pod2g: iPhone 4 Running iOS 5.1 is Now Untethered

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We’ve some good news for jailbreakers waiting for an untethered jailbreak for their iOS devices on iOS 5.1.

pod2g has just tweeted that has managed to perform an untethered jailbreak on his iPhone 4 on iOS 5.1.

He just tweeted:

Heya! My iPhone 4 running iOS 5.1 is now untethered 🙂

Earlier in the week, pod2g had revealed that he had discovered 2 big vulnerabilities in iOS 5.1, in addition to the five vulnerabilities that they had discovered earlier. However, he wasn’t sure if the exploits could be used to perform an untethered jailbreak. This means that you won’t need to connect your jailbroken iPhone on iOS 5.1 to the computer on every reboot.

But not surprisingly, he has managed to successfully jailbreak his iPhone 4 on iOS 5.1. It remains to be seen if the untethered jailbreak will also work with iPhone 4S and the new iPad.

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  • Ben Dover

    Brilliant. Hope he can release it asap. And a big thanks for his hard work as well. I am missing my jailbreak.

    • Andrew

      I hope that the jailbreak works on the iPhone 4s when they test it. I’d really love to jailbreak my 4s on iOS 5.1.

      • PSN: GTAXpert


      • vern

        100% agree

      • murpher

        agreed. i have 5.0.1 currently, but it’s starting to need resets like every other day… so i need to re-jailbreak into 5.1
        btw, does anyone know if there’s a way to restore into 5.0.1 now that 5.1 is out?

        thanks guys, yer awesome

  • Dre

    Thanks and keep up the great work

  • Kevin

    sweet 🙂

    can’t wait for this to be available, great work 😉

  • Jorge Alfaro

    Great work… am waiting for these release..

  • Brando212

    way to go pod2g 🙂

    now we just wait for him to work out the last few kinks

  • mustafa

    Dear hacker

    do you have any software to unlock the iphione 4s. im still waiting for that since long time

  • Mark Mintram

    What do we want…..? When do we want it…?

    • PSN: GTAXpert

      iPhone 4s jailbreak!

  • jsxbhxc

    You can’t assume that at all: A5 lacks the Limera1n vulnerability, so an additional exploit in 5.1’s userland is required to get the jailbreak on the device in the first place.

  • Jorge Alfaro

    ooooh, is not work for 4S yet…)=

  • brian

    who cares about an unthethered jailbreak when theres a thethered one out. having an 5.1 unlock is much more important

    • Soluble

      Someone obviously without the new iPad and who didn’t get lobbed with a 4S on 5.1… Last time I checked you can buy unlocked iPhones, you can’t buy jailbroken ones. And who cares? At a guess the 100,000+ people that voted release it would be a good start 🙂

      • Brian

        Like i said an unlock is still more important. How much extra is it to buy an unlocked iPhone? I think like an extra $500.

        • jsxbhxc

          How much extra for a jailbroken one?

          No-one owes you an unlock, they’re boring, and the only way you’ll ever see another one is by paying someone to develop one.

          Which you won’t do, because carrier unlocking is cheaper than that, and available right now.

          Personally, I’d be glad if no-one ever released another unlock: they very quickly end up being monetised by dodgy shops that prey on stupid people, overcharging them hand-over-fist for work that wasn’t theirs to begin with, and frequently misrepresenting their dodgy unlock that won’t survive a restore as a proper carrier unlock.

          • Rip

            Actually, if you are out of your contract with AT&T they will unlock it for you. Just FYI

    • javatechnic

      it’s not on 4s yet even tethered…

    • kbatrph

      You must like to jb your phone every time you turn it off and on???

  • Tom

    Maybe I’m missing something. What’s the rush to jailbreak 5.1? 5.1 brought no real major features and barely any minor ones (except Siri in Japan & 50mb downloads). Since 5.01 is JB, why not just live with it until 6.0 comes out, then the JB coders will have an extra exploit or more to JB it quicker. I’m sure 6.0 will have more new features than the 5.01->5.1 changes.

    Just wondering if someone help w/ a reason for the rush to JB 5.1.

    • Tim

      Because many new owners of the 4s are stuck with 5.1 out of the box. Those users would be locked in till 6.0 and a jailbreak for it were both released.

    • Apple big money

      Tom some want some don’t everyone has a right to there say

  • ShAdOwXPR

    Great now the newipad baby!!!

