Apple Still Hasn’t Finalized Next iPhone’s Design

Back in March, iMore had reported that the next generation iPhone (iPhone 5,1) will be available later this fall/October will feature the same 3.5-inch screen or very close to it, support 4G LTE networks and come with  a new micro dock connector.

Rene Ritchie of iMore has provided the latest update on Apple’s sixth generation iPhone based on information he has received from his source.

According to iMore’s source, Apple is still to finalize the design of the next generation iPhone and it is still not clear if it will come with a bigger screen or change in aspect ratio or metal back panel.

iMore reports:

Currently, the new, smaller dock connector is being implemented, but no changes to screen size or aspect ratio have been decided on. And yes, it still has a Home button.

Once again we’re hearing that if the screen size does change, it won’t be by a lot (no larger than 4-inches). We’ve heard nothing to indicate a planned change in the aspect ratio either way (and such a change still doesn’t make much sense to us).

Keeping the Home button also necessitates certain design trade offs (everything has an opportunity cost) when it comes to overall device size and screen layout.

iMore reports that October is still the launch period for the next iPhone along with the 7-inch iPad and also confirms that iOS 6 with an all-new Maps application, which they’ve heard is “terrific looking“.

According to recent rumors,  Apple’s next generation iPhone will be thinner and feature a taller 4-inch display with a 9:5 aspect ratio.

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