed any point.
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  • Fingers21

    Release it, it’s almost certain that apple will find and fix the exploits in ios 6!

    • Kimk69

      Are you kidding. There not gonba release that thing until September if we’re lucky. Come on, do you guys really think they would release it at the conference. Or anytime soon after that. Not. There’s no way to even downgrade. To jailbreak or restore. If iOS 6 was like 2 months I might think about it if I was the hacker but most likely were talking a long time from now and that’s just not how it’s been done in the past by waiting around.

      • noma

        you dont know that for sure. nobody does, people can live with a tethered jailbreak. i would say to wait and see till june, if no ios 6 then yes release the jailbreak.

        • markimark

          You’re a moron! so why not wait until iOs 7? iOS release are geared towards nothing but to thwart JB and a few stupid things here and there to say it is an “update”

          • PoopDeck

            If we wait for IOS 6.. why not wait for 7 too? or even 8, holy crap what about 9 🙂 I mean if we release it in 6 they will patch it in 7… wont they? …

            The jailbreak is going to be patched… unleash the exploit, then find another. Wait Wait Wait.. If you going to Wait, then Wait correctly, and wait forever. 😉 Just don’t even release a jailbreak if your concerned about it getting patched. Because it’s ALWAYS going to get patched sooner or later… Idiots

      • Stewart

        Couldn’t put it better myself

        • iMolen

          Remember…they do for free for all iphone user…so dont blame it again…!!! We wait …… Til the time is come….idiot

    • Ryan


      • Christian

        u have 5 exploits, y don’t u just use the one most likely to be patched by apple for the 5.1 jailbreak and then keep more complex ones to patch and use that for the iOS 6 jailbreak.

        • tpike1296

          Granted I do not know much about the process of developing a jailbreak, I believe it requires the use of multiple exploits, to gain complete control over all processes, (The boot, the root account, and the user account) They may require all 5 exploits just to jailbreak the OS. Again, I know next to nothing about the process, this is just a slightly educated guess.

    • Bladetrk

      Hold on ??

    • Ben

      No pod2g shouldn’t release it yet because if apple finds it, we will all be screwed

    • what a big deal….

  • mkimid

    Why do not wait till iOS 7 ?
    there is no doubt, iOS 6 will com out after 5-6 months from now…
    I do not know why make a this kind of no brain question.

    • Axe

      Before u say it’s no brain question, let me ask if u know what are those exploits used if they were to release jb 5.1. Those exploits include bypassing ASLR, ROP, payload etc. All gonna burnt for the sake of tiny 5.1. Do u know how to reverse engeneer the code or method to inject exploits? Shut up if u don’t.

      • TheRealMoe

        LOL shut up. as others have said wait for iOS 9 then dont ever jb till then, even if its out.

      • strangerdanger

        you misspelled engineer..

  • Elvis

    Please let us have iOS 5.1

  • Superatoy

    Please release it as it will take time for apple to fix the exploits for new ios 6 if that is true..

  • André

    release it, apple most likely will find and fix the exploits so…… let us be happy now 🙂

  • PasserBy

    If holding out for about 6 six weeks is all thats required for a high chance of an IOS 6 JB then I say wait.

    If dev team discover that the exploits don’t work on IOS6 then they can release the 5.1 JB.

    I think the potential gain outweighs the potential risk and pain it may bring to people.

  • notoday

    For me waiting for 6 would be fine. But for others they might not like that idea. Need a release sooner for one reason or another

    • City023

      If you were dumb enough to upgrade from 5.0 and you lost your jailbreak, then you deserve to wait till iOS6.
      Your quick to forget that it took around 6-7 months to to get the iOS5 jailbreak. Then you fell for apple when they said this upgrade would fix the battery life, which it didn’t.

      • filthyjason

        uhh, it took 3 months, iOS5 came out w/ the 4S basically, around Oct 14th. there was a jailbreak 3 months later around Jan 16th. Not sure where you got 6-7 months from, the final version hasn’t even been out 7 months.

        Also, notoday is saying he can wait but others may not want to. sounds like you get an “F” in attention to detail and a “D” in grammar, it’s “you’re” not “your”

      • Done1

        Not everyone had a choice… And you are an idiot altogether.

