Jailbreak Tweak Adds Local Search Support to Siri For Non-US iPhone 4S Users

One of Siri’s most useful feature is its ability to give you information and the best options based on your location. Unfortunately, the Siri’s local search feature is currently available only to US users.

We’ve some good news for international users. iPhone 4S users outside US no longer need to wait for Apple to add local search support for Siri – iPhone 4s’ personal assistant feature.

Zaid Elkurdi – a 16-year old iOS developer and hacker has released a new jailbreak tweak called International Locations for Siri that allows international users to also search for information based on information.

Users outside US will be able to get answers to question such as “Where’s the closest restaurant?”, “Find nearby hospitals”, etc. using Siri.

The jailbreak tweak currently supports English. Zaid is looking for help to add support for other languages, so do contact him if you can help.

The jailbreak tweak is an AssistantExtensions extension, so it will also install AssistantExtensions, if you haven’t installed it already.

International Locations for Siri is available on Cydia for $0.99.


Zaid has pushed an update for the jailbreak tweak (v1.1) to add support for more languages and fix the bugs in the initial version, which will be available shortly:

  • Added language support for Swedish, Dutch, German, French, Indonesian, and Italian(Arabic, Hebrew, and Portuguese coming very soon)
  • Fixed bug with “nearest”
  • Fixed bug that didn’t allow directions in some languages(“current location”)
  • Fixed bug where “me” would get picked up in query
  • Expanded context for queries:
  • Phrases like, “I’m hungry”, “I need food”, and, “I want some pizza”
  • Can now use, “Navigate to” and “Direct me to”
  • Can now use phrases like, “Where’s starbucks”, or, “give me directions to the closest store”,”How do I get to the nearest hospital”
  • Added context words, “cashpoint”, “bp gas station”, etc.
  • ”Where am I” now less buggy
  • Added ability to ask for businesses in other cities, eg. “Find restaurants in Paris.”

Zaid also plans to add the following features in the future:

  • Choice between units for distance
  • 3rd Party Navigation Integration

We haven’t been able to test it out yet, but if you give it a shot let us know it goes.

[via Spazio]

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  • LawsAngel

    So is this just something under the hood that needs enabled or does this involve proxys?

    • No you need assistant extensions. They will be installed with automatically with the tweak

  • Tomtom

    Just tried this out in wales, uk.. Couldnt find any nearby restaurants, ATM’s and the nearest train station found was 17km away when really theres one down the road.. Not good

    • Zaid Elkurdi

      If you look at your console there will be a URL logged every time you search for a location. Post it here and we can see if it’s the Places framework that’s at fault

      • tomtom

        very sorry to ask this, but how do i do this/where do i find the logged url?? thanks alot for the response though, hats off to you!

        • tomtom

          actually, just tried it again and on all requests (restaurant, ATM & train station) it found 20 results which is fantastic, it missed a few ATM’s around my location but not bothered.. only request is for Siri to understand stuff life ‘find a restaurant near by’ or ‘are there any nice restaurants where i am’ etc etc.. again hats off to you mate, this is fantastic to see & look forward to your updates

  • Dan

    I have just tried it and I live in Denmark.

    It’s crap. I have tried to ask about the weather, abouth the nearest McDonalds, pharmacy and so on. And not a single result worked so unless it get’s updated to actually work it was $1 out the window.

    • Zaid Elkurdi

      Hey, I’m sorry to hear about the trouble, what exactly are you saying to Siri? Try saying something like , “Find the closest restaurant” and let me know if it works

      • Dan

        Respect! Hats off to ya! It worked when I tried “find the closets gasstation” :o).

        Good job and thanks!

  • genXhippie

    Nope, it does not work. :/

  • Dlove

    Tried it and like others it takes me miles away to somewhere else but it’s a great start and until apple get it sorted then we will have to be thankful for what these guys do in the mean time

  • Jade

    Bought it nd tried it over te past 2 days. Worked perfectly found most things I asked to find. Keeps crashing on me when I include the word shop and resprings. Hopefully update will solve this. FYI I’m in Australia and its working great.

    • Zaid Elkurdi

      Hi, the 1.1 update should fix the “shop” bug

  • Not blind to the hype

    Maybe try google search app Siri is still junk

  • Noelf

    Am currently trying this out in London, a bit buggy but I am very impressed, no doubt it will be sorted out in time. Well done Zaid ‘THANK YOU’

  • DoctorTim

    When I was 16 I was too busy masturbating and playing Atari to write code.

    • piet

      hahahahhahaahah top comment!

  • Raoul

    Tried it in Panama City, Panama. It works great. Waiting for support in other languages, Spanish and Italian, are we there yet?

  • Sthlm

    It cant find anything , it was buggy on 1.1 and on 1.2 it doesn’t work at all 🙁

    • Zaid Elkurdi

      What are you saying to Siri? And are you getting a “no results” message or a “I can’t search for businesses in *country*”?

  • nasir

    well done man its work,Apple should have done this,Siri make no sense without local business information.Thanks one again

  • matt

    the restaurants searches are working well, but I’m having problems with train station and cashpoint / atm. Im using both “where is the nearest”, and “where’s the closest”

    any ideas?