iPad 3 Running iOS 5.1.1 Jailbroken

iOS Hacker Stefan Esser aka i0n1c who had successfully jailbroken the new iPad running iOS 5.1, has just revealed that has also jailbroken his 4G LTE iPad 3 running iOS 5.1.1.

iOS 5.1.1 was just released, which includes some improvements and bug fixes.

i0n1c tweeted:

Ohhh no while I was sleeping my girlfriend accidentally upgraded my iPad 3 to iOS 5.1.1

Along with the tweet he has published a photo, which shows Cydia running on his 4G LTE iPad 3 running iOS 5.1.1.

It means that the exploit he had used for the untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.1 still works with iOS 5.1.1. Unfortunately, don’t get your hopes up as i0n1c has categorically stated that he doesn’t plan to release the untethered jailbreak.

Though Cydia reports it as iPad 3 (AT&T), i0n1c has clarified that his uses 4G LTE iPad 3 on Verizon’s network.

BTW You have to blame Saurik for the AT&T stuff in Cydia. He wrongly calls iPad3,3 the iPad3 AT&T.

pod2g who has been also working on the untethered jailbreak for iOS 5.1 has made quite a lot of progress and had managed to untether jailbreak his iPhone 4 running iOS 5.1. But it is not clear if the exploits that he has discovered in iOS 5.1 for the untethered jailbreak have been patched by Apple in iOS 5.1.1 as pod2g hasn’t said anything about the latest iOS software update yet.

Meanwhile, MuscleNerd has revealed that it is still possible to downgrade to iOS 5.0.1 from iOS 5.1.1 using the unreleased method that iH8sn0w had discovered.

5.1.1 shows Apple knows about an unreleased technique to downgrade A5 devices to 5.0.1 with saved blobs (but left it  alone..hmm)

We’ll let you know as soon as we get any more details so stay tuned at iPhone Hacks or join our Facebook Fan page or follow us on Twitter or add us on Google+ or subscribe to our RSS feed.

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  • 1ofthoseguys

    Wouldn’t the girlfriend of a well know hacker know better than to upgrade his ipad 3? Whatever dude, don’t brag about it if your not gonna release it.

    • big fat duh

      It was sarcasm. He can brag all he wants and he definitely has no obligation to release his own work. If you had the ability to do half of what he is capable of doing, you would brag too. Its comments like this that has cause him to keep it to himself!!

      • Paulbunion

        Wow, really? he can keep to himself what he does not have, i do not need the ability to be an a$$hole that is all him. and yes you hit it on the spot it is all bragging and spot light hoarding. What little reputation he had as a JB contributor has now changed to assswipe and arrogant deuchebag.


          You iSheep will all be baaaahhhhing for him when he releases an iOS 6 update, so stop whining and give the gut some props. Maybe you should thank him for making your Iphones useful on iOS 4.3+ and for the future jailbreaks that he has already contributed to. You ungreatful puke!

    • Jaminjim

      I totally agree! That is like rubbing our noses in it. I guess he has a reason behind not releasing it but damn dude really? Why tease people! If you are looking for a job at apple mail them the damn pic! Lol no disrespect to i0n1c he has helped the JB community in many ways but damn

    • Kimk69

      He’s such a douche. I’m tired of hearing about him and his iPad 3 jailbreak.
      Girlfriend, I doubt it.

      • iTruth

        Sure he has a girlfriend! He’s her douche-bag. Whatever good he’s done to build his past ( i0n1c=”Iconic”) reputation in the JB Community…well he’s now flushed that down the toilet–like a “douche-bag” LOL. Similar to the analogy of a boatload of people stranded at sea for days without fresh water, and this guy takes out his large water barrel–not to share or ration out the fresh water–but to wash his “MANgina” and his A$$ in front of everybody.
        This is why I will always have great appreciation and respect for people like pod2G, MuscleNerd, iH8sn0w and the Dev team!!!

    • jbdave

      Haha… he wasn’t bragging that he jailbroke it… he was bragging that he has a girlfriend!

      • Apple Big Money

        I bet he dont even have a girlfriend he’s lieing about the JB.

