Absinthe 2.0.2 Adds Support For Revised iOS 5.1.1 (Build 9B208)

greenpois0n absinthe

Chronic Dev team has released a new version of Absinthe, which ad$s support for the revised version of iOS 5.1.1 (Build 9B208).

Apple had quietly released the revised iOS 5.1.1 yesterday for GSM iPhone 4. While Apple hasn’t provided any details, it is being speculated that the iOS software update has something to do with AT&T and 4G networks.

GSM iPhone 4 users who had restored their iPhones with the latest version of iOS 5.1.1 had problems jailbreaking their iPhone with Absinthe as they were greeted with “This device is not supported” error message. Absinthe 2.0.2 address the issue.

If you`had problems jailbreaking your iPhone 4 on iOS 5.1.1 then you can try again using Absinthe 2.0.2.

If you’ve successfully jailbroken your iOS device with Absinthe 2.0 or 2.0.1 then you don’t need to use the new version. Absinthe 2.0.2 adds support for the revised iOS 5.1.1 build.

$399 iPad 2 users will have to wait as Absinthe still doesn’t support their iOS device. Absinthe 2.0.2 supports the following iOS devices running on iOS 5.1.1:
  • iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S
  • iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3 (except for the $399 iPad 2 with the tweaked A5 chip as pod2g hasn’t been able to get hold of it to test and confirm it)
  • iPod Touch 3G, iPod Touch 4G

Absinthe 2.0.x is compatible with only iOS 5.1.1, so if you’re on iOS 5.1 or lower (Settings -> General -> About – Version), then you should update your iOS device to iOS 5.1.1 either using iTunes or using the OTA software update.

If you depend on Ultrasn0w to unlock your iPhone, then you use Sn0wbreeze 2.9.4 (Windows only) or should wait for iPhone Dev team to release Redsn0w that adds support for iOS 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak, which allows you to update to iOS 5.1.1 while preserving the baseband.

Please also don’t forget to first take a backup of your iOS device to iTunes before jailbreaking.

You can download Absinthe 2.0.4 from for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux from this link.

If you need help, check out our step-by-step guide to jailbreak your iOS device using Absinthe 2.0.2:

As always, let us know how it goes in the comments.

If you want to show your appreciation for iOS 5.1.1 Jailbreak team’s hard w/rk, then don’t forget to donate to them via PayPal using this link.

[via Chronic Dev Team’s blog]

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  • Genemark



    Again, sorry, the attached device is not supported.

    • Does it say Version 2.0.2 in the title of the app.

      Which device? If you’ve the $399 iPad 2 then it is currently not supported.

      • Mustafa

        Im facing the same problem. I have iphone 4s which i bought with 5.1.1 simlocked to at&t, but when i plug it in, it says “sorry this device is not supported”. And yes it does say 2.0.2 in absinthe.

        When i try to make a fresh install of 5.1.1 in itunes, it fails aswell saying “this device isn’t eligible for the requested build”

        I tryed jailbreaking with the 2.0.1 and 2.0.0 absinthe but it all says the same.

        • Follow the step-by-step guide here:

          If you hit an issue, check out the solution mentioned under update 2.

          • bud

            I have a ipad 2 wifi model MC 979B, is this a R2..keeps saying sorry not supported.

          • Mustafa

            I just restored with a fresh 5.1.1 and when i connect to absinthe, it says “The attached device is not activated. you need to activate it before it can be used with absinthe.”

            The problem is, that i bought the phone, and i dont have the original sim card. So im sitting here with a iphone 4s, 5.1.1 and cannot activate it, nor jailbreak it!

            I really hope you can help me with my problem. I would really appreciate it!

        • BloodShed

          Are you sure you have 5.1.1 and not 5.0.1? Especially if you’re getting “this device isn’t eligible for the requested build”

          • makintosh

            If your phone is jailbroken, make sure your HOSTS file has the redirect to Cydia commented out. Otherwise, you will bet the “device isn’t eligible for the requested build message”.

        • filbyglade

          you need this…

          If you depend on Ultrasn0w to unlock your iPhone, then you use Sn0wbreeze 2.9.4 (Windows only) or should wait for iPhone Dev team to release Redsn0w that adds support for iOS 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak, which allows you to update to iOS 5.1.1 while preserving the baseband.

    • Cecil

      Same here. 5.1.1 (9B206) ipad2 wifi model number MC769LL with not supported issue. Is the any other other devices still having the same issue? Could we prehaps have a definitive list of models that are not covered?

