Switchy: Jailbreak Tweak Enhances iPhone’s App Switcher

Switchy is a new jailbreak tweak developed by John Coates that aims to enhance the app switcher or multitasking tray.

Switchy is inspired by Brent Caswell’s concept, who felt that the app switcher in iOS should be taller.

Switchy adds a second row of apps to the app switcher, so it is less cumbersome to go through the list of apps. The dots at the bottom of the two rows of app icons tell you how many pages of apps you have in the app switcher, which is quite neat.

Switchy makes good use of the additional real estate created by the second row. If you swipe left, it displays the artist and album and the volume control and AirPlay button in the Now Playing page (so you don’t have to swipe left one more time to get to them).

If you swipe left from the Now Playing page, the settings page gives you a quick access to the Settings app, ability to close all the apps in the app switcher with the Clear Apps button and also the ability to control the brightness of the screen.

Switchy is not compatible with the iPad currently.

Switchy is available in Cydia for $1. Switch is not the first jailbreak tweak to enhance the app switcher. You can also check out other alternatives like ImperiumAero.

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