    • exactly wat i think if he’s not gonna release publicly and he disapproves of jail breaking the why does he brag about it

    • I’m currently making a Cydia like GUI just for something to plAY around with until a jailbreak comes out would greatly appreciate help

  • Shuaib

    Geeza y don’t you help pod2g by releasing 5.1 and 5.1.1 A5 chip jailbreak and pod2g can focus on 5.1.2 or 5.2.0

  • roflmao

    What i don’t get is this site promoting this guys garbage and ficticious findings. “Ohhh no while I was sleeping my girlfriend accidentally upgraded my iPad 3 to iOS 5.1.1” He means his same gender partner.

    • We are not promoting anyone. We’re just reporting the latest development as it does give us some hope that pod2g’s exploits haven’t been fixed.

      • Paulbunion

        Latest development when anyone that has Cydia can go into an app and change the version number or even photoshop it, yes big development!!!! get serious man!!!

        • Kimk69

          Na, it’s not doctored, I’m sure he jail broke it. I think he’s been working on it for a while now and just waiting for the new iPad to come out so he can show everyone he’s special. The only other thing I know he did was supply the untether for the 4.2.1 jailbreak and he’s
          Now selling a book on iOS jailbreaking.
          Maybe that’s it, he wants us to see how good he is so we buy the book and learn to hack an iPhone. Lol

    • val

      @roflmao I agree that i0n1c’s progress doesn’t do anyone any good, that doesn’t mean it isn’t news that they can report. Thanks for being a troll.

      • Paulbunion

        What progress do you see in this? it is a faking image and from where i stand you be looking like the troll buddy. if i send you an image with an iOS6.0 shown on there will you place me up on the pedestal? moron!

  • HusAli

    USELESS as i0n1c is an asshole and won’t help the community with his work.

    • Pow!

      seriously… its like going to Somalia and driving up and down the streets with a truck load full of food and telling everyone they cant have any. STFU if your not going to release this! WE DONT CARE ABOUT YOUR IPAD 3 IS JAILBROKEN IF YOUR NOT GOING TO RELEASE IT TO THE PUBLIC!

  • Nick

    any news on jail break for apple tv 3

  • Jonathan

    What an asshole.

  • GBomb

    Lame release it or shut up

  • ant

    why do you announce you do something and then don’t follow up with releasing it? man, its been a while since ive owned an iOS device (just got a 3rd gen ipad though), and have been androiding since it came out and you never see this in the android community. people release things as soon as they find out, even if its not the easiest solution for the novice. why is it not the same for iOS devices?

    • Berserker

      Agreed ant.. I used to have a couple android phones and whenever anything was found out they would post the findings and give a tutorial, even if it took an hour or two to do root the phone. I wonder why the Apple using community figures it out but has to make a really really simplified to do it in 10 minutes in stead of an hour? I’d rather get the release 2 months in advance and take 2 hours doing it rather than 2 months later and 20 minutes to do it.

    • roflmao

      It sort of was until the money monster started to show it’s ugly head, now that is what it takes, whether or not it is a donation, click here to vote, or propaganda on the net to try and get discovered by Apple.

  • big fat duh

    It was sarcasm. He can brag all he wants and he definitely has no obligation to release his own work. If you people had the ability to do half of what he is capable of doing, you would brag too. Its comments like these that has cause him to keep it to himself !!!

    • Paulbunion

      he can keep to himself what he does not have, i do not need the ability to be an asshole that is all him. and yes you hit it on the spot it is all bragging and spot light hoarding. What little reputation he had as a JB contributor has now changed to assswipe and arrogant deuchebag.

  • One more….

    There was a saying back during the WWII… A good german is a……
    So if you ask me, that german pos can go ahead n f him self with his accidently updated and jailbroken gayPad.

    • Mario

      Why you bringing race into it?

  • Release it get your fame

    • roflmao

      nah, he is getting his fame (even if it means infamous) regardless with the “we must post progress”!!!! Hilarious!!! He is just diggin his grave deeper and deeper.

  • Que

    This is fake. We all know he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

    • iROCKu

      LMAO! Hilarious.

  • Joe

    Hear we go again another geohot …I got it you can’t have it . Childish moron.

  • hatbe

    A kid said to a “friend”:
    – I have candies… but I won’t give it to you…
    – ???

  • Rock

    I just need 5 seconds with this guy that’s all. Enough time for me to crack his skull in front of his boyfriend.

