T-Mobile USA Welcomes Unlocked AT&T iPhone Users

T-Mobile iPhone

If you have not been living under the rock for the last few days, then you probably know that AT&T has started unlocking off-contract iPhones.

T-Mobile USA – the second largest GSM operator after AT&T and which currently has over 1 million unlocked iPhones on its network, is extremely happy with this move.

T-Mobile USA spokesperson issued the following statement to 9to5Mac:

Today we have more than one million unlocked iPhones running on our network. T-Mobile currently offers microSIMs for customers who already have a GSM phone they want to use on the T-Mobile network, including an iPhone. In order to set up an unlocked iPhone on T-Mobile’s network, customers simply need to purchase a microSIM card and select a T-Mobile Value plan that suits their needs.

T-Mobile’s Value plans enable customers who bring their own smartphone, such as the iPhone, to save money. For example, T-Mobile’s Value family plan with unlimited talk, unlimited text and unlimited data with 2 GB of high-speed data is just $49.99 per line for two lines.

In addition, we will continue to deliver more value to customers as we expand and modernize our 4G network. Beginning this year, we will introduce HSPA+ service in our 1900 MHz PCS spectrum. When we do, our 4G network will be compatible with a broader range of devices, including the iPhone.

iPhones are currently not compatible with T-Mobile USA network so if off-contract iPhone users are planning to switch to T-Mobile USA will have to be satisfied by the slower EDGE speeds or will have to be in an area where 3G works.

Have you managed to get your off-contract iPhone unlocked by AT&T? If not, check this post for all the details.

Do you plan to switch to T-Mobile USA? Let us know in the comments.

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  • dhhsfhj

    2GB data cap?

    Are all America’s plans this awful?

    • Chris

      It’s not as bad as it sounds.

      What it means is you get 4G speeds (if you have a 4G device) for the first 2GB and then are reduced to 3G speeds (sometimes slightly slower, but never slower than Edge, unless you are in a bad coverage area) for the remainder of the month.

      In addition, if you regularly go over the 2GB high speed limit, they will eventually call you and offer you a deal on the lines that go over that is usually very reasonable. For example, my wife uses about 5GB per month on average, so they offered to up it from 2 to 5 for only $10 per month (normally would cost $20 extra for this).

      But no matter what, there are no overage charges with T-Mobile, all plans come with unlimited data.

      • Chris

        Also, I find that T-Mobile seems to measure bandwidth differently (in the customer’s favor) than other carriers.

        For example, I compared watching the same movie on Netflix on my phone and my wife’s phone. T-Mobiles seemed to play at a higher quality and used less data.

  • Why wont they, now they dont need to bow to Apple TOS

  • iSRS

    Question. If I have an off-contract AT&T iPhone, but use it only as an iPod touch today, with no service from AT&T, can I get them to unlock it?

    • Ios hunter

      No they won’t unlock it unless you were the Original owner of the iphone. Plus you must be in good standing with AT&T. I tried to get my 2g, 3G done. Problem is I dont pay my bill as much. I still owe them money. Ahhaahaha.

      • Ios hunter

        Then I had my friend call it in for me. They told him that he has to be the original owner from the begining. AT&T must have a full profile on everyone account or iPhone tracking.

    • jat70

      I’m trying to find this out, too. Will post if I learn anything

      • jat70

        I called at&t and they gave me a case number for both my wife and I to have our phones unlocked and sent it to the “unlock team.” Supposed to be settled by 4/18. We’ve never had AT&T service.

        • jat70

          We aren’t the original owners. Maybe I got lucky, but I had no issue. I told her I bought the phones privately and have never had at&t service.

    • jlhardwick

      I called today and told them I was not an AT&T customer but had an iPhone that I bought 3rd party. They were more than willing to perform an unlock once they conformed that the phone was from a completed contract.

    • Mickey

      I called AT&T for both my friend’s and my iPhone 4 that are currently locked. I told the rep that I purchased the phones through eBay and had no account and she just asked me for the imei # for both of them and e-mail. Gave me a case # for 4/18. Now all I have to do is wait and hopefully the iPhones will be permanately unlocked.

  • Edgar

    I have my iPhone 4s unlocked with a gevey sim , does this mean that I would soon get 4g speeds ?

    • Grime

      All iphones on T-Mobile’s network can only attain edge speeds. 3g and 4g is implemented using different hardware that operates on different frequencies, although I did read somewhere that in a few locations the hardware is compatible with At&t. If you do decide to use an At&t compatible device you’ll never have to worry about being throttled, edge has a way of inherently doing that all on its own. (meaning you’ll probably never reach 2Gb) Comparing edge to 3G is like a snail racing a cheetah there’s no comparison! Comparing edge to 4G would be a waste of time so I won’t bother. lol If High speed data is important to you just get a T-Mobile phone that works its high speed data network. Been there done that, slow data sucks, enough said!

