Tim Cook: It’s Unwise to Burden the Tablet With The Legacy of the PC

Ever since the iPad has been launched, we’ve seen several accessories and even Kickstarter projects that have targeted users who miss a physical keyboard.

Some of Apple’s competitors like Asus have launched products like Asus Eee Pad Slider which comes with a slide-out tablet. We have also seen laptop and tablet combos such as Toshiba’s Portege M930.

If you were hoping that at some point Apple will offer a combination of the tablet and a PC, then we’ve some bad news. Walt Mossberg of AllThingsD asked Apple’s CEO Tim Cook why is the tablet not actually a PC at yesterday’s D10 conference. Tim Cook responded by saying that it would be unwise to burden the tablet with the legacy of the PC. Here’s the excerpt from that interview on that topic:

“In my view, the tablet and the PC are different,” he said. “You can do things with the tablet if you are not encumbered by the legacy of the PC. … Products are about trade-offs, and you have to make tough decisions. You have to choose. And if you don’t, you wind up not building the best product.”

Tablets and notebooks are two different devices and splicing them together into some Moreauian chimera does a disservice to both.

Said Cook, “I think if you force the tablet and the PC together, the PC is not as good as it can be and the tablet is not as good as it can be. You’re not going to end up with a kick-ass product.”

You can also watch the video of that part of the interview below:

We agree with Tim Cook’s point of view. We would also like to use the iPad as a laptop and vice versa, but integrating a keyboard (for the PC) with a tablet, it will not only end up becoming thicker, but it will also end up becoming heavier. But we would ideally like the tablet to be as light as possible and not too thick. The design compromises you end up making to integrate some of the basic features of a PC like the keyboard, are just not acceptable for a tablet.

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