Unfold: Jailbreak Tweak Brings ‘Fold to Unlock’ Concept to Life

Last week we shared a really cool concept by Austin Kudin that replaced the slide to unlock gesture.

As we had hoped, the beautiful concept got the attention of the jailbreak community almost immediately. German iOS jailbreak developer Jonas Gessner has just released a new jailbreak tweak called Unfold that brings the ‘Fold to Unlock‘ concept to life.

The jailbreak tweak replaces Apple’s patented slide to unlock behavior with the cool fold up animation to reveal the Home screen just like the concept. If you’ve a passcode (which we hope you have) then the fold up animation will reveal the standard passcode entry page.

The tweak is fully compatible with Lock screen jailbreak tweaks such as IntelliScreenX, LockInfo etc.

Check out the video of iDownloadBlog’s hands-on preview of Unfold below:

Unfold is available for free in Cydia via the BigBoss repo and is currently supports the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Do you like it better than the default slide to unlock gesture? It’s certainly more creative. Let us know in the comments.

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  • rebby

    nice !!

  • sam

    do not install!!!! it screwed my iPhone 4 i had to disable mobile substrate in order to avoid restoring my iPhone , cool utility but i hope the developer fix it

    • pakaku

      I’m also on an iPhone 4, but the tweak installed perfectly fine for me.

    • Hmmm … it worked perfectly fine on an iPhone 4. It probably clashes with one of the tweaks you’ve installed.

    • Apple Lover/Hater

      Not to mention it is in BETA so it’s not fully finished

      • solferico

        It screwed my iphone4 also!!! It gets stuck at the beginning of the unfold animation, making it impossible to unlock the phone.

        • solferico

          BTW I’m in 5.0.1. I just rebooted the phone, and since it’s code locked, passcode input was directly shown instead of unfold to unlock, so I could enter Cydia and uninstall Unfold.

          Pretty concept, but just not tested enough, and since it could make your phone unaccesible, it should!!

  • Robin

    For it works perfectly under the iPhone 4 with iOS 5.1.
    Very nice tweak.

    • I

      I trust you on this one bro. Since I’m also using 5.1 on iPhone 4.
      Great tweak! =]

    • pakaku

      And worked for me on 5.0.1:)

      • I

        Monkey balls! I guess it clashes with some of my tweaks =[ Now I can’t open any apps! Not even settings! Question: Can I remove this tweak VIA SSH? cause I can’t run Cydia to delete the tweak.

        • Jack

          hopefully you have recently updated ‘mobile substrate’ in cydia in the past month or so..? If so turn off your phone, and then go to turn it back on as normal but hold down the volume up key from before you press the power button to the time you see the lock screen for the first time. You should now be able to open cydia and uninstall the tweak.

          • I

            Thanks for the help my iPhone Friend. I fixed it, and thankfully, I did it through NCSettings in Notification Center – There was an update and it lead me to Cydia. Cheers!

          • Cesar Franco

            Thank you. You helped me to get my phone working again. Without you i would have to restore my phone and lose everything

          • Carol

            thanks for the tip re: volume + reboot. I was stuck for the longest time panicking over this install.

    • jc

      Thanx for the volume up tip….that was a close one!!!

  • jcarlo

    Works great for me!!!!! That and its pretty sweet.

  • Key

    works fine for me. 4S on 5.0.1 untethered

  • Gorspot

    work on ipad..

    Gorspot confirm


  • Tony

    Works great for me on iPhone 4S 5.0.1. Thanks!!

  • parabellum

    It works perfectly on my IOS 5.01 Iphone 4.
    I wish the bar would be smaller, and if possible also transparent, because with Lockinfo installed it takes a lot of space used for information on the lockscreen.
    But, as the first version, it´s really awesome.

  • Jack

    Works perfectly here on iphone4 running 5.0.1.

    Nice tweak, cheers guys

  • Flame Red

    If you use the new DashBoard-X, you will find that eventually something will trigger the Dashboard-X disappearing from the screen. Not sure what triggers it, but there seems to be some incvompatiability issue. I removed “Fold to Unlock” and Dashboard-X works fine.

    • Jemma

      I have had the same problem. I hope they sort it soon, this tweak looks great but I don’t want to have to delete Dashboard X to use it.

