AutoProtect: Jailbreak Tweak Disables iPhone’s Passcode When Connected to Home Wi-Fi Network

While it is important to enter a passcode on your iPhone, it can get a little annoying especially when you’re at home, where you really don’t want to be prompted to enter the passcode, especially if you’ve selected the longer alphanumeric passcode.

A new jailbreak called AutoProtect developed by Florent Cardoen (@Fllorent0D). The jailbreak tweak detects if your iOS device is connected to your Home Wi-Fi network and disables passcode.

If you’ve multiple Wi-Fi networks at home, you’re covered as the tweak allows you to enter names of up to 5 Wi-Fi networks via the Settings app (AutoProtect -> Authorized WiFi Networks).

It re-enables the passcode feature as soon as it detects your iPhone disconnects from the home Wi-Fi network.

AutoProtect is a nifty little jailbreak tweak and best part is, it’s available for free on Cydia. Download AutoProtect from Cydia and let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • This is a really nice feature that Apple should incorporate into iOS. I wonder what impact it would have on battery life since it’ll have to constantly monitor the network status.

    • jdgbdg

      I would say none, since to make the WiFi icon in the top-left work, iOS would need to “constantly monitor the network status”. We can, therefore, deduce that “constantly monitoring the network status” is something the OS is doing anyway, and performing a few actions on each state change would not be very battery intensive.

  • 000221

    dumb idea…
    so all I have to do is to pick up your iPhone, take it to the restroom or other part of the house while at your home and use it… or get in range of the iPhone’s WiFi. no way

    • Santiago

      Clearly you have issues trusting people that live with you. This is for people who actually trust their friends and families, when they come round. It’s a good idea.

  • genius!

  • Andy

    Do you need to add new source in cydia? The search “autoprotect” does not return anything

  • datter

    I have wanted a tweak exactly like this for a long time now but unfortunetely it seems to break my email. When I check my email with this tweak installed all I see is “This message has no content” in the place of all the emails. Uninstalling the tweak makes email work as normal again. Too bad, it is perfect otherwise.

  • Googz187

    I’ve used CleverPin to do that for awhile now. Also allows you to disable pin when listening to music, when the device is charging, set timer, etc.

    • jdgbdg

      CleverPin looks useful. Thanks for the tip!

  • Money

    I tried this tweak a while ago but it causes issues with the mail app. Emails won’t displayed.

  • Sid

    I had to uninstall this app since after installing this my Email contents does not show. I really like this tweak but please fix the bug.

  • DG

    I know this may seem like a great idea. But I assure you it’s a terrible configuration and if you were to ever lose your device – your PIN would be more of a joke than apple already makes it out to be. (not to mention when you tell your work buddies about the new config – and they spoof your SSID).
    Great Intention – horrible idea.

  • Barronvongeek

    I installed it, entered my WiFi name and resspringed it. It doesn’t work at all for me. Too bad cause it sounded like just what I needed.

  • SpinnerfiSh

    Please fix the email issue – this tweak is awesome, but I cant use it as it renders email useless

  • Trektopfuel

    It doesn’t work at all. The autoprotect doesn’t show up at Settings. Is it working on IOS 5.1.1 devices?