Touchtype: A Sleek Case For Your iPad And Apple Wireless Keyboard

Some users who aren’t accustomed to the iPad‘s virtual keyboard, often use Apple’s Wireless Keyboard or folio cases that come with a keyboard to efficiently type on their tablets. These solutions have their problems – carrying the iPad and Apple’s Wireless Keyboard separately is not the most convenient thing to do and the keyboard that come with folio cases are nowhere close to Apple’s Wireless Keyboard as they tend to be cramped and have small, often poor-quality keys and sometimes even using odd layouts.

Touchtype – a new Kickstarter project aims to address the problem. Salman Sajid – creator of Touchtype has come up with a clever solution to carry the iPad along with Apple’s Wireless Keyboard.

The sleek case holds both your iPad and Apple’s wireless keyboard in one compact unit. The case straps in your device and conceals the keyboard in a pouch underneath the iPad. You can pull out the keyboard whenever necessary. It is compatible with the original iPad, the iPad 2 and the new iPad thanks to the elastic straps.

As you would expect, the Touchtype case can be used as a stand for your iPad. Thanks to an extra set of elastic straps, you can also orient the iPad in portrait mode. TouchType also includes magnets to automatically wake and sleep iPad 2 or iPad 3 in any orientation.

Check out the Touchtype’s Kickstarter video:

Although some will argue that there are other solutions for typing on the iPad, including various cases equipped with Bluetooth keyboards, the Touchtype iPad case seems like an awesome accessory for users who want to use Apple’s Wireless Keyboard with their iPad.

When it launches, the Touchtype will be available in three colors – gray polyurethane, black leather, and espresso leather. An early backer can secure a gray version for $47 while the espresso will run you $85. The project’s initial funding goal was $2,500. At the time of the writing of this article, it has already received funding of almost $19,000 with 26 more days to go.

You can check out Touchtype’s Kickstarter page to more details on how to back the project and don’t forget to tell us know what you think in the comments section below.

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  • xaffier

    Nice piece of work.

  • Xepty1

    Who needs this crap? Makes you like a dumb redneck. Use original cases, unless youre afraid your ipad can get scratches:'( poor boys

    • Rob

      Please tell me your a troll……you have to be a bloody troll to come out with such a stupid comment.

      • Orgil

        Well said, he has to be a quite talented troll to come up that kind of comment

  • Que

    ^^ agreed

  • Hass

    It should have a camera hole for the ipad 3 to take photos without removing it from the case. great concept, but fix the camera issue, I personally like to keep my ipad in my case

  • Doug Roberts

    Great start to a case/keyboard solution! I ordered the Apple keyboard along with my New iPad as I want something large enough to actually type on. In addition to Hass’ selection, I’d like the back of the case to have a hand strap as I intend to use my iPad outdoors in support of first responders.

  • Marszczak

    Well, it’s far away from being convinient. Is is so different from a small case? I’m not buying that idea…