Has iOS 5.1.1 Improved Your iPhone’s Battery Life?

iOS 5.1.1

Ever since Apple launched iPhone 4S, some users have complained about poor battery life.

Apple released iOS 5.0.1, which included bugs fixes that affected battery life, but iPhone 4S users still complained that it didn’t fix the issue in their case and in some cases users (not just iPhone 4S users) complained that they started observing the issue only after upgrading to iOS 5.0.1.

Apple acknowledged that it may have not fixed all the bugs affecting battery life and will do so in a future iOS software updates.

Apple released iOS 5.1 back in March, which according to the release notes also addresses bugs that affects battery life, but it still didn’t stop the complaints.

We were hoping that Apple will fix the remaining bugs affecting battery life in iOS 5.1.1, so it was disappointing to see that there was no mention about it in the release notes.

So does iOS 5.1.1 fix the battery life issues?

pod2g who is busy working on the iOS 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak believes that battery life is better after upgrading to iOS 5.1.1. Yesterday, he tweeted:

4S battery management seems really better with 5.1.1. Thank you Apple.

Some of our readers have reported the opposite, but battery life is subjective as a lot depends on how you use the iPhone.

What has been your experience? Has iOS 5.1.1 improved your iPhone’s battery life? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Slick

    5.1.1 ??
    i will check back maybe between may 21st till 25th?
    when i can update it maybe ?

    • t3

      yes agree with u ^o^ .

  • Axe

    Well it doesn’t affect my 4s. Original 5.0 with battery life = jb 5.0.1 = now 5.1.1. Only thing changed is 5.1.1 solves my 4s audio output dropped bug.

  • Dave

    5.1.1 with my iPhone 4s and the new ipad has definately improved the battery life!!!!

  • Dave

    5.1.1 with my iPhone 4s and the new ipad has definately improved the battery life.

  • I never had bad battery issues, but I did see battery improvement with each ios update. The improvement I saw was mainly standy battery drain which used to be 1% per hour but now it’s more like 3% over night.

  • I

    I don’t own a 4S but I’m glad 5.1.1 is doing wonders for y’all.

  • Diogo

    Not fixed. The battery bug still on

  • Zack says

    mine was good on 5.1 but now I think mines gotten worse I lose at least 10 percent in a half hour when it’s airplane mode sitting in my pocket.

    • Jrmedic19

      To might want to try a full restore and set up as new phone. That doesn’t make sense. In airplane mode and while in stand-by it should last a long time. Just my 2 cents.

  • Jive Turkey

    I have not noticed any difference at all on my 4s

  • J

    I only get 3 1/2 hours usage on a full charge JB 4s 5.0.1

    • ik70702

      same here..everything was great for me on 5.0 battery wise…updated to 5.0.1 (jb) and was ok for several months up until last week..was only getting around 3 hours max till battery died…sadly had to update to 5.1.1 cuz of this and now battery is amazing again…been off the charger for 2 hours and am still sitting pretty at 96%

  • Michael

    No change for me on my iPhone 4S, but the problem isn’t with the battery it’s with the mail client locking-up. This causes the client to repeatedly send get-mail requests which will kill the battery. Every time I notice my phone’s battery draining I have to “close” the mail client and that usually alleviates the issue.

  • Ragnar Danneskjold

    Turn off Weather and Stocks in notification center. Turn off RRaise to Spoeak for Siri. BAttery Life++++++++

  • Ibu

    4s on iOS 5.1 here, I think there has been an improvement compaired to 5.0.1, but only in standby mode. In continuous usage, I lose 15% per hour. It’s been the same when on Jailebroken 5.0.1.

  • It definitely improved battery life.
    iPod touch tethered jb on 5.1.1
    Iphone4 untethered jb on 5.0.1

  • Nitsud

    I saw significant change just with 5.1 update on iPhone 4s but I haven’t upgraded to 5.1.1 but I downgraded 5.0.1 so I could jailbreak 😉 and hate the battery drainage but love having a jailbreak again. cannot wait for pod2g to release new jailbreak! Thanks pod2g for all the hard work!

  • Robson

    Please for reply!Should I restore my jailbroken iPhone 4s 5.0.1 or just update to 5.1.1 to jailbreak my iPhone again?? In case of battery issue? Clear device will work better yes?