  • Louis

    If Stefan Esser aka i0n1c isn’t going to release his jailbreaks he should shut up or stop being so selfish. I respect the DEV team but not some guy who just wants to be a teaser. JERK! Take your “it’s for me and not for you” jailbreak and go pay on the railroad tracks.
    Yeah, I know, he’s trying to act like he’s better & smarter than the Dev team and the other jailbreakers out there.

  • mkimid

    S/E shut up ~ your news is a useless for everybody ~

    • Kimk69

      He wants to sell his book. How to jailbreak iOS. Fag. I shouldn’t even had said that. Now one of you might go and buy it. Not.

  • Eron

    “Hooo look everyone, I’m the first to JB 5.1.1. But I won’t tell you how to do it, I won’t release everything.”
    Shut up and return in your cave.

    • Joe

      Come on really yeah ur bad ass at what u do don’t rub it in I’m sure people are not gratefull but some are and like me I got respect so don’t fake the funk ether bust out or keep it to yourself real talk

  • PasserBy

    I feel for you iphonehacks.

    The decline in quality responses and the apparent increase in insults must make you question if it’s still worthwhile reporting anything to this community.

    Rest assured there are people that appreciate your work.

  • Lee

    He can keep his jailbreak and sticked up his ass

  • Rico

    Nice pic ! Why so angry about it?

  • Joel

    good job but man!!! RELEASE YOUR WORK TO THE PUBLIC !

  • Antonia

    Guys, I have a running jailbroken iPhone 6 and even 7 already! I can also jailbreak my ps4, xbox 720, but I will not release it. don’t don’t ask for it. i have it, but i won’t release it.

    Last night my girlfriend updated my iPad 7 and I lost the jailbreak and unlock.
    I CAN EVEN UNLOCK NON 3G/LTE ipads and ipods… but i won’t release it…..

    what a lame dude

  • kbatrph

    Esser is a putz…let him brag about what he has (and what he pretends to have)….pod2g is the man! I’m sure we’ll have our jb soon!

  • iOStress

    I have the cure for cancer, but I wont release the drug for the cure. Why even bother telling people about it? I mean on one hand I applaud the effort and skills this guy has, but what good does it do the rest of us?

  • Louis

    My girlfriend accidental got Aids last night. I have cured her but don’t ask me how. It’s for me and me alone.
    I’ve also figured out how to run a car on air. No emissions but I’m never saying how.

  • joe xviset

    hes a complete moron, well he is german

  • idk

    Everyone who is complaining, learn not to upgrade your firmware when they tell you not too or figure out how to jailbreak iphones yourself. As for flaming on the website. I check this website everyday just for the latest news when it comes to anything apple or jailbreak because they do a good job with that and if your looking for other news or say this news is trash then go pay a subscription for wallstreet or something. ungrateful bastards.

    • iROCKu

      So I’m to blame that my new ipad came with iOS 5.1??

      It never crossed your mind that iphone 4S’s and ipad 3rd gen’s come pre-installed with the latest firmware by Apple at that given time? Moron.

      • idk

        Sounds like you should start programming and learning how to do it yourself instead of waiting to get spoon fed and complaining about them not releasing something that should be a gift for us. BTW I just got another iphone 4s at the apple store a week ago and it was running 5.0.1

        • iROCKu

          Do you think everybody has that luck? You are a complete moron if you think so.

          Never mind, I already know the answer to that.

          BTW, I have years worth of programming experience, another dumb assumption you’ve made thinking everybody that knows how to program can jailbreak Apple’s iDevices.

          • idk

            “Sounds like you should start programming and learning how to do it yourself instead of waiting to get spoon fed ”

            good job with reading and comprehension; keywords: learn how to jailbreak the device yourself.

  • TheRealMoe

    he just made that up he doesnt have a girlfriend.

    • eckon

      apparently ^^

  • Umar Riyadh

    I like my ipad 2 than his girlfriend…

  • ^_^

    have to agree with the majority on this one .. I usually support the guys doing all the hard work to jailbreak this stuff… and I still do … but in this case….

    iconic … seriously .. if your not going to release it .. keep it to yourself… we don’t want to hear it. Your just tooting your own horn… go blow it somewhere else.

  • y r u trying 2 b clever by telling al dat stuf dat u hav jail broken ur iPad???itz of no use if u don’t wna help odrz,n no need 2 post dis kndz of posts,instd of helpin d community ur acting lyk a selfish

    • paxil

      Why don’t you learn how to spell before you complain about things. No one is going to listen to what looks like a 4 year old.