  • Surf mike

    Release it !! as soom as 6 come out then they will stop signing 5.1 an below , so you will not be able to use it ,, an all,that work for nothing ,, an it will go nicely with the new unlock from sam

    • Daniel Alzugaray

      Save your SHSH blob and you will be able to downgrade *without* apple’s signature

  • Mark Mintram

    What a ridiculous question, surely it’s better to wait until iOS 6??

  • I have iphone 4s 32 GB IOS 5.1

    It’s Posible to jailbreak , Plz revet


    • no it isnt possible have to wait for it like us.sorry

    • Hollewood

      I say release 5.1.0 jailbreak. My phone eff’d up around the time of the 5.1 update so I had no choice but to update. And once iOS 6 comes, don’t update once you get the jailbreak until one comes out for 6. It’s simple.

  • Jacky

    It goes like this:

    People who’s running 5.0.1 will say HOLD OFF
    People who’s stuck with 5.1 say RELEASE IT NOW YA BASTARD

  • Release the 5.1 jb! Apple’s almost possitively gonna fix at least half of the exploits and a lot of people are missing out on having their device jailbroken, if we wait then we’ll have to start waiting from scratch when apple releases the 6.0 ios and it turns out most of the exploits are fixed. Its gonna take at least another 2 or 3 months until we get a new jailbreak, meanwhile those of us on 5.1 are screwed

    • noma

      wow everyone. dont upgrade to ios 6 so fast just stay on 5.1 and if apple does close the loopholes in ios 6 then maybe dev team will release the 5.1 jailbreak. its simple as that.

      • Frank

        Totally agree wait and go for the gold. If it don’t work then release 5.1 JB and we wait again for 6.0

    • Frank white

      I agree with you. They need to release the 5.1, so we could all not walk around with a boring ass phone.

  • Olaf

    I’m on 5.1 and have the tethered jailbreak. I wouldn’t mind having an untethered one. But so far I’ve been without issue. So it’s no big deal to me.
    I thank them for their hard work either way.

    • Dean

      Is it a iPhone 4s you have cause you can’t jb 5.1 on them yet can you?

      • Olaf

        iPhone 4, and you are correct, there is no 5.1 JB for iPhone 4S.

  • UglyFugly

    Relese it , who knows when will be out and how hard it would be to jailbreak it.

  • Alex

    Says iPod Touch 2G supports iOS 5.1, typo, should say 3G.

  • ShAdOwXPR

    Release it, it might get fix by the new iOS even without apple knowing about it.

  • sure

    hold off for ios 6, then hold off for ios 6.0.1. then why not hold off again for ios 6.1, 6.1.1.. etc etc.

    I always find speculative articles… kind of silly.

  • maui

    Release it, need it for apple tv3 :@

    • AppleCider

      +1 here!

      • rune

        + 1

  • Alo

    Who know what happen tomorow.
    You have $ spend it
    You have car drive it
    Have food eat it.
    Why save. It is usa. What ever you have use
    It,who care about ios6. When it come out will
    Hack it again,it a fact by the way i dont need
    A jailbreak,if you guy want to save go live in
    China 🙂

  • Chris

    It seems like every time a new iOS is released lately, half a dozen exploits are found in the first week anyway… it’s the implementation of those exploits that takes them a while to package it into something everyone can use. So releasing on 5.1 sounds logical because when iOS 6 comes out, the same pattern will (hopefully) hold where they find exploits very fast but take a while to make it into a public release.

  • Mark Mintram

    F**k it…. I’m on 5.1, release the hounds….

    • Olaf


    • ShAdOwXPR

      I could not agree more…

  • javatechnic

    this is what I think….if the JB already done then might as well release it since some of us are not dumb as city023 mentioned above but accidently upgraded their phones to ios 5.1. if it is not, then we could wait until Apple releases IOS 6 since with the IOS 5.1, we are fine with the tethered JB as Olaf said above… two cents……javatechnic

  • Mark Mintram

    My wife is on 5.1 also, her iPhone 4s cannot be jailbroken…. this means that until the jailbreak is released, I have a more capable phone than hers… in a way. On that note, let’s vote not to release it thus continuing my superiority over her with a mobile phone haha.

