John Malkovich Stars in Two New iPhone 4S Ads Featuring Siri

Apple has aired two new iPhone ads featuring Siri. John Malkovich starres in both the ads.

Last month, Apple had aired two iPhone 4S ads starring Samuel L. Jackson and Zooey Deschanel, which were popular with viewers.

In the first ad titled “Joke”, Siri shows John Malkovich her funny side while helping him plan a night out.

John Malkovich is sitting back in a chair listening to opera music. He asks Siri about the weather, for his appointments in the evening, restaurants close by whose reviews mention linguica and even a joke.

In response to the joke, Siri says: “Two iPhones walk into a bar. I forget the rest.” Malkovich has a good laugh and tells Siri “That’s funny”.

Siri asks: “Was it something I said?”, to which Malkovich replies, “Yes, it was.”

In the second ad titled “Life”, Siri is ready with an answer after John Malkovich gets philosophical.

John Malkovich is again sitting back in a chair (like the first ad) and staring off into space. He then turns to Siri and asks “Life”.

Siri responds: “Try and be nice to people. Avoid eating fat. Read a good book every now and then. Get some walking in. And try to live together in peace and harmony with people of all creeds and nations.”

Malkovich is impressed and tells Siri: “That’s pretty spectacular advice, actually. Thank you. I enjoyed this chat immensely. You are very eloquent.”

Siri responds: “That’s nice of you to say.”

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