  • ken

    The rush to get a 5.1 JB is that there are people who must update there iOS for whatever reason, and thus loose there JB

    There are other people who just purchased a 4S, and has come stock with iOS 5.1

  • will the jailbreak work for ipod touch 4th generation

    • Soluble

      Would assume so, but no one but the man himself knows.

  • JamIe

    Hopeing that the iOS 5.1 JB for iPAD 2 will be available soon

  • kbatrph

    Unbelievable!!! You are a genius!!! Thanks for all your hard work!!!

  • Terry

    The thing is that we don’t even know if the exploits are going to work for iOS6. There is always going to be newer versions coming up. What if iOS 6 don’t offer something totally new/nice. Are we going to keep the exploits to the next version again?

  • jay

    VERY AWESOME!!! I would love to have the untethered JB, i wanted it so bad last month and couldn’t resist updating to 5.1 and having the semi-tethered JB which has not let me down, i have not had one single problem with the semiteth JB..but i will certainly accept the unthethered even if it means starting all over with a terrific running Siri on my iPhone 4, thanks for all the effort and hard work pod2g, and all the other geniuses…


  • Idris Abbas

    Thanks for your hard work

  • Mike e

    I would rather him wait till iOS 6 comes out that way we will have a jailbreak when it comes out. But then again I have my iPhone 4s on 5.0.1 so I do have a jailbreak. Hahahahaha

    • Jackie

      Mine was jail broken, but I upgraded my 4s to 5.1 and my mouth fell off at the battery life. Worth it, but I’m dying to Take this phones second virginity with a new jailbreak. Pod2g you are incredible for the work you do for this community! Seriously, without you iPhones would be boring. But with you, they are AWESOME.

    • osxster

      I agree, I would rather him wait for iOS 6 as well. As far as I am concerned, iOS 5.1 is a wasted jailbreak and a waste of exploits. There are only so many vulnerabilities in iOS to exploit. Even if the iOS 5.1 jailbreak comes out, I am never going to install it and will be waiting for iOS 6. I have jailbroken 5.01 and built up a nice suite of apps from Cydia, but you have to do that all again every time you jailbreak. It is not worth my time to jailbreak 5.1 when there are so little new features other than a 4G icon when I am on an HSPA+ network.

      So I am waiting for iOS 6, I hope pod2g does too. You never know if this will be our last jailbreak, I’d rather wait until there is something new in the OS especially since iOS6 is just around the corner.

  • Mike e

    Think he should just wait till iOS 6 comes out

  • Xero14

    The real thing to hope for is that this exploit doesn’t give the others away to apple. He’s going to release this so let’s all hope we get to save at least one for next update. Nice job either way let the games continue.

  • iOS hunter

    Im on 5.1 4s. Stock out the box. I take a tether one before I take a untether right now. I hope he doesn’t release the untether until iOS 6. I would wait for them to release a untether for ios 6. If apple patched the untether in ios 6 then release the untether for ios 5.1.

    • alex

      You won’t be able to jailbreak your iOS 5.1 once iOS 6 is released, because since iOS 5 Apple stopped signing updates for older versions. If you update your iOS, you can ONLY install the latest version (that is for A5 devices…)

  • Jyetam

    Einstein of hacking world, ASLR is tough but you are tougher, good job, I know you enjoy doing it so boooyaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!! And lots of thanks, you’ll make many people happy even those who don’t even support or know you.

  • Rico

    Vote pod2g for president

  • Umar Riyadh

    Dear Pod2G,
    You are cruel if you hold this. Free it release it – we will elect you as the president of US.

  • ifonix

    thanx for the grate work and effort.
    i’m happy with 5.0 JB and as comrades commented here, be patient and wait for 6.0
    wance again thanx for the hard work!

  • Ralph

    Waiting for iOS 6? That would be a disaster for our company.
    We are developing applications for our client to control and monitor high complex industrial machines. Those applications run only on jailbroken iPad3s (New iPad) and can’t get approval by Apple. With every week delay until JB for iOS 5.1 comes out, we loose money.

    We knew the risk to develop for jailbroken iPads. But no choice because everything is so complex and complicated. Basically, we are so dependent on jailbreakers like pod2g. We don’t blame anybody, but would appreciate a jailbreak for iPad3 (tethered or untethered) or even the possibility to downgrade the iPad3 to iOS 5.0.1.