    • Kamy

      For the jailbreak restore to 5.0.1 and for better battery life upgrade to 5.1.1

      I’m running 5.0.1 jailbroken on iPhone 4S
      I’ve been going through the comments on a lot of forums
      Doesnt seem like it’s sorted?

  • Joseph

    I dont own an iPhone, but iOS5.1.1 DEFINITELY fixed my battery problems on my iPod Touch 4G. Before, I used to charge it throughout the schoolday (taking notes and playing games like Swordigo), and by the time I got home, my battery was at about 80%. But now, *I DID NOT CHARGE MY iPOD AT SCHOOL BUT DID EVERYTHING AS A NORMAL DAY* and my battery is at 92%. Verrry happy with iOS5.1.1 thank you Apple:)

    Note: I restored my iPod about 4 times to completely destroy past iOS info.

    • Joseph

      Id say almost all bugs have been fixed if theres still even any left:)

  • lordapes

    Yes my battery life has improved. iOS 5.1.1 expanded my battery life from 6 hours of constant usage to 8-12 hours. Thanks apple.

  • Ryan

    Hey guys, will I be able to unlock my iPhone 4S on iOS 5.1.1 newest baseband? If yes, how?

    • darren

      If you have to ask then you should not be upgrading.
      just read the site it is pretty clear that you can not currently jailbreak the 4s 5.1 yet alone 5.11

      • Parish

        you can currently jailbreak 5.1 using Redsn0w’s tethered jailbreak. But, I would wait until next week for Pod2G’s untethered jailbreak release for 5.1.1 that has been proven to work on your 4S. Happy jailbreaking!

  • Robson

    So when I restore my iPhone 4s running 5.0.1 the soft after that process will be 5.1.1 am I right, unless I save my ssh blobs…?

  • genXhippie

    The battery performance on my jailbroken iP4S has always sucked, from day one. In comparison to my former iP4. :/

  • Francis

    So if 5.1.1 improved in battery life, would I upgrade from original 5.1 to 5.1.1 in my 4s? Will pod2g release JB 5.1 or 5.1.1?

    • yes update 5.1.1

      • Francis

        Before was using 5.1 and tested 100% charged of 6 hours standby time only dropped to 98% without any usage. Now i updated my 4s to 5.1.1 and tested and recalibrate to 100% and still the same result as 5.1 from 6 hours standby time. My opinion of 5.1.1 compared to 5.1 is still the same. =D

  • joe

    I faced extreme decrease of battery life on 3gs. iOS 5.1 was quite OK. I recharge my iPhone every morning. With 5.1 and hardly usage more than 50% of charge remained day by day. Since I installed 5.1.1 (via iTunes) I have to recharge daytime (besides morning chargings), otherwise it would be completely discharged by mornings.

  • Giverespect

    I have noticed that the battery life is a lot less since the recent update and my habits of use of the iPhone are the same. I have to now charge twice a day.

  • Ralph Rittle

    Ok Just Updated My Iphone 4s And my Ipad 2 and what an amazing change on my 4S 6 hrs later and still at 93% before i used to be down to 76% So yes it has improved for me lost the Jailbreak for a bit and its amazing how i feel my Iphone has become so useless but worth it in the long run since there should be a Jailbreak within a week 🙂 So just gotta stay strong lol.

  • Maddy

    Real drop in standby time on my 3gs overnight idle loss is 40% ,it used to be 10 to 15% on 5.0.1..

  • Tracy

    My battery life has substantially decreased since the new update on my iphone. I unplug it in the morning at 100%. After sitting down with a cup of coffee and checking the weather and a couple of emails I’m down to 83%. By mid day I’m at 33%. Normally by the time I am ready for bed at 11pm at night my phone is down as low as 33, not mid day. I don’t know what they changed but it needs to get fixed fast. I have checked all my apps to make sure there isn’t something hidden running in the background draining it but nothing has changed except for the update. Frustrating.

    • szabby

      Since updating to 5.1.1 from 5.0.1 (via itunes, then restored from backup) my battery has decreased noticeably.

      I have tried the reset settings method suggested on many sites, once that didnt show improvement I even restored again, but am still experiencing poor battery life.

      I really wish I never updated, as the only benefit I saw was increased battery life. but the total opposite happened.

