Apple Director: Steve Jobs Wanted to Design an iCar

Business Insider reports that Mickey Drexler, Chairman and CEO of J.Crew, who has been a director at Apple since 1999, has revealed in a interview that Steve Jobs also wanted to design a car before he died.

Business Insider reports:

“Look at the car industry; it’s a tragedy in America. Who is designing the cars?” Drexler said during Fast Company’s Innovation Uncensored conference this week. “Steve’s dream before he died was to design an iCar.” 

Drexler believes that if Jobs did have time to design the car, it would have made a serious dent in the auto industry. “It would’ve been probably 50% of the market. He never did design it,” he said.

Some analysts have speculated that Apple may work with car companies to integrate their iOS devices into cars.

Back in March, an Apple China job posting revealed that the company is looking for people in the automobile industry to work with them, which sparked off rumors that Apple is working on iCar infotainment system. We had noted:

Apple has a great ecosystem of mobile devices that can play music and videos, connect to the internet as well as be controlled by voice. These are some of the primary requirements of an in-car infotainment system, and Apple has an expertise in all the three. Add to that their great sense of simplicity and design, and we have a great product, which could even emulate the success the iPhone and iPad have achieved.

In the interview, Drexler also briefly mentions that Apple is dealing with the living room (entertainment) at some point in the future. We wonder if he is referring to the rumored television set.

You can watch the video of Drexler’s comment below:

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  • Que

    I think Steve Jobs was losing iMind.

  • ghdhhd

    iCar: only available in black or white. Unapproved accessories may not be placed on the dashboard. Changes are made under the hood, but the outsides remain indistinguishable. Poor radio reception, battery life to be addressed in an update.

    Won’t go anywhere unless first connected to iTunes.

    • cozze02

      lol so true

    • Mystic

      Lmao. Well said, 🙂

  • iSuck

    hmm… Have to wait for the jailbreak.. so that i can change tires cheaper at my local auto shop instead of going to apple $tore and spending few thousand $$ for just changing the tires.

  • Nick

    Hahahha im gonna jailbreak my icar!

    • Que

      Funny thing is, someone will do it.

  • AppleCider

    Please pull over and plug into itunes, new software update is avaiable.

  • Why stop at a car ? What about an irocket

    • ijohn

      A combination would be better: iRocketCar!

  • iOS Me.0.1

    How about an imotorcycle?

  • This all iStupid. Google has it right with self driving cars. This is the future.

    • Apple Lover/Hater

      Self driving cars are for lazy people….That’s why America can barely read a manual gear shift

  • Robert

    Ok jokes aside I wonder what it may have look liked no one can deny that apple products are pretty sexy.
    Besides have you seen half of the cars on the market either half arsed jobs or just 100% disgusting in design.

    There is a big difference from designing a car to a car in production…
    And if folk actually read the article Back in March, an Apple China job posting revealed that the company is looking for people in the automobile industry to work….Apple was probably looking to put some of there products in a few make of cars , like what nokia did in the uk with BMW a few year back.

    To the jokes saying that the car would need to pull over to plug into Itunes…no need it does it wireless XD

  • huan’z


  • iSex

    iSex… Every time you need to do it, you need to plug your d*ck into itune to charge your energy first.

  • Vincent

    it make me think of iDead & iCoffin..

  • Gold1

    Damn, we could’ve been able to jailbreak cars.

  • Xeep

    Remember, this car will only be able to run on iRoad, if you need an oil filter change you’re going to have to replace the entire engine. Also a year later there will be iCar 3G which will make iCar redundant and worthless.