How Does Samsung’s S Voice Stack Up Against Siri?

iPhone 4S

In the third iteration of its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S, Samsung has used software along with hardware to differentiate itself from other Android manufacturers, and of course the iPhone. A part of the software suite bundled with the Galaxy S III, Samsung introduced S Voice, a voice assistant just like Siri.

Given that this is a clear response to Apple baking in Siri right into the iPhone 4S, we were curious to know how do the two voice assistants stack up in terms of performance, effectiveness, accuracy and speed.

The Verge’s Galaxy S III review has already gone up, which includes a section that has a side by side comparison of Siri and S Voice.

From the review:

Say hello to Siri for Android, as produced by Samsung. If you harbored any doubt as to whether or not Samsung ripped off Apple’s voice assistant, let it go now. That’s not to suggest that Apple invented voice commands on mobile phones — Samsung had the Vlingo-powered Voice Talk on the Galaxy S II — but the look and feel of this application takes so much inspiration from Apple’s effort on the iPhone 4S as to deserve being labelled a clone. Not that any of this matters a great deal — neither Siri nor S Voice is good enough in its present incarnation.

S Voice consistently chews up my words when I try asking it questions, although it works better when instructed to schedule an appointment or set an alarm. It can also be used as an unlocking mechanism once you pre-record a pass phrase. That adds to the face unlocking option that’s native to Android 4.0 in being frustratingly unwieldy and planted firmly within gimmick territory — more than once I was stuck repeating “hello” without any recognition from the phone

Here’s the side by side comparison video:

Although there are occasions where one outperforms the other, overall both seem to be average performers with Siri incapable of handling location queries outside the U.S., and S Voice often turning to a Google search for answers. Unfortunately for Samsung, Apple’s early entry into this space ensured them a lot of good press surrounding the technology (at least initially).

Head over to this link for more on Siri and S Voice.

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  • jdb

    Siri seemed more responsive, but S-voice did beat her a couple of times. The “timer” issues on both phones were kind of funny. I think I like Siri better, but I’d be willing to give S-voice a shot, seeing it in action now.

  • Deltec Enterprises

    Apple sill always come on top with this stuff. Droid will always stink.

    • Buffy

      I second that comment. I have an iPad and Iphone 4s. My friend has a Samsung Tablet and Samsung phone. The only Droid I like is R2D2 😉

      • BCSC

        Look at it this way. Siri has been out for nearly a year, while S-voice is still unreleased. While iOS is polished, it isn’t and never will be as functional as android.

        • ATHEiST


          I have a iPad 3 simply because I loved teh screen quality and wanted to try out iOS again but I find myself keep running into walls with functionality even when jailbroken.

          Android is just waaaaaaaay ahead of iOS in many respects.

          I’m not sure how long I will have my iPad 3, Its got some nice apps/games and display but its just too limited for me and lots of little things are irritating me about the OS in general and app features.

          • Que

            I agree too. I love the Iphone, but it won’t take much to switch that to Android. Android feel more like a computer. It’s easy access and control over most of the basic feature. I find myself taking extra steps on the Iphone to get the same results. I love both Android and IOS. Right now, I’m chilling with the 4s.

        • Bob

          Better or worse, it’s a cheap clone and if you’re under 30 you’re probably going to get teased for using Android to begin with.

  • Hmmm?

    What exactly did Apple change or improve on the original Siri app? And is it going to remain in beta until iOS 6?

  • Rumour Mill

    Ah Deltec thank you for your incisive comment.

  • Tanoz

    Whilest a very good and compatible video it’s probably also good to note that he doesn’t pronounce each word as the really should be. His English as in terms of phrasing is fine but when he says things like ‘three’ he prounces it’s more like ‘free’. Without the distinct ‘th’ sound I wouldn’t be expecting either device to pickup what his saying exactly.

  • Frank

    They are both a gimmick and useless in most commands it will be a long time before voice commands will work as we wish they could after a few weeks most people stop playing with it I would say like most of the games we download and get bored with…. And android is ahead of us apple better wake up before they are left behind……I was gonna end my comment but for those who will bad mouth android keep in mind most of the app people are excited about on ios are ones android has had for a while and we still don’t have a free gps program as android has unless ur jailbroke. Ok u can start jumping all over me how I’m wrong but maybe u should look into it Just sayin………..

    • Sushant

      Dude ios is just 100 times faster than android!!
      Look at samsung galaxy tab and ipad you will notice the difference

  • Jazz

    It you want malware choice Android and give those pseudo Android “developers” all your personal data to play with… choice iOS stolen bad copy called Android, choice the “code free” pseudo operating system and make the malware delincuents grow.

  • ben

    your jocking samsung s voice is much better then apple. can apple sire take picture when u ask it to ? pluse samsung s voice you dont need to press any butten to ask it to do somthing.
    so stop beeing apple fan and tell the truth that samsung s voice is better

  • Richie

    What a CHEAP attempt by Android to COPY Siri LOL. What’s next from Android?? Commercials of S-Voice mocking Siri and Apple that they should “wake up” and buy there products just like Android always does with their commercials lmao wack!! iPhone will always be better

  • Frank

    Android again had voice commands first not apple so who copied who. And iOS can get malware just ask the people who got the Rick astley bug few years back. And why u should change the password for iPhones root system after u jailbrake Please STOP being apple fan boys and look around and see what is going on. No I have an iPhone never had android but I do educate myself I even go to AT&T store to kill time and check out what’s going on. If Microsoft could get it OS together it could also be a problem for apple it’s not such a bad interface. And Samsung has the fastest cell phone I believe but it don’t matter because the carriers can’t keep up with the speed of either or any of the fastest cell phones out there