Sparrow For iPhone Updated to 1.2; Push Notifications Will be Available Later With Yearly Subscription


Developers of Sparrow have pushed out an update for their iPhone app, but if you were hoping for support for Push Notifications then you’ll be disappointed.

Sparrow for iPhone 1.2 includes new features such as ability to edit and create folder/labels etc.

Sparrow has been updated to 1.2, which includes 4 new features:

Message navigation

You can now navigate all your mailbox messages simply by swiping up and down. When switching from a conversation to another, you’ll see a special separator clearly showing you’re swiping to a new conversation.

Edit and create folder/labels

You can now rename, create, delete all your labels and folders straight from within the app.

Landscape composing

You can now compose messages in landscape mode.

Fluent in 9 languages

Sparrow now speaks English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Russian, and Chinese.

Developers of Sparrow have also fixed the following issues in the latest update:

  • Composer scrolling with some keyboards
  • Draft being displayed has empty cells in all mail
  • Wrong contact is kept in autosuggest when composing
  • Charset issue

We’ve mentioned that Sparrow would have been the perfect Mail app for the iPhone if it included support for push notifications. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait for some more time for that to become a reality and will come at a cost as Apple has refused to allow Sparrow to use the VoIP API to implement the push notification feature as an exception.

You were more than 16 000 helping us on our Apple quest to get the VoIP privilege.  We can’t thank you enough for your support. Unfortunately, Apple has confirmed that they are not willing to do any exception to the rule and that Sparrow will NOT be granted with the privilege.

Though we can understand where Apple is coming from, it is a pity that we’ll have to wait as the developers continue to rollout new features for app to make it even better.

They plan to offer the support for push notifications with a yearly subscription. They haven’t provided any pricing details or ETA on when it will be available.

Until then you can download Sparrow 1.2 for iPhone using this App Store link.

And don’t forget to tell us in the comments if you’re willing to pay a yearly subscription for the push notification feature.
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