Rumor: 7-Inch iPad Mini Coming in August, Next iPhone in September, New 10-inch iPad in Fourth Quarter

Taiwanese publication DigiTimes reports that Apple plans to launch the iPad mini (7-inch iPad) in August, followed by the next generation iPhone in September and a new 10-inch iPad in the fourth quarter.

DigiTimes claims that according to their supply chain sources, Pegatron – one of Apple’s manufacturing partners has received the order for the new iPhone and new 10-inch iPad.

DigiTimes reports:

Pegatron Technology reportedly has landed orders for a new-generation iPhone to be launched in September and a 10-inch iPad to be launched in the fourth quarter, according to Taiwan-based supply chain makers. Pegatron is currently an OEM for the iPhone 4S and new iPad.

Pegatron has already finished expanding its equipment and labor force for Apple’s orders. [..]

[..] A 7-inch iPad, which reportedly will be released in August, will be manufactured by Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry).

So lets analyze these rumors.

7-inch iPad mini in August:

While there have been several rumors that Apple will launch a smaller and cheaper iPad to compete with Android-based tablets like Amazon’s Kindle Fire, we find it hard to believe that Apple will launch a variant of the iPad later this year. If Apple does decide to offer a smaller iPad, we expect Apple to launch it along with the next generation iPad.

Until now, most rumors have indicated a 7.85-inch iPad, will come with a 1024×768 resolution, which is the same resolution as the original iPad and iPad 2. So the possibility of a 7-inch iPad seems to be quite remote.

Next Generation iPhone in September:

Apple launched iPhone 4S in October last year instead of June, so we don’t expect Apple to launch the next generation before October.

New 10-inch iPad in the fourth quarter:

We’re not sure what they mean by a 10-inch iPad, as the current iPad is already 9.7-inch and we can’t think of any benefits of launching a slightly bigger iPad.

It also seems highly unlikely that Apple will launch the next generation iPad in less than 9 months of launching iPad 3.

So, to summarize, take these rumors with a truckload of salt, especially since it is DigiTimes who has a patchy track record when it comes to Apple related rumors.

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  • Mark Mintram

    Getting bored now of my iPhone 4. My two year contract is nearly up and need a reason to stay with Apple.

    • Sweeeeet

      lol, made me chuckle… the fact u need a good reason to stay with apple! hahahaha… made my day.. 😀

  • Your daddy

    4s wasn’t good enough upgrade from my 4. So you know I’m ready for the next iPhone. Can’t wait.

  • Ed

    Apple please release something cool and different, thanks

  • mkimid

    Stupid rumors

  • Predator

    Married with iphone since the 2g launched 5 years ago, having every model up to the 4s, and yesterday I dropped the iphone for a Galaxy Note. I have to say, I LOVE IT. Big learning curve, but such an improvement across the board.

    • Rico

      So now married to galaxy?

  • CHIEF47

    I hope IPHONE 5 is worth the hype .

  • Zen

    I hope the iPhone 5 is released during the summer; my 2 year contract with iPhone 4 is ending then; and frankly I am not eager to get the 4s.