  • Duh

    Wait till iOS6

  • João Reis

    Stupid Question deserves a stupid answear.

    Delay till iOS 7 please.

    Of course its to release 5.1 JB it will be always like this, who in the name of stupidity would prefer JB only in iOS 6 lol

  • Louis

    The jailbreak community has always been on offense keeping Apple on defense. If they switch now to a defensive posture then Apple, on offense, could announce a new iOS update every month and be assured that a new jaibreak is never again released. VICTORY … APPLE!
    New jailbreaks should be released as soon as they are ready. VICTORY … JAILBREAKERS!

  • Billy

    How about working on way to downgrade or upgrade jailbreak- able iOS instead of releasing and new jailbreak

    • Axe

      Oh billy pls do more homework.

      • Billy

        You do your homework you can’t upgrade or downgrade iOS on A5 devices

        • Axe

          You failed to do your homework. Go check if you ever read thst ih8sn0w has a working exploit n successfully downgraded 5.1 to 5.0.1 on A5. Don’t believe ask him on tweeter or else stfu.

          • billy

            Is it out, NO! If you know so much why don’t you come out with a jailbreak yourself and call it axe-hole. You stfu quit trying talk sh*t behind a computer.

  • christian

    yes, they should release the jailbreak now for ios5.1 especially for us using iphone4s…

  • free

    Be smart, sign 5.1 with tinyumbrella and don’t worry about downgrading. Use tethered and wait to see what pod2g and others do.

    Or just be like me, tired of fighting Apple and move to Galaxy S2.

    Just an opinion, do not take offensive please iPhone fans. I used iPhone a lot and is an excellent piece of technology but I can’t work with so restrictive software.

    Be free. Be opensource!

  • b2k.zg

    i0n1c already sold himself to apple. its just a question when pod2g does same. i guess, though, maybe he is also sold and now trying to find alternatives. why? at once they all showed off they have jb their s!”#t. suddenly, kaboom, nothing is ready for public. makes man think 🙂 and one has to admit, jb was lon enough in the game. apple earns more if it is out of use. i0n1c and rest earn also peace of cake from apple. and rest of suckers that buy ios, well, they sucked on it and thats it 🙂

    • Axe

      I thought it’s comex. Not ionic, though i agree he likes n enjoy the attention. Anyway i guess u won’t even donate.

  • No it’s very bad

  • sina

    release it, we need jailbreak 5.1 for ipad2

  • CHad

    if they give us a way do downgrade an A5 and/or A5X devices from iOS 5.1 to 5.0.1 or 5.0 soon then i say wait for iOS 6

  • Legion

    This is the situation as it stands.

    People on 5.0.1 JB will be screwed if they wait till 6 and they have patched it. Once 5.1 stops being signed then most will have no way to move to 5.1 and JB.

    People on 5.1 are safe. Even if apple does patch all of the exploits, the JB can be released and people can use it.

    IOS 6 vs 5.1 Jailbroken can’t be much of a question. Jailbroken phones can,90% of the time, emulate or improve on apple factory implementations.

    I have a iPhone on 5.0.1 JB and a iPad 3 on 5.1. I feel the JB should be released ASAP because apple is sneaky and if Pod2g has found a low level exploit it doesn’t matter because we will still have a tethered JB for the rest of the devices life cycle.

  • Fingers21

    One thing that you can guarantee is, there will be screw ups in ios6, as with ALL major updates, that apple will fix with 6.0.1 etc, which will again kill the jailbreak! Release 5.1 jailbreak while you got a way to do it! Tethered or not, it’s better than no jailbreak at all.

  • paserack

    I´ve bought new iphone 4s with preloaded ios 5.1. my friend too. and other friend bought ipad 2 also on fw 5.1
    I would not want to wait. In ios 6 exploits coulnd not work.. there is no promises, that even if we will wait, that there will be jailbreak ready on ios 6

  • JoeAngel

    Hell yeah I hope he releases 5.1 jailbreak I just updated my ipad2 64gig to 5.1 from 4.3.3 just because hes working on the 5.1 jailbreak, so I lost everything just to get the jailbreak he’s doing now. Don’t want to wait even longer that’s cold.

