iBGStar Turns Your iPhone into a Blood Glucose Meter

iBGStar Meter

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the iBGStar Meter – a blood glucose monitoring system that works with the iPhone and iPod touch.

As the first and only blood glucose meter to be used in conjunction with the iPhone and the iPod Touch, the iBGStar  allows users diagnosed with diabetes to track, record and manage important information on-the-go.

The accessory is like a dongle that plugs directly into the dock connector and works with the free iBGStar Diabetes Manager App that is available in the App Store.

iBGStar Test strips need to be bought along with the glucose meter that is inserted into the strip port to take the blood samples. The dongle then syncs the blood glucose reading with the iBGStar Diabetes Manager App. You can then view and analyse the data with the iPhone app and also share the results with your healthcare provider.

Shawna Gvazdauskas, Vice President and Head of Devices of Sanofi-Aventis, the developer of the iBGStar, noted in a phone call conducted by Diabetes Mine:

“This is a momentous occasion. Obviously we’re as excited as you are, but I can’t disclose any details at this early stage. We’re not issuing any statements yet, but I can say that a ‘generic’ announcement was made at the mHealth conference today.”

The approval of such a product by the FDA paves the way for future innovations in medical technology. Analyst David Kliff of Diabetic Investor throws in his two cents:

“With this approval we’ll finally see if iPhone users who also have diabetes will favor a meter that works with their phone or will they remain loyal to their existing monitor. Although the iPhone is wildly popular and the iBGStar will certainly have the ‘cool’ factor, this does not solve some of the fundamental dynamics of the BGM market. Sanofi still must get the system on formulary and make the cost on par with existing systems. While there will a sub-segment of the market that will pay for the iBGStar, after all people have been known to stand in line for hours waiting for the latest version of the iPhone, the iBGStar as cool as it is just a glucose monitor.”

You can purchase iBGStar from Apple’s online store for $99.95 here. You can also check out  iBGStar’s website at www.ibgstar.us for additional information.

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  • Bill

    I have one of these in England, I am type 1 diabetic and it is fantastic!
    This has revolutionised taking you blood glucose level, before we had to write in a book but now all automatically logged and can email direct to your doctor so they can better see where your going wrong!
    I think this is fantastic that now the iPhone can do so much more and even possible save my life!
    And the reason they have only released for iPhone not android is because the iPhone is a standerd across all models, I.e. iPod iPhone iPad and is the most common phone in the world
    Top stuff!

    • Tony

      Can I ask about testing strips?
      Do you need to pay for them or are they available on prescription?

      • Bille

        Fortunately here in the uk the strips are provided by the NHS, I used to have a Bauer meter and brought this meter for £48 and they changed prescription for strips to use with this machine

        • Jap

          they charged for a perscription? surely as a diabetic you are exempt from perscription charges? thats the first form the docs had me fill out when i was diagnosed

          • Jap

            sorry read it wrong lol, i read charged instead of changed, my bad

  • Lahey

    This is a no-buy in my view until the new connector is deployed. Dev costs will be negligible for Sanofi compared to the time, hassle and expense of FDA clearance once again. Their competitors do not lack a lobby after all.

  • Paul Grullon

    I would like to point out that we are not solutioning the biggest of all problems in the diabetic reading device. The Blood Puncture. Try Reading the blood without puncturing the patient and you will have a winner.

    • Jap

      apparently they are working on this, there talking about a earring that clips on, a pair of contact lenses that change colour, and something like that goes on your finger and checks your oxigen level (all to do with suger beet, so they can see the suger level in the plant without damaging it), they did have the tattoo but thats just like a urine strip, only telling you if your low, correct or high.
      i did have a continouas blood monitoring system fitted the other week, but these are expensive, but a nice way of monitoring

      you never know tho

  • Chris

    Actually, the biggest problem is the cost of test strips….they are expensive and really, there is no reason for them to be so high. Many manufacturers will give these machines away for free, simply because they know how much you will spend on their proprietary test strips.

    One way around this would be if the FDA would regulate test strips to have one standard strip that works in all machines, then generics could come out and make the playing field level.