      • goingdown2hell

        9B206 works just fine on my iphone 4s 5.1.1, I followed the guidlines on greenpois0n’s web site, make a back up in itunes, then reset all settings on your iPhone, set it back up and activate it, put in wi-fi mode, then download Absinthe 2.0.1 windows, Mac, Linux and connect your iphone the press jailbreak! The only reason they say do a back up and do a full reset is because it will jailbreak your iPhone in under 5 minutes, once its jailbroken with Cydia on your iPhone, open up iTunes and select your back up and sit back and wait for it to install all your apps, music, videos ect, I had alot of all, so just sit back and let the back up do its things, once done, open Cydia, install winterboard, I’ve been reading people are having issues trying to install Winterboard, well I gaurantee this way will work, open Cydia-Sections-All Packages and scroll to the W listing until you get to Winterboard, install and confirm it, if it fails, try installing and confirm again, it will install, look on your iPhone and winterboard should be sitting next to Cydia, follow these guidlines and you’ll have no problems! Thank you so much Dev-Team, I will be contributing through Pay Pal on Friday as always for your great efforts


  • vic

    Is it safe for iPhone 3gs with BB 5.16.05 update to ios 5.1.1 before JB?
    What BB is currently for 5.1.1?
    Or I should upgrade iPhone to iOS 5.1.1 without updating Baseband?

    • Cydiahelpsux

      If you rely on ultra snow for unlocking then you need to preserve baseband

      • vic

        Thank you, I already get it from above, but I wonder if I’ll update
        from apple itune, will it change my 5.16.05 BB to another? I’m accidently updated it once and wont do it again.
        I have 3gs 5.1 with BB 5.16.05 not unlocked.
        Can you advice me, how I can preserve my BB if I need to?

    • goingdown2hell

      baseband 9B206, 5.1.1, just uograde it on your ohone or in iTunes, then open absinthe, connect your iphone and it will recognize it, then hit jailbreak, sit back and let it do its thing, once finished youll have Cydia installed, but then youll need to install winterboard, the gauranteed easiest way is to open up Cydi-sections-All Packages, A-Z, go to W, scroll until you see winterboard, once you get to winterboard, open it up and install it and confirm, this way gaurantees it to install, I’ve jailbroken many phones and installed winterboard this way, never mind installing pincrush winterboard, it will fail, follow my guidlines and youll have winterboard next to cydia or close

  • tj

    So when is the new redsnow with support for preserving iPhone 4s baseband coming out?

    • Paul

      Use the latest version of redsn0w 0.911b4 to make a NoBaseband ipsw if that’s what you need to do. It jailbreaks tethered but you can install Rocky Racoon fron cydia to untether.

    • goingdown2hell

      just update in iTunes to 5.1.1 then open up Absinthe 2.0.1 an run as admin, then connect your device, hit jailbreak, sit back as it does it’s process! It would go alot faster if you did a back up, rest your phone to factory defaults, turn it back on, activate it, turn on wi-fi, then it will jailbreak in 5 minutes, once jailbroken, restore your back up by opening itunes, enjoy Cydia, and at least make some sort of donation for the Dev-Teams hard work for this very easy jailbreak, even your grandma good follow the guides on greenpois0n’s web site, and it should be a breeze!!

  • Jason

    Works a treat, just upgraded to the new 5.1.1 for the sake of it jailbroke it straight away. awesome stuff

  • Abel

    It works like a charm!

  • vandoren

    I have a problem , after i jaibreak the phone now is pop on screen “Activation require ”
    Please tell me what should I do?

    • Grime

      Pop in a sim card of the carrier the phone is tied to.

  • Marnsue

    Did the iPad2,4 get released in europe as well? Lets hope we dont have to wait months for it to be supported.

  • tnek

    Hi, I have some Iphones (3G, 3GS) that I’ve got some time ago…
    I have updated them to ios 5.0, and some of them is hactivated and some is unlocked(with simcard).

    Is it possible to see which one that is unlocked ( with simcard) and which is hactivated ???

    please help…

  • ThePhizzle

    Not working for me. It’s doing the same thing that 2.0.1 did. It’s freezing up and the program no longer responds. I updated thinking that there was a working jailbreak for my phone and that I could easily return everything to it’s previously jailbroken state. This is sadly not the case. Is anyone else having this issue?

  • Gerdaymacoa

    I still have “lockdown error 5” with the new version of Absinthe (2.0.2) and i’m currently with the 5.1.1 (new build).

    • wannabehacker

      Yeah I’ve tried absinthe 2.0, 2.0.1, and 2.0.2 but all I get is: “Error- device not detected, lockdown-5”

  • Brandon

    I hav iPhone 4s I’m jailbroken but I keep having crash issues and I think it might b that the cydia servers hav been over worked the past couple days and the tweaks I have might not b ready thus the reason of crashing… Just a theory… Cuz I did hav to keep trying to install some tweaks like gridlock and dashboard x etc… Cuz the 1st time tryna install were fails

  • Kieran

    Error saying can’t connect to lockdownd. Using 2.0.2 iPhone 4S 5.1.1. Any ideas on how to fix?