    • jack

      Have you put your money where your post is and given financial support to the jailbreakers ?

  • ricar

    I would like to ask if it is possible that the jailbreak 5.1 would be an untetehered JB for iphone 3gs new bootrom? TIA!

  • Kim

    wow!!! i cant wait… thanks man. IKAW NA!

  • MattyG262

    does pod2g accept donations?

  • Nick

    Can it jailbreak the Ipad 3 5.1 ?

  • Mrman

    Okay, why isnt he releasing it? Wtf is going on? This news came 3 days ago (he probably even did it the day before), so what the hell is happening? I’m getting really unpatient. If your gonna take so long releasing it, pod2g, you might as well not tell us anyrhibg before u have. Because now you are really busting my balls (!) for making me wait, and revisit this site for news that is never coming! And soon iOS 6 will be here.

    …aah man, i shouldve never bought the new iPad. It’s not like there is anything to do when there isnt a goddamn jailbreak out! AND IT DOESNT HELP WHEN THE SO-CALLED HACKERS, ALREADY MONTHS LATE, GIVE OUT NEWS BOUT JAILBRAK WHEN THEY ARE NOT RELEASING. AND NOW MY EXAMS ARE COMING UP, SO I WONT HAVE ANY FRIGGIN TIME TO DO ANYTHING, AND RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THAT iOS 6 is released ( am I gonna anticipate a jailbreak “news” of this version around September, with the release coming a month after?). Thx alot pod2g. Thx for nothin.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me; i’ll go hang myself.

  • Phebar

    Lol MRman you just make my day much better;0)

    It will come in 1 or 2 weeks, i Can feel it weeee!!!!!

  • I so desperately need this JB hopefully it will be out soon. Pretty please!

    Good work dude love it

  • La Menthe

    1-2 weeks? F**ck me!

    I agree wit MRman, this is getting ridiculous…

  • D

    A lot of good points, but I definitely don’t want a buggy jb. So until we all learn to do ourselves were going to have to wait. And quit harassing him, it sure doesn’t help.

  • D

    A lot of good points, but I definitely don’t want a buggy jailbreak. So until we all learn to do ourselves were going to have to wait. And quit harassing him, it sure doesn’t help.

  • Gore

    Sure he was able to jailbreak his phone but what you guys fail to take into account is that he has to build the utility which takes patience and time to create and build. So just give him time to get things done. Don’t forget this is a hobby not a career.

  • Mrman

    That’s not the case. It’s about him producing expectations that he is not meeting! I’d rather him not saying that he has successfully jailbroken iOS 5.1, when it takes 2 weeks before it gets released. F**k that s**t! It’s like taking a boys pants off, and letting him stare at u while u look at his d***k, lingering and waiting with the bj!
    I don’t want to hold my horses till two weeks. I want my bj now! Because pretty soon my d**ck will shrink and fall back to the forest – and by then the point of a bj is gone! It doesn’t help any much longer when soon another girl, Mrs. iOS6, will come along and put a lock on my johnny!

    What I’m saying is: I don’t like Apple, like Matt Damon does in Good Will Hunting, and I need the jailbreak now!

    Like my man Elvis Presley used to say:
    It’s now or never,
    come hold me tight
    Kiss me my darling,
    be mine tonight
    Tomorrow will be too late,
    it’s now or never
    My love won’t wait.
    Now get your (yes, i’m talking to you, pod-big tittes-2g, You cherub-lookin’ mofo!), s**t together, and give us what you promised us. It’s now or never man.

  • Dan Bradley

    I just want o point this out, because it is something that bothers the hell out of me. These jailbreak hackers, have the absolute WORST icons of all time. C’mon what is that … an Apple skull thing inside of a tribal sun tattoo?

    Just every time, they seem to be getting worse and worse. I’m a designer and it bothers me.

  • Callious

    Just wondering if there is a tethered jb for iPad 2 iOS 5.1 yet

  • scott_gallyot

    Good. Please let us know when. Need it really badly. It look so lame when its not jail-broken.

  • Bob marley

    I hope that this will be on jailbreakme dot com when it comes out cuz I don’t have a computer

  • Jane

    my iphone4 is stuck in ios 5.0 and can’t find any jailbreak in the forums, i hope you can release it soon, so i can just upgrade, then jailbreak my phone..