Apple Has Reportedly Ordered 4-inch Screens For Next Generation iPhone

We’ve heard several rumors that have claimed that Apple will finally launch an iPhone with a larger screen later this year.

Wall Street Journal has just added some credibility to those rumors, as they report that Apple has placed orders for screens measuring “at least 4 inches diagonally” for the next generation iPhone.

WSJ reports:

Apple Inc., AAPL -0.91% which is expected to launch its next-generation iPhone later this year, has ordered screens from its Asian suppliers that are bigger than the ones used in iPhones since they debuted in 2007, people familiar with the situation said.

Production is set to begin next month for the screens, which measure at least 4 inches diagonally compared with 3.5 inches on the iPhone 4S, the latest phone from Apple, the people said.

WSJ hasn’t clarified whether the bigger display with be taller and wider or the next generation iPhone will be come with a taller 4-inch display with a different aspect ratio as some recent rumors have suggested.

While some have argued that iPhone’s 3.5-inch display is perfect, it is quite clear that there is a demand for smartphones with a larger screen. As WSJ points out, Apple is trying to make the iPhone more appealing to users who are opting for Android-based smartphones with a larger screen. Samsung has recently launched the next generation of their flagship smartphone – Samsung Galaxy III with a 4.8-inch screen.

Mockup of thinner next generation iPhone with taller 4-inch display

While a 4.8-inch display seems too big for our liking, we wouldn’t mind an iPhone with a 4-inch to 4.3-inch display. What about you? What do you think about the possibility of the next generation iPhone with a bigger 4-inch display?

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  • Kimk69

    Hell yeah. 4 in. Would be perfect for me but I really can’t stand the taller phone without it being a little wider also. It would be awesome if they can just have an edge to edge and change the height without changing or barely changing the size of the phone but seems like it would be hard to do with no extra room what so ever inside the phone. I can hope though.

  • mkimid

    Width 6-7mm x Length 10-11mm

    • mark

      I think u mean cm dont you?

      • mkimid

        If see the the sim slot, it has exteneded by 3-4mm. Make even 6-7mm wider than before. And than, length will be textened by 10-11mm. It is pretty match with 4″ screen

  • Mcsteven

    I think 4.3 inch would be perfect. It’s not a big enough difference for people to opt out for a bigger screen. But 4.0 inches might just be small enough to push those people away still.

  • Geordthi1337

    I see no problem with this. But I’m sure app devs will! Lol

  • Moe

    Bigger screen ftw!

  • Your daddy

    Hope it’s thinner too

  • Not blind to the hype

    What is with the thinner crap? Why does it need to be thinner a little bigger with a bigger battery would be fine I miss the days of a whole days heavy use with a single charge

  • jays_on

    I had an HD2 with a 4.3″ screen. The design made it nearly identical in size to iphone 4/4s however the screen was much larger. It felt perfect!

  • s0ulo

    4″ let’s go apple

  • Ryan

    I am a guy and my phone should fit perfectly in my jeans/pants pocket without causing any discomfort and the iPhone does that perfectly now I have held the galaxy 2 in my hands and in my pocket and I hate how it felt way to big next thing you know we would be carrying around purses just to hold our phones as man hahahha iPurse

    • Joe

      You’re obviously a little guy. I am an average-sized guy and the galaxy fits fine in my pocket. The iPhone4 is way too small for average-sized and larger men.

      • Ryan

        Yes you are right sorry for that it is just that I forgot about the US thing that average means BIG cause the truth is more then the average in the US is BIG I do not mean this as an insult I’m just stating the facts. I am 1.82M and weigh 95KG that’s pretty average to where I’m from. Doesn’t the saying goes: If it’s not broken don’t fix it? I mean the sales speak for them selves iSell

  • Apel P.

    Can we have a seppart catogory for rumors that way only legit stuff is on the main page, not 90% rumors that only 10% happen? that would save tons of time when checking the site after a couple weeks away from it.

  • Slick

    4.3 edge to edge
    top to bottom side to side would be sexy

  • Brad

    I own both an iPhone 4 and a Galaxy S II, and I definitely find the Galaxy S II easier to use with my big hands. It also fits fine in pockets. The bigger the better in my opinion. I’d happily buy a 5 inch phone (Galaxy Note) if I had the money. When I use the iPhone, my hands cramp because I have to fold my palms in, and I don’t think that is acceptable. I’d actually think about buying another iPhone if the 5th gen has a bigger than 4 inch screen. I love certain aspects from both devices. I’m an Android fan boy at heart, but at the end of the day, I have no problem with iPhones.

  • GIHateemToo

    4.8 too big?! Oh you little pu55y!

  • Dzeffarski

    I am waiting to find out how big the new iPhone is before I decide on my next phone. I’ve had an iPhone since they came out but if they don’t make the screen bigger, I’ll go with the new Samsung Galaxy III. I watched the launch in the UK and while the screen is larger the overall size is almost the same as the current Galaxy II.

  • Marcus Börjesson

    I think that a 4”-4,3” display would be perfect, thats what I would like to see.