Sparrow+: Jailbreak Tweak Makes Sparrow Default Mail App and Adds Push Notifications

Sparrow for iPhone

The iOS counterpart of the popular email client for Mac – Sparrow, was released a few weeks ago.

Sparrow is an iPhone app with support for multiple email accounts, labels, a unified inbox, a sort by priority feature and more. Unfortunately, the lack of push notifications was a major downside.

The developers had explained the reason push notifications weren’t allowed by Apple. Apparently, as a workaround they tried to use a VOIP-only API that would allow them to bring push notification, but not surprisingly was rejected by Apple. The developers have said that “Push is coming. With or without Apple.”

If you can’t wait then there are two jailbreak tweaks available in CydiaSparrow Push – the jailbreak tweak that was released back in March added the support for push notifications. While it did rectify the one gripe many reviewers and customers had, alike, with the Sparrow app for iPhone, a new tweak has been released that makes the app a whole lot better.

The jailbreak tweak called Sparrow+ not only adds push notifications, it also replaces the stock Mail app with Sparrow. Anything you’d otherwise do to access Apple’s Mail app will now take you straight to the beautiful confines of Sparrow. Additionally, the tweak also includes Notification Center integration – a feature unavailable with Sparrow Push. The developer of Sparrow+ internally uses Sparrow Push for push notifications.

Sparrow+ is available on Cydia for free. iDownloadBlog’s Jeff Benjamin previews the tweak in the video embedded below:

We previously noted that Sparrow for the iPhone with push notifications would have been the perfect candidate for Gmail’s native iOS application. That still stands true but the need for the Gmail app is obsolete with the release of Sparrow+.

If you use Gmail frequently, we recommend checking out Sparrow for iPhone. It’s available for $2.99 in the App Store (link) and also download Sparrow+ from Cydia.

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  • Kimk69

    This is probably the kind of tweak that Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave about. To replace the stock mail. The app and tweak is pretty cool. I just don’t see a big difference from the stock app though that would make me want to even play with it except for being able to send from what ever account you want more easily. Unless I’m missing something. ????

  • Boszo

    if the push doesn’t work for You just turn push off in the default mail app and it will work spend an hour figuring it out peace

  • Boszo

    settings -> mail,contacts,other – > feth new data -> disable PUSH then the Sparrow’s PUSH will work 😀

  • spaz

    still doesnt work for me.
    also sparrow does show up under notifications as an option to show in notification center but in the video it shows it as an selectable option.

    turned off push and sparrow push+ still doesnt work

    • Volker Then

      Doesn’t work for me. Seems that Sparrow is not running in the background.

    • Richard

      It doesnt work for me too.. Someone help us!

  • Apple big money

    If you want the iOS 5.1 jailbreak say I want it now!!!

  • Brendan

    push still doesnt work for me either even after turning off push for the native mail app…any suggestions please?

  • Lance

    Unistall sparrow plus in cydia
    Disable push in your mail setup
    Reinstall sparrow +

    Then all should be fine and you will see sparrow+ in your settings

    Worked for me after weeks of trying to sparrow push working…….happy man now

    • Oiproks

      Still not working here… I’m going crazy!

  • Marcelo

    Hey Lance, all cool, push works. but i can’t see a banner with the notification or how u setup it at notification center??? …

  • Moe

    Anyone know how to disable the new mail notification sound?

    • Mandro

      Settings >Notifications > Sparrow > Turns sounds off

  • Mandro

    I was wondering about the notification banner also, it not working for me. Check in Cydia, Under packages, then Sparrow plus… “In this version:”
    2. Fixed push problems (for now the notifications banners doesn’t work)

    • Chris

      I need notifications to work in Lock screen!. I d/l intelliscreenX and it needs to show me my mail. Please fix this ASAP. I do not want to keep using my default mail app.

  • David

    The badge icon changes like it’s being pushed but did everything listed above and still not getting notifications. Great work otherwise!