  • JoshW

    Not certain if his JB will apply, but if this will JB my ATV3 and I can install XBMC, release it! ATV sticks without a JB. A whole bunch of ATV3 users looking for a 5.1 JB.

  • markimark

    I think the JB’ers should wait to release a JB until apple release iOS 100.9, this should answer your questions… retards!

  • Faslane

    if there was an iOS 6 around the corner soon I’d say wait a month, but if it’s any longer than that just release the 5.1, there are MANY people out there on 5.1 with iPad 2 and the new “3” and 4S users enough to REALLY appreciate it. Apple will probably find the expoits anyway and so far there’s always been a jailbreak so I say got for it, release it! 🙂

  • Titanss

    Release the 5.1 JB a few hours before the release of IOS 6, while it is still being signed, so Apple does not have time to fix the exploits. They are not going to delay the release of 6 to fix a couple exploits.

  • Asif

    Hi everyone!! My vote is to release the iphone 4s 5.1 JB. I am a big fan of apple. I bought a iphone4s and was unlucky to already have iso 5.1 already installed 🙁 im sure that as happen to alot of people who have bought the 4s recently. I hope they bring out a jailbreak for 5.1 for the iphone 4s. Im sure alot of people are like me and are a big fan of the jailbreak te and cydia. The work they do and the time they spend i thank them for everything. Im sure alot of people dont mind waiting for iso6 but im sure alot off innocent people who did not update their phone themself is stuck with 5.1 are really upset just like me. I say plz jailbreak 5.1 on iphone 4s and leave it from there. If apple deside to make another update eg: 5.2 and people deside to update their phone, that will be there own fault and will have to wait for a JB for that or just wait for iso 6 firmware to come out. Plz plz plz make a jailbreak for iso 5.1 for iphone 4s. If we could downgrade it then that would Of been a different story but we cnt :(. Hope u bring out a jailbreak for 5.1 for the 4s and again thank you for all the hard work and time spent working on all your jailbreaks.

    • javatechnic

      i totally agreed with Asif and so thankful to ipod2g and other hackers out there who spent a lot of their time to develop the JB tools…..thanks again

  • Flavio Piu

    Wait for iOS 6 of course !


  • Gorspot

    release exploit only cause rise in temper. Over the hill is not too far, then jailbreak!!!!



  • at33397677

    Release the JB for 5.1. Many new users purchased the 4S and iPad 3 with 5.1 already on there (myself included). iOS 5.1 should be where the line is drawn to the JB community. Moving forward, if you dont know how to use TU, and resist from upgrading to new iOS versions (ie 5.2, 6.0, 7.0, etc) then you lose.

    • Axe

      Ok, let me summarize.
      TU idiot = loser
      Resist upgrade pass 5.0.1 = loser
      Upgraded of factory 5.1 = loser
      The whole world full of losers.

      • at33397677

        Axe = loser

        • Axe

          At33397677 = Axe

          • At33397677

            Keep dreaming.

  • adrian

    come on guys u should b heros not zeros!! just release it please!!

  • Dee215

    I believe that the jailbreak should be release because iPhone 4/iPad can be downgrade with tinyunbrella but people with the new iPad iPad 2/4s are stuck with an ordinary iPhone wich it is wack if it’s not jail broken. Hackers no best

  • katsuboi

    Release it. The cat and mouse game will never end. There is no guarantee io6 will come out after the conference. If the exploits are by chance patched in the next update, the work they did on 5.1 will have somewhat been in vain.

  • Hayel

    I think that they should release the jailbreak for 5.1 because a majority of people need their unlock for 5.1.

  • Crazy Asylum

    I’m perfectly fine with my 5.0.1 JB on my 4S. I see no reason to update until ios6, so my vote is to wait.

    • iVaN

      sooo, u’re comment is irelevant!

  • Izz

    They should release it!!!

    By the time ios 6 hits itunes, the exploit will be patches!!!

    That ionic dude wants money so he’ll sell the exploits to apple.

    BOTTOM LINE: release it. Better enjoy it now then never.

