Dashboard X: Jailbreak Tweak That Brings Widgets to iPhone And iPad’s Home Screen Now Available in Cydia

Dashboard X – the eagerly awaited jailbreak tweak that brings widgets to iPhone’s home screen is finally available in Cydia.

Dashboard X allows you to add the widgets (including custom widgets) to your iPhone or iPad’s Home screen.

Dashboard X includes the following features:

  • Full support for existing notification center widgets!
  • Place widgets on either the home screen along with your icons or on your dashboard which you can invoke with Activator
  • Move widgets around, place them wherever you want!
  • Also works with Dashboard X exclusive widgets

Jeff Benjamin of iDownloadBlog who had a chance to use the jailbreak tweak explains how it works:

to initiate the placement of a new widget, simply place the device into wiggle mode by holding down on any app icon, then tap and hold any blank space on the Springboard. Doing so will invoke the Add New Widget dialogue, which allows you to select from any of the available Notification Center widgets already installed on your device.

The next screen allows you to tweak specific settings for an individual widget. You’ll find a settings for Interaction and Auto Center (iPhone or iPod touch only). If you disable Interaction, you will not be able to interact with your widget, and instead it will act as if it’s a part of your Home screen wallpaper.

Adding a widget to your Home screen involves dragging the widget around just as if it were an app icon. Once you’ve determined an ideal spot for your widget, press the Home button to exit wiggle mode and your changes will take place.

The jailbreak tweak also offers a Dashboard mode, which is a standalone screen that can be accessed using an Activator action. You can assign widgets directly to the Dashboard via the Settings app. We like this option as you can reduce the clutter in iOS Notification center by moving the widgets to the Dashboard screen and keep the Notification center dedicated to notifications.

Click on the image above to see the slideshow of all the screenshots

Check out the demo video of the jailbreak tweak below:

We are already seeing widgets created exclusive for Dashboard such as the Clock widget and upcoming Twitter widget.

Dashboard X will be available in Cydia for $1.99. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • alangrig

    At least first iOS step to catch up Android. Great app!

  • Frank

    I have been using a friends android and it does things that we have to jailbreak to do and things I wish we could. Apple should hope they don’t figure out how to update there phones the way apple does or apple will be in trouble IMO and I still have my iPhone

  • Patrick

    Just installed this tweak and I have to admit: its wonderfill! But still I’m thinking about buying the Galaxy S3 because of the hardware and software…

  • Gorspot

    What will Obama think?

    Where spare change obama? Now you have dashboard on phone, country going to squirrels.


  • Ben

    Okay, i’ve installed this, but when I enter in Jiggle Mode, and long press, it does nothing… any help? I have an Ipad 2..

    • Megan

      My iphone 4s is doing the same thing. I thought it might be one of the other tweaks I have installed, but not sure which one. Have you found a fix?

  • Jim Jack And Johnny

    I’m having issues and it keeps going into safe mode as soon as I respring after installing. Is there any way to know what tweaks it may be conflicting with? Thanks for your help! This seems like it could be a really awesome tweak if I could get it to work!

    • omar

      i am having the same problem on my iphone 4, keep going into safe mode, plase can you let me know if you come up with a solution, thanks

      • Jim Jack And Johnny

        I wish I could tell you I’ve come up with a solution… Still experiencing the problems and had to delete off my phone.

        • jo

          Tweak will not work with infinidock..

  • John

    can anyone tell me where i can find the wallpaper in the screenshot??thanks!

  • joe

    It causes my phone to crash constantly… Installed fine, added widgets fine but when activated thru activator and then closed returning to dash board or running app it often crashed, any help?

  • ifonix

    looks nice and handy. i am happy to pay for jailbroken apps and widgets. developers shuld get payed for there hard work.
    BUT, it keeps crashing.. hallo… when bugs will be fixed, i’ll be happy to buy it.

  • Ryan

    What theme is dashboard x is he using

  • jujinz

    Great tweak but it crashes to safe mode consistently. Hope they fix it cuz it would be very cool.

  • AnotherBrian

    I took it off my phone, I don’t need all the crashing. Hopefully a couple updates and some new widgets come out and I will give it a try again.

  • J5

    Can someone please tell me what wifi widget that he uses in the video is called

    • J5

      nvm i figured it out lol

      • Iphoner

        Whats the widget?