    • s0ulo

      Go to settings/general/reset and choose erase all content and settings.
      Good luck homie.

      • wannabehacker

        What if we want to actually keep our data and stuff…

        • Jason

          Tried that but no luck, same error. What is the cause of this?

        • goingdown2hell

          back up your iPhone in itunes, then on your handset do a full reset, then jailbreak it, once jailbroken, connect it back to itunes and install your back up, and youll get all your data back on your phone

  • Pally

    I have a gsm iPhone 4. Running osx 10.5.8. I tried jailbreaking before build 9B208 was released, I got the hmm.. Something went wrong error. The next morning i took Redmond pies videos advice and reinstalled 5.1.1 (now 9b208) and then absinthe wouldn’t support that build. I then downgraded back to 9b206, tried again, still no luck. I restored again (still 9b206) as a new iPhone, and same error. Then I tried on my brothers windows 7 computer, again nothing. This morning absinthe 2.0.2 is available. Restored to 9b208 and again same error. Restored as new iPhone (no data) and STILL won’t jailbreak. Restored my data and tried again and of course nothing!
    I am no computer genius, but I have jailbroken every version of ios since 2.x.x on iPods and iPhones and have never had this much trouble!! What am I doing wrong?? Please help!

    • goingdown2hell

      this is the easiest jailbreak to date, no putting it in DFU mode, just make sure its 5.1.1 and download absinthe 2.0.2, I had zero problems using 2.01, so easy your grandma could do it so they say on greenpois0n’s web site, plus he has a full tutorial to follow, back up your phone then do a hard reset to factory defaults, hit jailbreak, shouldnt take more than 10 minutes, once jailbroken, connect it back ti iTunes, click on restore back up

  • Lee

    Just like to share with u all. I just finished jailbroken my iPad 3, iPhone 4 both on 5.1.1 no problem at all I used Absinthe 2.0.1. For those ppl whom updated from 5.0.1 or lower to 5.1.1 using OTA u will get 5.1.1 B9208 built but, if u updated via iTune u most likely got the 5.1.1 B9206 built. Hope this good information for some of u

    • Cecil

      I updated ota and I got the B9206 build. So I think it’s more of a when you updated thing rather than how.

  • Steve

    “If you’ve the $399 iPad 2 then it is currently not supported.”


    • Cecil

      IKR!!! Why pod2g no like ipad 2,4? Is this version so different from the other ipads?

  • peros

    i would like to ask,i want to update my iphone 4 i have it on 4.2.1 and i would like to go on 5.1.1 but i have unlock with sam unlock,if iupdate the iphone with out i update the baseband too does its going to work normaly again if i jalbreak it and everything do i need to unlock it again or not? and what if i update the baseband too is it going to be locked again or i can use the sam unlock with one way?

    btw thanks to Chronic Dev team for the amazing work they have done

  • Me

    My iphone 4 just been unlocked by ATT can I still jailbreak it or I will lose my unlocking.

  • Lee

    Hey! Once at&t unlocked ur phone it became factory unlocked phone u can do anything hack on dude!

  • ZAn

    I have a AT&T locked iPhone 4s ((Baseband): 2.0.10 && (Firmware): 5.1 (9B179))
    Can you please let me know how to jailbreak and unlock it.
    Right now am using Gevey sim but when the network is down or battery dies the phone doesnt work and i have to attach it to itunes to activate it.

  • sableng

    all my iphone4 and new ipad is JB, thanks a lot

  • Dookie

    Job done all in 2 mins thanks

  • Chyna

    without too much B.S
    Can I unlock iphone 3gs on 5.1.1 ( UNLOCK NOT JAILBREAK)


    • Mustafa

      i would love to know this aswell.
      I have iphone 4s which is simlocked (i think to at&t). I cannot jailbreak it, and when i try, it says “The attached device is not activated. you need to activate it before it can be used with absinthe.”
      I do not have the original simcard, and im not quite sure which provider it is from.

      I would appreciate helpfull comments!