    • Dave

      Same here. Also I noticed that with Intelliscreen, even after I unfold, the intelliscreen is still there, locks up my phone for 10 secs, then Im gtg. I removed unfold, and awaiting for bugs to be fixed

  • Bka

    4s on 5.0.1 works fine…looks great! Need tweek for “barrel”

  • weswes

    it doesn’t work good with dashboard x and homescreenpage

  • baba

    I can’t find it…..

    • iPhone4eva

      Me to !! It’s not there.?did you every find out where it is ? Help?!?

      • baba

        try now it is there…

  • Key

    hopefully the developer reads this for the errors. found one:

    install Unfold. then set a timer. no way to turn the alarm off (when alarm isn’t the last app open before you lock) – doesn’t shut off when you unfold the lock screen. had to reset my phone

    4s, 5.0.1, no passcode lock

    ** retested. still the same. started timer, left the alarm app as the last one open, clicked lock. after the 1 min alarm went off unfold to unlock disabled the alarm fine. tested again, started the 1 min timer countdown, hit the home button, locked – this time unfold to unlock did not disable alarm sound

    • Max

      Same thing happened to me, could not turn the alarm off!

  • Xtine

    I have an iPhone 4s running on 5.0.1 and it crashed first time using it. Had to reboot my phone to uninstall it.

  • jjsears

    my dont work ?! 3GS and stuck on folded front page :/

    • Max

      No wonder, this tweak is far from perfect!

  • genXhippie

    Works great on my iP4S.

  • Mando

    I had the same problem on my iphone 4 on 5.1, it said it dosent work well with dashboard x(1.0.6 I believe and there should be a update soon to support unfold) luckily I had spite and using siri I launched cydia to remove the tweak…whew…

  • iPhone 4s

    What wallpaper is that on the iPhone??

  • Sako

    I installed this tweak and my phone froze.. couldn’t get to home screen, but after uninstalling Dashboard X it stats working fine. So that can be the main reason to freeze the phone.

  • Ahmed


  • macmaniman

    what happens 2 the camera shortcut?

  • Yo Mama!


  • Macca

    Doesn’t work with androidlock xt

  • filthyjason

    this didn’t work on my 4S 5.0.1 either. it kept folding once, but still showing another fold to unlock under it. the screen under would be slightly “folded” just enough to see some garbled video static on the top or bottom edge a little.

    For those who forgot, you can hold down the “Volume Up” button when booting your jailbroken phone & it won’t load in any Cydia apps. you can then go in to Cydia and manage your installed programs to remove one that’s causing problems.

    • Dan

      “For those who forgot, you can hold down the “Volume Up” button when booting your jailbroken phone & it won’t load in any Cydia apps. you can then go in to Cydia and manage your installed programs to remove one that’s causing problems.”

      I didn’t know that. Thanks!

  • CG

    Pretty freakn Sweet (Peter Griffin voice). Sidenote don’t try to unfold and and pull up the camera at the same it will crash both tweaks but a quick respring will fix it.

  • Dan

    works fine for me also. 4S on 5.0.1 untethered

    • Dan

      Worked fine last night. Today it’s doesn’t work as it should so now I have uninstalled it.


    set a test alarm and mine wouldn’t turn off either 🙁 too bad, looks awesome. hope i remember to check for an update because i’d love to have this but i’m not power cycling my phone every morning after my alarm goes off

  • iphase4g

    I don’t know if anyone has had the issue that I ran into. When using unfold with Dashboard X every now and then it makes the widgets disappear when you unlock and then springboard crashes.

  • iPhone4eva

    Can’t find it? Anyone help!!

    • solferico

      Have you refreshed cydia? Get sure Cydia has refreshed repos because if not you won’t find it…

  • Ivan

    I have the same problem with alarm settings where “unfolding” does not stop the alarm. Nevertheless, if i pressed any of the volume buttons, it stopped the alarm

  • Matt

    this didn’t work on my 4S 5.0.1 either. it kept folding once, but still showing another fold to unlock under it. the screen under would be slightly “folded” just enough to see some garbled video static on the top or bottom edge a little.
    Im getting the same thing, any help ??