      • dabloc

        lMAO 100%. I wonder how many kids get on here to complain. The original post says he does not plan to release it. “Unfortunately, don’t get your hopes up as i0n1c has categorically stated that he doesn’t plan to release the untethered jailbreak.”
        This could be due to a number of things. Maybe he doesn’t want it patched by apple. Maybe they are playing a waiting game to keep the vulnerabilities from being discovered. I don’t think the statement was to be selfish. The way it is worded does make it seem that way somewhat. We all will have to wait for further information. At least we know an untethered JB is possible.

        • Paxil

          I agree with you he could wait until iOS 6 and if it’s still untethered, release it and everyone will be kissing his ass. I’m not even really the type to comment on this stuff because I’m a patient person but the immature comments are getting sickening. The ability to jailbreak is a gift from the people that do it as a hobby. They certainly have no obligation to release anything to the public and these people act they they do. They should have some respect.

          • Kimk69

            Anyone who follows his twitter feed knows he’s a bit of a douche and it’s not the way it was written in the post that’s the way he is. He showed everyone the day the new iPad came out that he had it untethered and jail broken and were still without a new iPad jailbreak. Sure he doesn’t owe us sh*t but come on. A lot of people were very greatful towards him for the 4.2.1 untether and he made it clear on twitter a long time ago that he wasn’t going to help the community anymore.

          • Kimk69

            He’s more interested in showing how good he is so he can sell his book that came out a minute ago on how to hack iOS. I think it’s like $35 bucks or some sh*t. I’m not even gonna say where to get it cause I already promoted it to much I guess. Unless everyone buys it so we could learn. Lol.

  • Speciallist

    Ohhh no while I was sleeping my girlfriend accidentally triggered nuclear war with russia!

  • genXhippie

    Imo i0n1c is an “Ass” with his whole approach to this. :/


    SHUT UP i0ni1c !!! i think they are getting paid under the table by apple . And keeping their fans to show apple look you better pay to us otherwise you can see how badly ppl wants the jailbreak !!!! SELFISH HACKERS !!!

  • ricar

    I’m so excited! JB 5.1 please release it as soon as possible! 🙂

  • Ricker

    If u doesn’t want to released it , dont give this bullsh*t , article idiot

    There is have a lot of people want to jailbreak ,,
    So what u post is remarkly make the guys who wanna jailbreak sad …

    tQ ,

  • Dice

    Pssssst…… He does have a girlfriend, and im hitting it! 😉 if shes half as giving with intel as she is with her self then ill have that info in no time! =D

    J/k, i dont ask her about jb talk, thats the reason shes on these nuts and not his 😉

  • More love to everyone!

    Some few funny facts.
    If you buy a ipad 3 at the release its your own fault for not checking if there is a jailbreak for it.
    If you buy a ipad 2 there is always a risk it has the latest firmware and you have to wait.
    If you update your ipad you always have to find out if you can jailbreak it or downgrade if afterwards.
    And here the is the conclusion in the end its all your own fault for having a ipad that cannot be jailbroken.

    And here is another funny fact, everyone now hates me for posting these obvious facts! 😀
    I blame myself for not having a blob saved for my ipad before it crashed by some weird bug in a jailbroken app i had xD

    It made me so irritated seeing this ipad 3 jailbroken so i had to spread my love to everyone!

  • Mike

    is there anyone working on jailbreaking the 4s or has everyone forgotten that it exist?

  • Checkmate

    Aww man I thought somebody actually jailbreak the iPad 3 well I guess not yet but I have a good feeling that pod 2 g or development team might be getting closer and I wanna say thanks to the iPhone hackers that got me this far on my firmware thank you and hopefully someone really does jailbreak the iPad 3 and release to the public so we can make you famous when we restart our phones and say it was you that did it

  • KNN

    Block him from posting since not releasing, waste time

  • aurora

    release the jailbreak, if you have any.

  • iphonehacks im not talking about you and i0n1c I’m not trying to be mean or “ungrateful” like some other people who are acting like people praying to i0n1c like he’s a god but don’t post things about the jailbreak when you wont release it but your just teasing people and your annoying them too son please release the jailbreak or shut the hell up