SwipeSelection: Jailbreak Tweak Makes iPad Text Editing Concept a Reality [Updated]

We’ve some good news for jailbreakers who liked the iPad text editing concept video created by Daniel Hooper.

As we predicted, iOS hacker Kyle Howells has stepped up and developed a jailbreak tweak that makes Daniel’s iPad text editing concept a reality.

Jeff Benjamin of iDownloadBlog has got early access to Howells’ jailbreak tweak called SwipeSelection that implements the solution proposed by Daniel in his concept video.

Take advantage of gestures by making a drag over the keyboard UI move the cursor. Move the cursor in word increments when dragging with two fingers. And finally, let the user select text while dragging when they hold down shift.

Jeff reports that it works extremely well on the iPad and also works quite well on the iPhone, but he points out that due to the lack of the shift key on the right hand side of the keyboard like the iPad, selecting text works better from left to right instead of from right to left.

You can check out the video preview of the SwipeSelection below:

Howells plans to submit SwipeSelection to Cydia today and will be available for free. We’ll let you know as soon as it is available.

SwipeSelection is now available for free on Cydia. It works very well on the iPad and the iPhone.

Download it and let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • ShAdOwXPR

    That did not take long…

  • Ciprian B

    Maybe, just maybe, it will be useful for the iPhone too..

    • Kimk69

      Sweet. I hope it does work good and becomes useful. Should make typing a lot better. Where would we be without some of these devs, I couldn’t even imagine the phone or pad without em.

  • Ryan


  • Chris

    Yes! I really hope this works for iPhone too, would be a lifesaver whenever u spell something wrong in text messages or emails.

  • dwain dwibley

    Works like a dream on the iphone, v nice.!!

  • Marcos

    It’s very nice and useful. However there’s something to be fixed…if you have to get “special” caracteres you won’t be able! If you tap and hold a letter to slide to that caractere it assumes that you want the “SwipeSelection” function…but overall it’s a great tweak!

    • JP32

      Thats true I cant write a good spanish any more 🙁

    • Reeplay

      Not only that, but it also doesn’t work at all with Pages or Keynote.

      Very good tweak, but untill these bugs are fixed, it will remain uninstalled 🙁

  • Claude

    Verrrrryyy nice. Thanks a million.

  • Matt

    Works great on iPhone – Another must have Jailbreak tweek!

  • Grecco

    Works perfectly.

  • Blah

    This doesn’t work with emoji, there’s no way to scroll though the emoticons anymore.

    Too bad as this is a great tweak. Just needs to be updated to disable itself when using in emoji and other keyboards that need scrolling functionality.

  • Kungfu panda

    Install it ald. And amazing

  • tomricci

    Works great iphone 4s in mail, text and notes, doesn’t seem to work with Sparrow mail though 🙁

  • Paulg

    This only works on notes. Doesn’t work when trying to type on a webpage.

    • eckon

      It works across all my applications (Kakaotalk, Facebook app, FB Messenger).. maybe you can try re-installing?

  • Tom

    Hope they do fix it up a bit..otherwise greattweak…cant wait for the jb for my new ipad with stupid 5.1

  • JH

    prefer to swipe using two fingers. hope this tweak is allowed to disable one finger swipe. sometime it shift while typing

  • DillansiPhone

    Lol i would jailbreak just for this feature! xp

  • Slick

    awesome !!!

  • shannkar

    works perfect