  • pamir armany

    i cant find unfold in my iphone 4 v.5.0.1 when i am searching in cydia, is there any source to add it in my cydia to install unfold.
    thanx in advance.

    • Max

      reload your sources. Its available from the BigBoss repo.

  • Sabsack

    installed fine on my iPhone 4 5.0.1
    no option to turn it On or Off, Not compatible with SBRotator 5 Lockscreen 🙁
    But looks very good you need to add option to change Fold to Unlock text as well.
    Like it Well Done

    Donation Done keep up the good work

  • ifonix

    install it, work smooth on iphone 4 5.1
    test it with alarm, work perfect just unfold and alarm stoped. i have IntelliScreenX and winterboard thema XHD.
    work perfect with booth. no frozen iphone, no clashes with other teaks or aaps.
    so, for me it working smooth…. thanx Jonas Gessner.. 😉

  • blackapino

    Downloaded it..I like it..better then having to do the NORMAL thang..lol

  • xDimitrii

    Works perfect on iPhone 4s 5.0.1 with typophone lockscreen!

  • Blah

    Works great for me on 5.1.1.

  • Max

    Its NOT TRUE! it is NOT compatible with IntelliScreenX or LockInfo. Its messed up my iPhone! Not to mention, it screws your alarm clock too. You just can’t turn it off. Very annoying in the morning.
    Deleted it.
    Its a nice effect but its far from useable!

  • Aiyowasai

    It installed fine on my iPhone 4 5.0.1. However, it seems like every once in a while when I unfold it doesn’t show the home screen, instead it just shows black until I unfold completely then the home screen just pops up. I have tried it several times and I can’t seem to figure out what makes it show black and what doesn’t.

  • harsha

    How to instal please guide me

  • robert

    Ip4 501 gr8 but doesnt stop/turn off the alarm. After unlock it stoped but after unfold still ringing and there is no way to stop it

  • NEsto

    App works great under Iphone 4S 5.0.1 I was in shock downloaded it when it first came out and using winterboard DroidRazorSounds … So ever time I unfold it … it says “Droid” Love it think apply should truely try to introduce this or something similar to there phone then again it did take a programmer who didn’t work for apple to accomplish this so maybe apple needs to think outside the box and really advance there programming for the phone cause there is obviously advantages with there iOS’s …. There are many app’s that im using on the 5.0.1 but I advise if you dont want your 3rd party apps to stop working dont upgrade to 5.1.1 iOS until the programmers have upgraded there software to this cause I think yall out there would be higly upset if they didn’t work … I know I would … well enjoy your Iphone I know I do 😉

  • Fauji

    “German iOS jailbreak developer Jonas Gessner has just released a new jailbreak tweak called Unfold that brings the ‘Fold to Unfold’ concept to life.”
    fold to unfold would be a waste of time…;)

  • Riza

    iPad 3 here. Do not try it. It will lock you out of your device and not do anything. It needs to be tested!

    I was able to get around it two ways.
    1. Messing with the home button and randomly swiping the screen.
    2. Hitting the home key on my bluetooth keyboard designed for the iPad.

  • Riza


    Put the iPad in landscape orientation with the camera on the left & home button on the right.
    Swipe, starting from 1/2 inch below the camera all the way to the opposite end.

    You’re welcome.

  • got a 500 internal error, from the repo

  • Matt

    Installed the new update as of today (iPhone 4 5.0.1) it works fine (no more fold underneath fold or freezing of lock screen)

  • BaitaProfissional

    To me works great. iPhone 4 5.1.1

  • thatsgr8

    It installed easy. Worked well for the first day, then started to slow my iPhone down. Everytime I went into Cydia to remove it, Cydia crashed. Rebooted 3 times, finally removed it. Nice concept, but needs work.

  • Nick

    killed my 4s with 5.1.1, stuck at logon screen, cannot get in

    a reset fixed though, Held Power and Home untill it reset, then straight past the pin screen
    and removed it from Cydia

  • Very Cool, would be cool if the “camera slide” button would also unfold upwards!!!

  • Rasta

    Is there any way to change the “fold to unlock” text??????

  • Noobie

    I’m going to stick to downloading themes.

  • Tums

    Is there a way to override the “fold to unlock” and unlock ui? i have a lock screen with a custom slider, and unfold overrides it :S