  • Lee

    I think they should release it because people who have bought new ipad 2’s that have come with 5.1 from new wont have the chance to enjoy the glory of a jailbreak until 6 is released.

    Does this mean that when 6 is released will we wait for 7 to come out before we get a jailbreak for 5.1 its a never ending circle 🙁 the gys do a great job hacking the software and its really appreciated but don’t hold us to ransom with these exploit stories and keep going round n round in circles 🙁

    Cheers for reading


  • Tao

    For ip’siir didnot come out for Chinese,I think you’d better wait for few months and expect a huge progress on IOS6.Though partly folks would be upset, but for further development ,be calm!!

  • Atef

    they should wait not to loose it again

  • iPhoneDev

    You are fooling yourselves if you do not think that some of the jailbreak team members are not swapping info with their buddies who are building iOS products for our company….

  • DJ BDuBB

    What about those who don’t have computers and will rely on untethered? Needless to say they would use a friends computer for the JB. I have an iPad 2 on iOS 5.1 tethered. I have to go through a lot to keep my iPad battery from dying and make sure I don’t download anything from cydia the requires a reboot. Such a pain in the azz. It would be very helpful to have untethered for 5.1

  • SkyLast

    Please release jailbreak 5.1 for 4S

  • Sam

    Yes release it now please I have 4 iPhone 4s with 5.1

  • Sam

    Leave tomorrow for tomorrow why we have to wary about ios 6 we have to deal with 5.1 first

  • JIN

    soryy for my bad english first

    they should release 5.1.
    every new firmwire has its own weekness… if we had bad luck and ios 6.1 is too different than any other previóus ios.. they have to discover a new jailbreak without releasing the 5.1 jailbreak. that would be a big waste of efford and time.

  • Most likely iOS will be released with next Apple Device and it looks like this device is next version of iPhone. Now sure 5.1 does not provide nothing to die for however iPad 3 is with this new software and if new JB works with it it should be released. I do not have new iPad but but I do own a older one and I remember waiting for new JB to come out. Then again pod2g feeels that new jb will be almost impossible to find then wait.

  • Ninad

    i cannot understand this thing
    Why you need to release all of the 5 exploits ?
    Just release one of them //
    isnt that cool enough ?

  • Zed Sefi

    What about iPad 3 users? They never got a jailbreak unlike other Apple devices. They deserve some love at least.

  • LOL

    Mmm …..
    my currently ios is 5.0.1 , already jailbroken …
    So i have nothing to concern about ios 5.1 . Already have a jailbreak or not .
    Btw , i have voted to releasse the unthed jailbreak , coz when i am in 5.0.1 i know the feeling of wating the jailbreak progress was simply awfull …Every day just check in the web.
    So if Wait till ios 6 isn’t that unfair for the ios 5.1 user ? ,
    So my own opinion is to release ios 5.1 to the guys who have recently buy a new ipad / iphone
    Can feel the jailbreak funs 🙂 / or the people who accidently upgraded their idevice 🙂
    Thanks to the hardwork on jailbreaking idevice u guys are the best !!

    • Izz

      +1 for this guy.

      Im glad u think of ur fellow humans


      • :)

        true. i had to restore my iphone4s 5.0.1. i restored when i didnt know i actually restored it to ios 5.1. ios 5.1 should have a jailbreak because ios may come out in 6 months or so

  • John

    If you wait till iOS 6, Apple will worst case patch it by iOS 6.0.1, or have already found the exploits for the release of iOS 6.

    I miss when Geohot was doing this, jailbreaks would be out in a week or two max. It’s been well over a month now and no jailbreak..

  • ricar

    Yes, I agree that they must realease the 5.1 JB. Because most of the people who wants to upgrade to 5.1 needs it. And the ones who have upgraded their tethered 5.1 JB needs it too.

    Yes, I need it coz I want to have an untethered JB on my 3GS. 🙂

    But the decision remains to pod2g and team if they would release it.

    I just want to say thanks. 🙂

  • NO no no Option 1 Wait until iOS 6 comes out to Released the Jailbreak.

