iRest: The Perfect Stand For Your iPad For Only $40 [Last Chance!]

iRest – the perfect stand for the iPad is available in our Deals Hub for just one more day.

This 2011 Macworld Best of Show winner was designed to be used not just at your desk or on a table, but also on your lap while kicking back on the sofa or laying in bed.

Refinements such as soft foam cushions and torque hinge makes iRest very comfortable to read and watch with the iPad. It has an elegant aluminum finish and simple, yet solid, makes it very Apple-lisque.

With 60 degree adjustable reading angle, the iRest’s innovative design makes reading and watching with the iPad simply more enjoyable.

The iRest also fits any version of the iPad with or without Apple’s Smart Cover. As an added bonus, you can also use the stand with your Kindle or Nook tablet.

The iRest Lap Stand is flexible, comfy, and easy to pack and carry. Once you get used to using it, you won’t want to be without it.

You can check out the review of Rain Design’s iRest iPad stand on The Chris Voss Show below:

iRest is available for less than 24 hours in our Deals Hub for only $40 including shipping, which is a savings of $20 or 33%.

So if you haven’t got one yet, don’t waste any time and buy iRest from our Deals Hub now as the deal is available for less than 24 hours!

Please note: This offer is ONLY available to customers located in the continental United States! 

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2 Responses to “iRest: The Perfect Stand For Your iPad For Only $40 [Last Chance!]”

  1. lordkramuk

    So, you can only order this from within the US, what about the rest of us in the UK etc?