‘iPhone 5’ Mockup: Thinner, Taller 4-Inch Display, Metal Back Panel

Few days back, iLounge reported that according to their source, Apple’s next generation iPhone will be thinner and come with a taller 4-inch Retina Display and a smaller dock connector.

According to iLounge, Apple will also add a metal panel in the central portion of the real shell of the new iPhone instead of the glass panel used in iPhone 4S and iPhone 4.

MacRumors commissioned Ciccarese Design to create mockups to find out what the next generation iPhone will look like with a taller 4-inch display, smaller dock connector and the metal back panel in the central portion of the rear shell of the new iPhone.

Here are some of their observations:

a taller display could allow Apple to add one more row of icons to the iPhone’s home screen, moving to five rows per page plus the row of pinned icons in the dock at the bottom of the screen.

Increasing the diagonal measurement of the iPhone display from 3.5 inches to 4 inches while maintaining the same width as the current display adds approximately 11 mm (0.45 inch) to the height of the display.

With iLounge‘s report indicating that the new iPhone’s body will measure in at approximately 125 mm, which is 10 mm taller than the iPhone 4S, the spacing for the components above and below the display would remain roughly the same.   

Check out the mockups below:

Mockup of iPhone 5 with taller 4-inch display (left) and iPhone 4S (right)

Mockup of iPhone 5 with taller 4-inch display and metal panel in central portion

If you want get a better idea then you can also interactive 3D model of the mockup, which can be accessed via WebGL-enabled browsers.

Tip to enable it in Safari: Preferences -> Advanced -> Show Develop menu in menu bar and then click on  the “Enable WebGL” menu option from the Develop menu.

What you think about the possibility of the thinner iPhone with taller 4-inch display, metal back panel? Will you buy one?