Splashtop brings Windows 8 Metro UI Experience to iPad

There is still some time to go before the first Windows 8 based tablets are introduced, but if you want to find out how Windows 8 Metro interface looks and feels on a tablet then there is now an app for that.

Splashtop – developers of popular remote desktop app, has released a new iPad app called Win8 Metro Testbed that allows users to remote control Windows 8 (Consumer Preview)  on the iPad using native Windows 8 Metro touch gestures such as:

  • Swipe from the right for the Charms menu
  • Swipe from the left to switch apps
  • Pull down from the top to close the app
  • Swipe slowly from the left to run two apps side-by-side
  • Pinch to do Semantic Zoom

It works like any other desktop remote control app. You need to download the Win8 Metro Test Bed on your iPad, download and install a free Splashtop Streamer client software on your Windows 8 PC and ensure that the iPad and the Windows 8 PC is on the same Wi-Fi network.

As you can see in the video below, the Windows 8 Metro UI experience on the iPad is quite impressive:

Win8 Metro Testbed iPad app doesn’t come cheap, it is available for a introductory price of $24.99 (regular price – $49.99). But it’s a nifty solution for developers who want to test their apps or users who are eager to play with Microsoft’s Metro interface on the iPad.

You can download Win8 Metro Testbed iPad app using this App Store link and don’t forget, you need a PC installed with Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

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  • Zed Sefi

    I can’t imagine how am I going to be able to use such Windows after the good days of Windows XP and Windows 7. The Windows 8 interface looks like TOYS, full with coloured boxes and squares. Is this evolution!!! Just because the world is going mobile these days it doesn’t mean you have to change the Windows to a mobile-like platform! This is the most ridiculous and horrible Windows version that Microsoft will ever release, even more horrible than Windows Vista!

    • Zed Sefi

      I guess my next computer upgrade is going to be a switch from PC to the MAC. I can’t stand this crap anymore!

      • Simon

        I had the developer release of windows 8 on my pc for a total of 20 minutes. 10 mins of that looking around and deciding it sucks the other 10 mins were spent trying to figure out how to shut the thing down. It’s awfull.

        • Bob

          It took you ten minutes to figure out how to shut it down? Noobism at its best…

      • Fernando

        ha ha ha!!!!!
        you’re an obvious troll……

        • Simon

          Obvious troll?? Do you even know what a troll is? I didn’t swear or insult anyone just gave an honest opinion win8 is sh*t. Seriously it took 10 mins to figure out how to turn the damn thing off. No start menu just a cluttered phone style interface that doesn’t work on a desktop pc. I’m going to be skipping win 8 completely and sticking to 7.

          • BloodShed

            You can tell from the post hierarchy that he was replying to Zed. Though, it was funny to see someone get so defensive about being called a “troll”.

            No wonder it took you 10 minutes to shut down Windows 8.

        • Simon

          Nope nothing trolly here mate. Just an opinion.
          Try 4chan.

      • Bob

        I guess you haven’t been following the Mac scene much either. Both Windows and Mac are going down the toilet ever since both MS and Apple keep showing their desire to lock down the hell out of their OSes and make them ugly. No matter where you go, you’ll see the same crap.

  • Korum

    Wow some serious n00bs on here. You can bypass the metro UI on win 8 with one click and then it’s the usual windows feel – Much like win7 but a lot faster.

    • Zed Sefi

      That I did not know about! Thanks for the info 🙂

  • HumanCentiPad

    Wondering if you can have split screen, desktop to metro using extended desktop display settings.

    • StevenB

      I run Win8 on my laptop for work. I have 3 monitors connected and use the laptop screen. Metro only runs on one monitor while the others have the desktop. I find that for my use (I’m a System Admin) I hardly ever get to use the Metro UI.

  • iOS5

    Here goes the apple fanboys. If apple where to come up with this interface with all this colors I bet it will be embraced without a blink. Yes I love apple products and I use them daily but I use windows too and love it. Windows 8 sounds like fun and I have been using it on my Mac for a while and honestly it’s fun. As a dev I work with both OSX and windows and I really don’t see what people are really crying about. All things being equal, there isn’t that much difference from the two for regular users besides security feature, which 80% of users are anyway. You have the right to voice your opinion but it says a lot about your knowledge on operating systems.