  • Disappointed Mark

    Man, Apple is becoming LAME. No reason I should have to jump through hoops to restore battery performance to level of a previous upgrade “fix” which ‘corrected’ battery performance issues from a previous upgrade. Very disappointed (every iPhone) buyer, who’s just about feed up.

  • Erwin

    I have iPhone4 which according to me it has poor battery life comparing with my friend’s iPhone4. We compare the usage for both iPhone4. Here is the comparison:

    His Usage: about 3-4 hours
    My Usage: about 1 hour

    His Standby time: about 1 day 11 hours
    My Standby time: about 6-7 hours

    His talktime: around 6 hours
    My talktime: around 5 hours

    Battery left for both……………….. 81%!!!!!!!!!!! We have the same battery level! He even use the bluetooth handsfree on it!
    I turned off whatever it is not necessary such as autosend, auto search timezone, location services while he did nothing on it.

    I did not turn on the Data Service and also 3G.

    Please explain what is going on?? He is using 5.1 and I’m using 5.1 either!! Why there are so much difference on both different iPhone with same OS???? Really Really disappointed! I started to feel like it is a waste for me to buy iPhone… I should have chosen Galaxy note instead!

  • Liz

    I first tried downloading and installing iOS 5.1.1 through iTunes, however my battery life remained the same. After downloading the .ipsw and restoring to factory settings, my battery life has significantly improved. Before, 30% of my battery life would be siphened away just from watching a single YouTube video (through Safari, not through the app. The app doesn’t work on my college’s network connection.), but now (after completely draining, recharging, and pulling off the charger about 5 hours ago) my battery still looks like it’s at about 85% percent. Significant improvement to say the least.


    My battery life has improved sooo much, even when i hav jailbreak semi-tethered! Thanks to the apple company, im really grateful!! 😀

  • Alen

    My batterylife just got worse after updating to 5.1.1 … i do use it a lot, but it didn’t drain this fast with 5.0.1 update …. i want to sell my iphone bcuz of this … i have to bring my charger when ever i leave the house … this annoys the heck out of me !!!

  • I don’t have problems with my 4S 5.1.1, the battery works fine but I have problems with the 4S of my wife, the battery sucked very quickly.

  • Alan

    I have a iPhone 4s. Everything was fine with my phone while running on iOS 5.0.
    Then I updated to 5.1.1. My battery life has gone way down and my phone slowed up some.
    If I had it to do over, I WOULD NOT upgrade to 5.1.1!!! Could it be that Apple wants everyone’s 4s to run slower and have a big battery drain so we will rush out to purchase the new iPhone 5 whatever, whenever it comes out?

  • aridni

    i got a 4s 5.1 jailbroken (verizon) iphone, should i upgrade it to 5.1.1 to be able to jailbreak it again with absinthe for an overseas carrier?

  • marvl0us

    there are some resources in internet about how to remove launch daemon for which it may help reduce idevice in using battery power, also there is a tweak for removng useless daemons via cydia.

  • Pooch

    Definitely better battery life after 5.1.1 upgrade on my 4s. Totally worth the wait for the new JB. Did a full restore through iTunes. Really seemed to do the trick.

  • Tommy

    Update was a definite improvement. Night and day in my experience. Phone now easily lasts a day and more on moderate use.

  • Curtis

    I updated last night and it seems like my phone is draining battery power like crazy. I have the 4, not 4S. I went from 100% this morning to 6% now, it never gets that low during my work day.

    • Bad

      Same here. Really noticeable change. 🙁

  • Bad

    I didn’t had any problem with 5.0.1. I always thought the battery could be better, but it wasn’t an issue either. With my normal use the phones battery lasted 1.5 – 2 days. Now I updated to 5.1.1 and the battery doesn’t even last 1 day. Really disappointed. I have a 4s.

  • Srinivas

    I restored my ihone4 back to factory settings but it still lags .i believe it’s iOS 5.1.1 which is causing this and not the jailbreak
    My conclusion : ios 5.1.1 is buggy and slow

  • Ken g

    My 4s battery improved a lot. I could get almost 10 hrs compared to 5 hrs before the update to 5.1.1

  • hqgoldswan

    It is improved in iOS 5.1.1. I think it is nice work by Apple