iPad Accounts For 95% of Tablet-Based Web Traffic

Most of tablet-based web traffic is still originating from Apple’s iPad, according to data from Chitika.

Last year, iPad had grabbed 97% of tablet-based web traffic.

According to newly published stats by Chitika Insights – the research arm of Chitika ad network, iPad accounts for almost 95% of all tablet-based web traffic.

“In conducting this analysis, we queried our vast ad network for impressions stemming from a tablet of any sort. From there we sorted our data into categories of the various tablet devices. As we had hypothesized, the iPad was overwhelmingly dominant versus the competition.”

The remaining 5 percent is split up between the Samsung Galaxy Tab with a meager 1.22 percent, the Asus Transformer Prime with a tiny bit more than 1.2 which are then followed by the Motorola Xoom, BlackBerry Playbook, Amazon Kindle Fire, and the Barnes & Noble Nook – the Nook accounted for only 0.53 percent of the tablet-based web traffic.

In defense of the Nook. Chitika said, “…it is used primarily as an e-reader, with the capabilities of a tablet.”

Apple’s iPad shows no signs of slowing down despite competition from Android-based tablets like Amazon’s Kindle Fire, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab and Asus Transformer Prime. iPad’s market share climbed from 54.7% to 68% in the last quarter, according to data from research firm IDC.

It is quite impressive that the iPad accounts for 95% with only 68% percent market share.

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  • Kiwiholden

    Does this take in the no name $200 tablets at all? There’s so many out there now

    • Trick

      Yeah. If you do the math they’re probably the other 2.05%.

  • Grime

    If that’s the case carriers should start offering unlimited data plans to all Android tablets since they’re only using a 5th of the total data consumed. They’re always looking for new ways to create revenue and its staring them right in the face. No worries, android users use a minimal amount of data. No worries right?

    • Grime

      I Implied, but never really said it. Offering unlimited data plans to Android users would likely entice consumers to by more Android devices and overpriced data plans that they probably never use. A perfect match for money hungry carriers. Can’t see why they haven’t thought of this already.

  • Stu

    iPad had a jump on the market since they kind of invented this whole tablet thing. Has aneone checked out the lineup of what else is out there? wont be long before others catch up.

    • ijohn

      You mean like the non iPod mp3 players have caught up in that market?

  • RobDupre

    So this web traffic statistic, this is non WIFI traffic I assume?

    Doesn’t it seem amazingly high to anyone else… going on the market share i appreciate that there is over 1 iPad for each and all other tablets put together, but what are the rest of these people using their tablets for??