    Come on guys hive a break to the DEV Teams and other until iOS 6 everybody be paysient and what i wuold like is the Jailbreak to wait for iOS 6 and the 5.0 – 5.0.1 -5.1(Tether) exploid for the Restore shuold be released and the Jailbreak for iOS 6 will Wait…

  • Ali Imam

    Need IOS 5.1 jailbreak for IPAD-2, waiting waiting so tried.

  • Paul

    Please, please release 5.1 Jailbreak!!!

  • JIN

    i think apple will change a lot of thing in ios 6. it’s still unsure if the new 5,1 will work on ios 6.
    apple still do mistakes… just look at ipad 3 -> ios5.1 JAILBREAKED within 2 weeks
    so every new release has its own weekspots.

    waiting for ios 6 is like waiting for the expiry date..
    why don’t we wait for ios 7,8 or 9 ???

    -which jailbreak meants to last forever?-

  • Flo

    Please release the jailbreak!
    The iPad 3 must be jailbroken NOW.
    The hackers could search after the release of the jailbreak for more exploits to save them.

  • Zabuzaxtr

    Release And find look for new exploits . İf you however Choose to wait i have 1 question WHY DİDNT U WAİT FOR 5.1 man You just cant make Everyone happy in this world now 5.01 users are fine but us 5.1 user are desperate

  • David

    Well I have a IPhone that’s jail broken and it’s great I bought the new iPad 3 and it came with the new iOS 5.1 there lots of ppl that have the new iPad and would like it jail broken but it came out with 5.1 and waiting 6 + month for ios6 and a few months for a jailbreak 2 cum out all becus apple might fix the jailbreaks that have already done. Release 5.1 and c wht happens there’s bound 2 be new exploits 2 be found.

    • Ryan

      RELEASE THE IOS 5.1 JAILBREAK! sorry for caps

  • Jb now

    My new iPad is on 5.1 from original, so I really need the JB cos I have not upgraded n stuck on 5.1. Release the jb please Pod2g!

  • mess1ah

    I don’t believe that they have actually found any viable exploits for 5.1.

    …unfortunately, chalk one up for Apple.

  • Wtf?

    Don’t you ll g it??? Websites get paid for hit, po2g is collecting every time you bit that site. He makes money just lik this stupidass site. Wow people are lie sheep, just plin dumb!!!

    • mess1ah

      Who cares if the make money when people visit the sites. ( although I think they need ad clicks more than just page hits. )

      If there is an exploit(s) to JB 4S/5.1 or to downgrade 4S/5.1 to 4S/5.01 publish it.

      This “let’s do a poll” thing smacks of “We’re coming to the end of beating Apple” (at best), or “We’ve already been beaten by Apple” (at worst).

  • Lee

    @ wtf 🙂
    Don’t you ll g it??? Websites get paid for hit, po2g is collecting every time you bit that site. He makes money just lik this stupidass site. Wow people are lie sheep, just plin dumb!!!
    “i think you need a new keyboard” hehe

    going back on whats said i just this week bought an ipad 2 brand new and it came with 5.1 installed and there is no way of downgrading so what about us newbies we want to get on the bandwagon and become part of the jailbreak revolution!!!!!!


  • Apple big money

    If you want the iOS 5.1 say we want it now.

    • ricar

      we want it now! 🙂

      • Ryan

        we want it NOOOOOW!

  • The Truth

    I say Release it. For the following reason: Apples main reason for updates is to close exploits and the windows in which to jailbreak, this is unavoidable and is sure to happen in IOS6. The iPhone 4s is one of the most popular phones in terms of sales that has yet to have a JB for 5.1, to wait longer would cause people to lose faith in the jailbreak community. People are getting tired of Hackers keeping the info to themselves….What is the point in telling everyone you can jailbreak or downgrade, posting videos and tweets just to keep it for yourself or to hold it back. I though the whole point of “hacking” was to expose the vulnerabilities to the public and be proud that your the best at it! I agree that finding new ways to JB is getting harder with each IOS but it’s part of the game, hackers just need to adjust. Plus, with the signing windows closing quickly The longer you sit on exploits the worse off for people new to jail breaking. The JB community has a responsibility to its fans, followers, members who use it and keep hackers famous. The community needs to recruit new talent, work together, and challenge themselves. If they are worried about exposing the 5.1 exploits what does that say about the future of jailbreaking? LOL Come on people…this is getting ridiculousness

