Facebook Releases Standalone Camera App For iPhone

It looks like Facebooks apps team is on high after last week’s IPO.

After releasing the Facebook Pages Manager app few days back, Facebook has just released a standalone photo-sharing app app for iPhone in the App Store called Facebook Camera.

Facebook Camera includes the following features:

  • Post multiple photos from your camera roll at a time
  • Crop and apply filters to give your photos a new look
  • Scroll down a single feed of all your friends’ photos
  • Tag your friends, add photo captions and say where you are
  • See photos from the different apps your friends use
Facebook Camera brings some useful features, such as the ability to post multiple posts from the camera roll and Instagram-like filters, which are not available in the Facebook app.
But the release of the standalone camera app is quite interesting when you consider that Facebook recently bought Instagram for a whopping $1 billion, which offers some of the features.
When Facebook announced the acquisition, Mark Zuckerberg had said that he plans to keep Instagram independent, which probably is the reason why the Photos team still when ahead with the development of the app. Update: Dan Former of SplatF explains why Facebook needs two Photo apps here.
You can download Facebook Camera for free using this App Store link. It looks like the app is still being propagated to all the servers and App Stores, so if you can’t find it, look for ‘FacebookCamera’ (as one word) in the App Store app.
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  • Ben

    It just doesn’t make sense… Then why purchase instagram, unless they want no competition and hence make people (that aren’t aware of the acquisition) think Facebook cam app is better.

  • Aaron

    Why does Facebook now have 4 different apps?! It doesn’t make sense, make one good one that does all that

  • Jose

    Yes the Facebook app sucks. Combine all these apps and make just 1 app that isnt extremely slow and doesnt gave errors at every other page. Zuckerberg needs to step his game up.

  • Eoleo

    I’d like to agree that putting all in one app makes a real great app. However, it’s just not possible to do it and still maintain usability and speed, not to mention app size.

    The instagram purchase probably is just to prevent Google+ from gaining user share, in case Google acquires instagram. Sometimes I think that this purchase gives facebook tax cuts and now, apparently, the purchase is coming out to be an excuse had they not been able to raise funds with their recent IPO.

  • my iphone has camera