  • Skippy

    Canada data 10$ for 5 gb

    • DoctorTim

      Yeah but um, Canada is cold as Sh1t.

      • jat70

        paying for it in taxes.

        • Stan Darsh

          Ok look, I called on the 8th around 1:30 right? Told the lady I bought it off Craigslist and that I don’t have a contract with AT&T. She told me that they submitted an app and that it would be on or before the 16th April. I said thank you happy to get through and took my spot. Today after watching the situation on forums, and seeing people who had called two or three days after I had get their unclog codes within minutes an I decided I wasnt gonna take no for an answer today. I called AT&T customer service and gave the CSrep my case number.. After tediously searching through her computer for about 7 min. She told me my case was still in review. So I said thank you and asked to speak to her boss. After about 15 min a supervisor came on and proceeded to tell me the same thing. I just said ok and asked to see her boss. After like another 25 minutes of elavater music and sales pitches, a female manager comes on and tries to tell me the same thing. I told her about all the posts with people who called after me, and she tried to tell me that she’s sorry but all the imei processing is done in a different department. I said ok well can I either get the number of their office or be put in touch with someone who would know it, and she told me they don’t accept phone calls there. So I asked if I can have the number to the department in charge of them. She told me no one was in charge of them, to which I replied ok well can I speak with who’s in charge of you?*pause* Uhhh….. Yes sir I understand that is your right.THANK YOU. It might be a while though.- Additional 30 min period of being stuck in a elivator with a female billy maze trying to cram AT&T garbage down my throught. When I was about ready to pull the trigger and end my suffering a Arabic sounding man comes on and asks if I’m still there. “Oh yeah man hows it going”(big old smile cause you know he was hoping that I’d hung up) “good, how bout your mr.dixon.?” “well, not to good to be honest no one in your office can seem to help me use my phone for more than a paperweight.” ” well I understand that mister Dixon, but unfortunately like my reps have been saying, there’s nothing we can do, everyones being put on the list./ I kinda cut him off”well from posts I’ve gathered from forums all over the Internet there have Ben people even as recent as applied yesterday that have since been unlocked, not only that but within an hour or two literally.” “well I don’t know about that apple has changed there timeframes for how long the wait will be since day one, first it was hours, then a couple days, then8-9.” I kinda laughed and let that one slip… I had a few more for this guy. “so what exactly is it that’s taking this so long, what is it being reviewed against that these other people seem to avoid?” “is it because I bought it off Craigslist and I’m. It the original owner? Or because I’m not an AT&T customer?” *overdramatic pause” well mr dixon I’ve pulled up your case and it looks like there’s nothing holding it back( avoiding my review question)”well ok so what’s holding it up till the sixteenth than cause I know it’s a fairly simple process. CSrep takes imei and other info, prequalify ing or whatever the unlock client. Info gets pushed through and a decision is made wether or not to approve the unlock or open a future case.from here the imei is sent to apple to be added to a “whitelist server” for unlocked iPhones. Almost completely baffled that I knew this he proceeds to dig himself deeper and tells me that the reason it’s taking so long is because AT&T has to secure your data and applications to protect my phone during the unlock.i laughed even harder, like a punch in the balls to this guy. I told him that there is virtually nothing AT&T could do to any of my data or apps because I have a tmobile sim, and that the unlocking process really has nothing to do with anything on my device.atall.*super pause* well mr.dixon I’m going to try and help you out, let me call you back is***** ur number? Ok thanks goodbye.” obviously more than happy to be free of me for a minute. About 2 1/2 hours later he calls back and tells me that he sxpidited my case and I should get it tonight or Monday(the effin 16th anyways) I kinda figured he was just dickin me around or whatever. To my supprise I received an email around 8:30 from AT&T telling me my iPhone is unlocked. Hell yes for me right? I’m on tmobile 50 unlimited. Ha I do have 1 more AT&T horror story too, it’s short. Bought my iPhone4 off CL right planning to ultra snow unlock. Unfortunately dude I got it from had it on 5.1 stock. So I went to AT&T and asked what the cheapest plan I could get for it was. She snobily typed it in and informs me it’s a $500 deposit, and $80 a month, unlimited nothingness. I laughed in her face and said I’ll wait to get on tmobile. Week later AT&T started there unlocks.