  • Tom

    You forgot to mention that option one complete leaves out the users of the new ipad…who dont have an option “to stay on 5.0.1″…. Believe me…oh I wish I could

  • kellen

    As much as I want them to release their jailbreak, it seems that the only way Apple finds the exploits is by waiting for the dev team code writers to exploit them. I mean really if they are not exploited by these hackers apple would less secure over the past five years. Cat and mouse game is a loosing option the jailbreak teams should write code to hide what they have exploited not an easy thing to do. But they will lose to apple everytime and ultimately for good just like Ultrasn0w. Then Sam got patched

  • kellen

    I really don’t get why the hackers tell everyone how they are exploiting or even what they have found. That to me is like jumping into the cat bowl. Domestically speaking! But I guess once they put the software out their apple could disect it. I don’t know?

    • mess1ah

      This time around, they haven’t really told us anything.
      They say there are 5 exploits. I’m calling bullsh1t ! IF there were 5 exploits available, they’d pick a stable one, go with it, and save the rest for 6.0.
      Collectively, they’ve done a great job in the past, but I believe that for 4S/5.1 , they are stumped so far. There is no shame in in admitting that they are stumped so far, but leave the “let’s do a poll” crap to the marketing minds at Apple.

  • kellen

    Maybe someone could explain to me why the hackers are so loud about their exploits. Is it that they want to be noticed by Apple or that it doesn’t matter? In fact if the hackers were smart they would only allow jailbreaking done on their own secure server just like apple. And keep shsh blobs of their own….

  • ricar

    Is this all about money again? I thought JB is free? dafuq..

    • mess1ah

      This time I don’t think so. I think it’s more about ego, and keeping it from being bruised.

  • Greg

    I think your jailbreak is not ready yet, maybe even u don’t know how to do this (also i don’t know) You are pley with us for time. If will be ready you will release it!!!

  • amej

    release offcourse……….

  • Ryan

    i reall want the iOS 5.1 jailbreak. ios 6 may not come out in june. it may come out in september or october. you guys already have the exploits! it would be a waste of time if you threw it away!

  • rik

    wait, and have life meantime

  • John

    I am not into mobiles much but took out an iphone 4s 5.01 on contract. A mate advised me to jb it. Instead I was sent a message from apple saying 5.1 now available and has many great advantages over 5.01 . I upgraded and ever since regretted doing so. I personally can`t wait for the 5.1 jb. Many many thanks to ppl like pod2g and hope it will not be too long now.

  • Vin

    Please, release it now ! It’s gonna take 6 months again before ios 6

  • prot

    I have 4.3.3 still, I cannot upgrade to 5x anything now if I want a jailbreak. 🙁

    Does anyone know how to go from 4.3.3 to 5.01 ??

    • nino7050

      Use iFaith with your shsh from olders SO
      You have eny older shsh ? What iphone you have if its the new one 4s you can not doo enithing like downgrade sorry

  • dboy

    doggy AiDs

  • The Truth

    it doesnt makes sense becuase two of the most famouse IOS hacker wrote a book called” The IOS Hackers Handbook” exposing how they jailbreak iphones and now their worried about saving their exploits?….LOL Let’s be real here they are playing the public, if we are to believe they have a reason not to release the 5.1 jb. The facts are that apple knows what’s going on, what’s there to hide. The hackers need to PUT UP or SHUT UP! (4s 5.1 has been successfully JB weeks ago) Stop wasting our time telling us a 4s 5.1 jailbreak is possible and then showing us videos they done it and posting tweets about it, what good is that to us? Are they a bunch of show off’s now!? If your going to jailbreak…. it’s for the public good, so let the public utilize it, and stop playing games with us!!!

