How to Fix For iMessage Lag Issue

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iMessage – Apple’s messaging service that was one of the major features of iOS 5, allows users to send free messages to other iOS device users.

However, according to this Apple Support Communities thread, some users have been complaining that they’re noticing a significant lag in receiving new messages.

For example: an iPhone 4 user complaints about the problem he is having sending messages to his girlfriend who also has an iPhone 4:

when i send her a Imessage on my iPhone it says “delivered” however she never gets them, so i always find my self having to click the message again and having to send it as a regular text which is becoming really annoying since me and her text ALOT!!. but the issue is only happening with her, with all my other friends using iphone4, 4s, 3gs, and ipod touchs running IOS 5 it works fine.

Brian X. Chen of The New York Times who was also facing the issue may have found a solution.

According to Brian X. Chen, the culprit for the issue strangely seems to be iMessage Beta for Mac, which was released back in February and will be an integral part of OS X Mountain Lion when it is released later this summer. He reports that after he and his friends uninstalled iMessage Beta on their Mac, they haven’t noticed the lag issue.

If you’re facing the problem, you can follow these simple instructions provided by Apple to uninstall iMessage Beta for Mac:

  1. From the Messages application menu, choose Uninstall Messages Beta….
  2. A dialog will appear, asking you to confirm uninstallation of Messages Beta and reinstallation of iChat. Verify that you wish to do this.
  3. Restart your Mac when prompted.
It’s not an ideal solution, as it means that you can no longer send and received messages on your Mac, so we hope that Apple fixes in the issue. But, until then this seems to be the only solution to fix the iMessage lag issue.
Are you also facing this issue? Did this help? Let us know in the comments.
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  • pakaku

    Ah, so iMessages for Mac is the problem, you say? I guess that’s why it’s still a beta…

    I’ve had my own problem with the beta: any message sent from my iPhone, and received from another iOS device, is marked as “unsent”, complete with red text and exclamation point. The message sends just fine, but my messages AND the receiver’s messages were always marked as unsent. Uninstalling the Beta from my Mac fixed everything.

  • Tommie

    I have the same inse with My iPhone. I sned sms/mms and it says deliver. But My girlfriend and colleg never got them. Or some Times then get 3 of the same text :/

    And i dont hade à Mac just iPhone.

    • Abel Goddard

      Same thing with me. Messages showed as sent and she never got them, or showed as unsent but she DID get them. I eventually turned off iMessage, and went back to reliable messaging. Now we have unlimited texts, so I don’t care anymore. And I don’t have a Mac, just iPhones and iPad.

  • Dlove

    Been having an issue aswell where it has been lagging and it’s from a 4s to another 4s? Must be something to do with servers or something?

  • Troy

    I’m having an issue where I’ll send a text to another iphone, it appears to go through, then I’ll set my phone down, about 5 mins later I hear the text message sent sound, look and it was sent green. This is so annoying, especially when sending text you want a quick response to.

  • Awayze

    Yeh sometimes iMessages are delayed from my iPhone 4 to my moms iPhone 3GS. Upto a few hours most time.

  • Antonia

    to me is on the iPad. my iPhone gets the message right away, my iPad takes several several minutes (10-15) to get the same message.
    and those are iMessage, and both devices on the same wifi

  • Greg Foster

    Not having any issues on the iPhone thank goodness and I am using iMessage beta on my Mac. I am however having quite a few issues on the Mac that I’m hoping Apple gets reigned in before the Mountain Lion release.

  • Bonedude

    I had this problem when I first got my 4s. In my case, the problem was because I had the same apple ID on mine and my wife’s devices. Sometimes, she would get my messages and other times, nobody got them. If this is the case for you, then you need to associate your iMessage settings with a different email address.

  • peter

    i also been having this problem i thought it was a problem with the iphones since each time i sent a meassage to my girlfriend she never got them or got them minets after, now i dont have to be mad at her for not answering lol… from my iphone 4s to her iphone 4

  • Shawn

    Same problem..but no Mac…..
    Anyone else?

  • Sounds like some of you are having iMessage delay problems. There’s really nothing wrong with your phone or the iOS, as the matter of fact it is working as it is supposed to.

    Here’s how it works… when you have iMessage feature enabled on your device, it will try to send messages through the data network, if the recipient’s device has iMessage feature also enabled and has good data network signal, the recipient will get your iMessage instantly (actually quicker than normal text messaging). But let’s say you sent an iMessage and your recipient does not have iMessage enabled or is in a poor data network signal area then your iMessage will detected no response from your recipient through the data network and resend the message as a normal text messaging (detection usually takes 1-3 minutes depending on your coverage area).

    iMessage feature works best when connected to a wifi or in good 3G/4G area. Hope this helps a little bit.

    AT&T Employee

    • AT&T employee hater

      Typical AT&T answer. They think they know what they are talking about and don’t. This has nothing to do with service and your answer yields no resolution. The problem exists even when 2 iPhones are on wifi. It’s a problem with apple’s servers. Compounded by AT&T’s crappy network that is always failing. It’s really a shame that it’s 2012, we spend a ton of money on devices and service and they all generally suck. Here is an idea take our money and fix your junk. Fire the million idiots you have answering the phones who haven’t a clue what they are doing and just make things work right. I guess I’ll keep dreaming.

  • martlash

    Issue i found was that imessage for mac will only receive to my e-mail address. For some reason I have my phone to receive at both but will only receive to my phone # as that is what my caller id is set to since i installed messages for mac beta. If you set your caller id on your phone to your e-mail it will work.

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