iPhone 5 Concept: Liquidmetal Casing, 4.5-Inch Screen, Quad-Core A6 Chip, 10-MP Camera & More

Couple of weeks back, a report claimed that Apple’s next generation iPhone will be made of liquidmetal, which will be thinner and lighter and more resistant to impact damage.

Cult of Mac point us to this stunning iPhone 5 concept created by designer Antoine Brieux inspired by that rumor.

Antoine’s sixth generation iPhone concept comes with a quad-core A6 chip, larger 4.5-inch screen, 10 megapixel camera, a virtual home button, embedded SIM card and Liquidmetal case.

Antoine’s iPhone 5 concept is quite stunning, even though the probability of Apple launching an iPhone with such a large screen (3.7 – 4-inch possible), quad-core A6 chip instead of using the new iPad’s dual-core A5X chip, embedded SIM card due to opposition from carriers and virtual Home button seem to be very slim.

Check out the photos of the next generation iPhone concept by Antoine Brieux below and let us know what you think.

[Nowhere Else via Cult of Mac]

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  • Alex

    Design looks cool

  • Joel

    Pretty cool design

  • This is the kind of crap that makes me stop clicking on tweets from iphonehacks.com

    This blog site has just become a rumor mill and gossip land where idiots post in the comments demanding service for stuff they don’t truly understand about. Once again, another rumor is posted as a news story here. thanks IPH, you’re really doing a great job keeping me informed of the news in the iphone world.

    • On iOS

      Calling the waaambulance

      • cozze

        totally agree with you humor4fun, it seems as if they run out of things to post about. We all know this is not hat the device will look like so who really cares.

    • Humor4fun?????

      StOp Clicking then u Twat

    • Key

      agree. and the ads are just f’n annoying…..

      • jeff

        adblock plus, problem solved

    • Kimk69

      Damn, lighten up. Everyone knows its not real and just shows what it can look like. It breaks up some of the other articles of the same ol same ol. Lol.

    • Mr t

      this design look so kool

  • Austin

    I’d be pissed if it had a 4.5 inch screen. If I wanted that I would go buy a galaxy S but I’d rather have something imbettween the current iPhones screen size and the galaxy S. because I’d like a phone and not a tablet.

    • mo

      well then dont buy it if u dont want that 4.5 inch screen apple is tryna make that money and kill the competition they need that size of a screen

      • Kimk69

        Yeah, I hope they don’t make a huge screen. I doubt it. 4 in. Would be pretty sweet though.

  • r0bErT4u

    Concerned about the ’embedded SIM card’ part. Will I be able to use it on other GSM Carriers around the world? That better be ‘Gorilla Glass II’ or better! What about ‘Battery Life’? I’d like to have an iPhone that doesn’t need an additional case, bumper, &/or protection!

  • Dominic

    That looks cool,I would definitely buy one or two.
    To bad its a concept and it probably won’t see daylight

  • George


    • Matt

      Yes i am. thanks

  • Matt

    No. The design is imperfect. That’s not how apple do business. The metal on the side of the phone looks more like stainless steel. far too shiny. Looks like it’d scratch. Nice idea but close to what the iPhone 5 will be.

    • Matt

      Nowhere near close to what the iPhone 5 will be**

  • Xepty1

    Who cares about those dumb fanboys’ fantasies?

  • Humher

    In some cases you could say rumors are like brainstorming to promote futuristic ideas and concepts. I think the concepts and ideas are awesome. Apple keep making dreams a reality!

    • Matt

      I hear that!!

  • brickhead

    awww… how come it won’t fold in half

  • dvdgv

    Well my concept has an eight core A7 chip and a 12MP camera and a 2TB SSD and a pony and it never needs charged because it’s got a plutonium-decay generator, and it can read your thoughts.

    Why do they even bother adding made-up technical specifications? They don’t work for Apple, they’re not engineers, and they have no idea what’s practical and what isn’t.

    • mystic

      Now why the hell would a phone have a pony, can’t picture it at all. Good humor though.

  • jetblac

    Liquid metal, huh? Yeah–I think I will pass.

  • Jays_on

    Guys… PLEASE stop making such a huge bezel! Why cant u make it equal to the top side? Its totally pointless and looks stupid. If it was equal on both side (small) it would be sweet. Try another and see how much better it could look. Thanks

  • This picture tricking for someone’s and very bump?????? Look back to before Iphone 4s comeout history jesting 4.5inch Apple never have.

    • Rico

      Its a concept fcking idiots. What so piss off about it

  • Morten

    If the next has these specs and looks like this, I am getting one!!

  • Opyz

    Iphone lumina lol

  • Que

    Doesn’t matter how thin it is. You would have to be a fool to not buy a protective case for it.

  • Rumour Mill

    Danny Kennedy are you OK dude cos that post is way out there on the gibberish score.
    What the hell were you trying to type? Hang on, you don’t have some terrible Sausagefingeritis do you? If so please forgive my commenting on your post.

  • cristv77

    Well, its only a matter of time ’till an Apple employee “misplaces” an iPhone 5, then we will know how it really looks like 😛

    • jsxbhxc

      They’ve started building them in fake cases now, after iPhone4gate.

      You might find out what’s in it, but not what it’ll look like. And they’d be remiss if it didn’t have both a remote kill and a lysine dependency.

  • sparky

    quad-core and 4.5 inch display… I will buy it 🙂

  • Yuse

    Every high end phones come out with better specs saying this is faster and better.at the end of the day after installing a few apps it becomes sluggish.for the price each of these phones I want something that does exactly what it says on the box.but that’s not going to happen any time soon.anyway the designe concept is is really cool well done to the person who made it.and for those who are complaining, it’s a concept. Sometimes these are turned into reality.if not now maybe later in the future.

  • Maximos

    I love it, I wish it’ll materialize.

  • Mr t

    where is power button on this iphone