      • goingdown2hell

        first off, you need an activated micro sim card, insert it, if the chip is activated, your iphone will recognize it, if you dont have an activated sim, get one, until then, you can’t unlock it! Once your iphone has an activated sim card installed, proceed to set it up, once its all set up, put it in wi-fi mode, download absinthe 2.0.2, make a folder on your desktop and unstract it to the folder, name it absinthe 2.0.2, open it up, connect your iphone, it should detect it if it is IOS 5.1.1 and hit the jailbreak button, since its a new phone, it should only take a few minutes to jailbreak your iPhone, once its done you should have Cydia on your phone! Now you need to install Winterboard, and to do this, open up Cydia, on the bottom of the screen select Sections, then go into All Packages, its the first one in the list, once in, navigate to W section on the right A-Z, and scroll until you see Winterboard, open it and install, then hit confirm, this way gaurantees installing winterboard on, some people are having troubles trying to install winterboard, but follow those unstructions and youll have winterboard installed next or somewhere close to Cydia!

        • Mustafa

          Wow thanks a bunch man!
          The thing is, that its a used phone, so i dont know exactly what simcard i should insert. I dont know how to find out what simcard its locked to.
          I have the correct version of absinthe etc, and i know how to jailbreak, but i just cant find a way to unlock this damn phone. I really dont know what to do and im afraid i waisted lots of money on a phone that i cant use 🙁

          • Chyna

            What are you thanking this idiot for ?

        • Chyna

          Will this winterboard UNLOCK the phone ???

          • Mustafa

            Why you call him a idiot? He used his time trying to explain in details what to do.
            The winterboard is probably because he thinks its important to have, i dont know.. but dont call the man an idiot. Thats not how this community is supposed to be.
            If everyone was acting like you, then we probably wouldnt have jailbreaks released for us all because the dev team wouldnt care about others.
            Please.. respect others as u want respect for yourself. If you dont want respect, then atleast respect others..
            Im not being rude or anything. Its just an advice. I hope u take it, and if u dont.. well then its up to you.

  • paynecc

    everytime i go to update it say that the program has stopped working

    • kangarubicon

      I have the same still trying to find a fix

  • kaitlyn

    absinthe.exe wont show uP. HELP

  • Gunawan

    I tried to jailbreak my ipad 1 with absinthe 2.0.2 and followed every step correctly. It was successful until I open the cydia in my ipad and then lost everything… I dont see “App store”, “Compass”, “Maps”, even “Cydia” is no longer there.

    Then I tried to reset again but nothing change, please help….

    Btw, i also tried to jailbreak it once more but the absinthe said that my ipad is already jailbroken..

    Please helppppp

  • rrev

    I’ve been trying to jailbreak my iphone 4 (GSM) iOS 5.1.1 (9B208), but Absinthe just keeps crashing when half way through the jailbreak (I’ve tried like 7 times)… Can anyone help? Or should I just do the tethered version for redsn0w and download the rockyracoon to untether it?
    Please Help!

  • merco

    Me too, after i jaibreak the phone now is pop on screen “Activation require ” and I dont’t have the sim card of the carrier the phone is tied to… What should I do?

  • Tums

    worked like a CHARM!!! thanks!!! =D

  • Dbags1977

    I have an iphone 4s jailbroken on ios 5.0 what is the process to upgrade to 5.1.1 with absinthe 2.0.2? Please help I have ideas but don’t want to have more of a hassle than necessary.

    • Tums

      1) download latest itunes
      2) back up your iphone with itunes
      3) update to the current firmware (5.1.1) with itunes (you will lose your jailbreak)
      4) download Absinthe rar file(latest version)
      5) extract the rar file
      6) run the absinthe-win-2.x.x.exe, which will extract a new folder
      7) open the newly extracted folder and run the Absinthe exe as an administrator (right-click > run as administrator)
      8) Plug in your iphone
      9) Once detected, press the Jailbreak button
      10) wait 5-10 mins for Absinthe to Jailbreak your phone
      11) if successfully completed, it will say something like “Done! Enjoy!”

      Hope that helps

      • Dbags1977

        Thanks! Thats what I thought but wanted to be sure.

  • SK HD

    i have iphone 4 on version 5.1(tether jailbreak, locked BB. 04.12.01), i want to update to IOS 5.1.1 by preserving my baseband(cos i need unlock) and get the full jailbreak, what can i do? thanks for help ..

  • Tony

    Well, another successful JB. I upgraded from v4.2 which had been working very well with no issues. I held out on v5.0 because of the tethering. The v2.0.2 was just what I was waiting for to finally upgrade. This was a simple upgrade and no issues on my Iphone 4. I like how I was able to restore everything back. Congrats! Chronic Dev team for another job well done..

  • Gio

    hey everyone, i have iphone 4s with 5.1 software, and it is unlocked with Gevey sim, now i want to jailbreak, but can’t jailbreak on 5.1, my question is if i upgrade to 5.1.1 and jailbreak will i keep my unlock or i’ll have to buy new gevey sim?? please let me know, thank you in advance

  • ejie

    Why can’t I download the Absinthe 2.0.2? I’m always getting “Page not found”. Any help will be appreciated.