Dashboard X: Jailbreak Tweak Brings Widgets to iPhone’s Home Screen

While Apple introduced widgets (one of the most requested features) for iOS Notification Center in iOS 5, it was still very limited (just the stock and weather widgets) and restricted to iOS Notification center.

iOS hackers grabbed the opportunity and have released quite a few cool custom widgets for iOS Notification center. iOS hacker and developer – Ori Kadosh is planning to release a new jailbreak tweak called Dashboard X that address the other limitation.

Dashboard X will allow you to add the widgets (including custom widgets) to your iPhone or iPad’s Home screen.

Jeff Benjamin of iDownloadBlog who had a chance to use the jailbreak tweak explains how it works:

to initiate the placement of a new widget, simply place the device into wiggle mode by holding down on any app icon, then tap and hold any blank space on the Springboard. Doing so will invoke the Add New Widget dialogue, which allows you to select from any of the available Notification Center widgets already installed on your device.

The next screen allows you to tweak specific settings for an individual widget. You’ll find a settings for Interaction and Auto Center (iPhone or iPod touch only). If you disable Interaction, you will not be able to interact with your widget, and instead it will act as if it’s a part of your Home screen wallpaper.

Adding a widget to your Home screen involves dragging the widget around just as if it were an app icon. Once you’ve determined an ideal spot for your widget, press the Home button to exit wiggle mode and your changes will take place.

Most of the custom widgets work just fine on the Home screen. The jailbreak tweak also offers a Dashboard mode, which is a standalone screen that can be accessed using an Activator action. You can assign widgets directly to the Dashboard via the Settings app. We like this option as you can reduce the clutter in iOS Notification center by moving the widgets to the Dashboard screen and keep the Notification center dedicated to notifications.

Dashboard X will be available in Cydia for $1.99. We’ll let you know as soon as it is available.

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