Apple Still Hasn’t Finalized Next iPhone’s Design

Back in March, iMore had reported that the next generation iPhone (iPhone 5,1) will be available later this fall/October will feature the same 3.5-inch screen or very close to it, support 4G LTE networks and come with  a new micro dock connector.

Rene Ritchie of iMore has provided the latest update on Apple’s sixth generation iPhone based on information he has received from his source.

According to iMore’s source, Apple is still to finalize the design of the next generation iPhone and it is still not clear if it will come with a bigger screen or change in aspect ratio or metal back panel.

iMore reports:

Currently, the new, smaller dock connector is being implemented, but no changes to screen size or aspect ratio have been decided on. And yes, it still has a Home button.

Once again we’re hearing that if the screen size does change, it won’t be by a lot (no larger than 4-inches). We’ve heard nothing to indicate a planned change in the aspect ratio either way (and such a change still doesn’t make much sense to us).

Keeping the Home button also necessitates certain design trade offs (everything has an opportunity cost) when it comes to overall device size and screen layout.

iMore reports that October is still the launch period for the next iPhone along with the 7-inch iPad and also confirms that iOS 6 with an all-new Maps application, which they’ve heard is “terrific looking“.

According to recent rumors,  Apple’s next generation iPhone will be thinner and feature a taller 4-inch display with a 9:5 aspect ratio.

What are you hoping for from the next iPhone? Let us know in the comments.

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  • jorge

    I believe you meant sixth generation iphone!

  • Que

    The thinner the phone, the easier it is to drop it. The smart thing is the buy a case for your $300 – $700. I’m satisfied with the screen size. Just give me 4G capabilities to go with my unlimited data and I’m happier than a squirrel with a nut.

    • Steve

      I agree completely. 4G + retaining unlimited data plan is really the only thing I’m looking forward to.

      • City023

        That’s like saying, I’ll keep my 4S but make it 4G. NO! New design and more screen will do it for me. I’d rather watchovies on it not close to my face but at least a few inches back.

  • Rico

    No more liesssss

    • FukYoCouch

      ^ amen!

      Make a wider & taller phone! Evo has the best size!

      • Ben

        I want a phone, not a brick… I had to sell my evo, then purchased the evo 3D, sold that too and on iPhone, I always had an iPhone until when I switch to sprint, because of the employee discount.

  • Emurray

    Look if they don’t go to a 4inch or higher screen size I’m out! With win8 coming out the iPhone isn’t the only great player on the block.
    I have big hands and 4.5 fits perfect in my hands,pockets and everything else.

    • Ken

      I agree! I love my iPhone, but the screen size is too small. If they don’t make it bigger I will have to seriously consider jumping ship for Android. I use the phone more and more like a mini tablet, and 3,5″ just isn’t big enough any more.

    • jays_on

      I’m with you. Love ios but also love win phone. If apple stays with a micro screen I’m done. Hopfully someone releases a cool, sleek looking windows phone. Still think the HD7 is one of the best looking windows phones.

      • Fran

        Then buy an iPad or switch to Android and don’t let the screen hit you on the way out. It is a phone not a freaking brick.

        • jays_on

          Stupidest comment ever. You can make a 4″-4.5″ screen without compromising phone size. Get rid of the ridiculous waste of space on the top and bottom of the screen.

  • genXhippie

    I prefer the current 4:3 aspect ratio. Imo, it makes for much enjoy reading, as oppose to 9:5 aspect ratio.

  • subverted

    wider and taller. 4″ screen, maintain 4:3 aspect ratio, increase resolution to 1080×720 to maintain dpi (resulting in ~324 dpi, about the same as ~326 dpi in the current 4/4S)

    • Pacomac

      So this and all existing software will be rendered useless, and honestly why add those extra pixels, it’s not as if you would notice the difference. If anything Apple will slightly decrease the pixel density and make it 4″ which I feel is a perfect size.

  • Bull s*it

    I think if they made a phone out of dog s*it and put an apple logo on it and called it the next iPhone most of you would wait in line for days to get one.

    • Ben

      Lol, so true

  • alvares-nenef

    Hi guys, I’d like say that i’m fan of Apple products but if the next generation iPhone could have a bigger screen, i’ll agree bcause 3.5 inch is too small. The capacities of their smartphone are the same of a small tablett and i hope iPhone 5 will have a bigger screen ! Thx and bye !

    • Joao

      Buy a tablet. Dont mess whit my iPhone.

  • JP

    Anything less than 4.5″ and I’m not interested. They’re out of touch with the market and user’s desires if they don’t increased the size of the screen.

    • mkimid

      You may need to buy the other phone now. Because of it is extremely low possibility that Apple will anounce bigger size screen on iPhone.

  • Danial

    If apple doesn’t give me a bigger screen I’m staying with my 4s . There’s nothing I want l more then a bigger screen . I mean yea they could add lte but my data is fast enough they could upgrade the cameras idk mine r fine if they add a a5x chip it will be retarded honestly the 4s doesn’t need more graphics it needs a faster processor . They need to do something big this time .

  • sparky

    Let’s make it with a A5X processor, a big 4.6 inch display & big fat battery so that I can use it without charging it within a day.

  • City023

    I agree, they should make it a killer taller to fit a bigger screen. Hate watching movies close to my face. HTC, Evo and Galaxy you can just place it 3-4 ft away and still looks perfect to watch a movie. For the haters or idiots that don’t want a bigger screen, stay with your 4S and just upgrade to iOS6 when it’s released.

  • GuyZ

    If there will be no major update to the look and feel of the iphone (like retina and design change for the iphone 4) it will be terribly disappointing.
    Apple is losing it’s edge to it’s competitors as an innovative company.
    To stay 3 generations (4,4S and 5) with the same phone with only minor tweaks? That just doesn’t sound right and i think it will be the start of a disappointing end for the iphone I love so much.
    Hope someone will knock some sense into them before it’s to late otherwise with deep sorrow I will look for greener pastures!

    • Dabarber

      Finnally a post I like !!!!! Good job

  • jay

    bigger screen would be nice, 4g LTE as well but im still happy with my iphone 4 as im always 1 behind… but this time im going to skip the 4s cause basically its an iphone 4 with a helper! Dont get me wrong siri is great, So whatever the 5 has to offer im in!! im sure its going to be an upgrade for all!!

  • Dipen

    This is rubbish as I know for a fact it’s been designed and is in production. It is ridiculous if n e one believes that it’s not designed given its out in October