Adobe to Stop Supporting Flash on Android From August 15th

Adobe Flash

Back in November last year, Adobe had announced that it would discontinue development of Flash on the mobile browser. The end for Flash at least on the mobile is just over a month away as Adobe has announced that it won’t support Flash on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean that was unveiled earlier in the week.

Adobe has also said that it will stop installs from Google Play on August 15th.

This vindicates Apple’s stand to not allow Flash on their iOS device.

Steve Jobs had said on multiple occasions defending Apple’s decision to not allow Flash on iOS devices, Adobe failed to show Apple a working Flash build on iOS (or any mobile device) with satisfactory performance. In his “Thoughts on Flash” open letter, Jobs outlined six major issues with Flash, which at that time may not have been apparent, but in hindsight was spot on.

Adobe will continue working on their cross compiler which helps Flash developers to build native applications that run on iOS devices.

As HTML5 gets more mature, we expect Flash’s (and other plugins’) importance on the PC to go on decreasing, to the point where Adobe would have to make a similar announcement for all browsers. This won’t be anytime soon though, since HTML5 is still in development stages and would take many years to finalize.

While Google tried to incorporate Flash in Android and marketed it as one of its unique selling points, Apple realised quite early that Flash was designed for PCs and not suitable for mobile devices and decided not to support it to ensure that users don’t have to experience the degraded performance on iOS devices. Kudos to Steve Jobs and Apple for seeing the demise of mobile Flash even before its creators.

It’s also high time people remove Flash support in iOS from their wish list.

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