  • nino7050

    Hello everyone, I’ll leave my opinion, namely that:
    I think new ideas should not be kept jailbreak why:
    First IOS for the next 6 could be made ​​with a totally different kernel which means that r:
    1) New weakness of the new kernel
    2) impenetrable, meaning that anything you know today our hackers would not be related to the new system, but Think after that to those who did not have option to jailbreak in ver 5.1 and have updated the new version of his mistake say 6, what will they do?
    And that last point: “Better a sparrow in the hand than one hundred flying”)) good luck
    Thanks to all Developers for proper work, so continue the apple guys want to steal us

  • xilla

    there are still months to go until iOS 6 .. i think dev-team should consider releasing the 5.1 jb. since theyre a good team i don’t think they will have problem finding vulnerabilities in iOS 6

  • joepa

    Release 5.1 jailbreak for IPhone 4S
    now and we will wait until fall for ups 6
    If and when it is released with new efforts
    to jailbreak if needed.
    Yesterday is history,…..

  • Dean

    Release ASAP please 🙂

  • devtester

    I have complete faith in pod2g and other talented jail breakers to continue finding exploits in IOS 6, IOS 7…. No code is perfect and I’m certain future versions will have new exploits to be discovered. So I voted for a release of 5.1 now.

  • Bryce

    I say release it also. when the new iphone comes out just like all other previous iphones will be obsolete

  • Apple big money

    Please let us have the 5.1Jb now

  • surfmike

    release it before they patch it there no way to just update to 5.0.1 any more
    an as soon as 6 come out they will stop signing 5.1 so use it or lose it

  • Susie

    I want some advice I have an I phone 3gs ios 5.01 software. I dont know much about jailbreaks but have seen my brothers I phone and theres an obvious difference. When and how do I jailbreak my phone??

  • Waiting is part of the whole chase. Once it’s done the wind is sucked out of my days I’m then back to refreshing Cydia and installing apps again…ho hum.

  • Joe

    i think it is best to release the jailbreak, specially the most obvious one. Just like hackers, Apple works on finding exploits and bugs to fix for the next release, so what makes you think that these 5-7 exploits arent already detected by Apple and have plans to patch them on the next release.

    There will always be a way to JB, so no need to panic.

  • Everyone its waiting for….

  • Skeddadle

    If the internet has taught me anything, and it hasn’t, its the world is going to end in 2012. RELEASE THE DAMN JAILBREAK AND LET IT BURN!

    • tedy


  • periklis

    is better if they realease the jailbreak for ios 5.1 .. than to wait sooo long time for 6.0 ,
    so i vote for 5.1 jb!!

  • goingdown2hell

    please release the jb for us stuck on 5.1 pre-installed on our recent iphone 4s phones we recently bought, please release it, or give us our donations back for the ones who do donate, once its jb i will donate again, keep up the good work, please release it!!

  • martin

    I would go with most of the people here saying to release it. but its still up to the people making it and what they decide, right? 🙂

  • tedy

    release it.Many new users purchased the 4S and iPad 3 with 5.1 already on there/including me/ and many old users suddenly upgraded 5.1 they wait to release it (same)

  • John

    Whats with all the name calling? Seriously… I see both sides of the argument, and have been jail breaking long enough to make an informed decision (jailbroken since iPhone OS 1.1.4). In my opinion, they should develop a jailbreak for iOS 5.1 and see how many of the vulnerabilities it takes. If it doesn’t use all of them, release it. If it does, it gets a bit tougher. I would probably still release it. I am willing to bet that anything a small group that works for free can find can and will also be found by Apple, so you should release it while it works. If you are like me, who uses your iPad almost all day every day, jail breaking is a major gain. I WAS jailbroken on 5.0.1 with my iPad 2, but it was knocked out of my hands and broke. Instead of paying $250 to fix (the actual amount Apple requested) a product I got for FREE, I upgraded to the iPad 3. I also have an iPhone 4 on iOS 5.0.

  • phunphreakin

    I’d settle for a working way to downgrade from IOS 5.1 back to 5.0.1, til you guys decide….stupid stupid stupid for upgradin without knowin’ what was up wit de Ipad2, save the hacks just get me back, seems like a itunes knock-off would be great that doesn’t call home to verify the OS, and the ablity to do it without .shsh backups…

  • zayedm28

    Please let us have iOS 5.1

  • Finalbrez

    At least release a tethered jailbreak for ios 5.1 a5 for people who never turn off their devices