Apple Granted Patent For Inductive Charging Dock

Apple’s looking at a future where all our iOS devices are fully untethered. While the company did take some steps towards a wireless future in the form of Wi-Fi syncing and iCloud, iOS devices still have to be plugged in either to a power plug or to a USB port to be charged.

If Apple’s patents are any indication, the charging process would, in the future, become wireless. The company was granted a patent for an inductive charging dock titled “Antenna insert.”

The docking station, as you would expect charges the docked device without any wired contact through inductive coupling. There is an issue with this though — the dock, when connected to a power source, could cause electromagnetic interference degrading the wireless reception on the device.

Apple’s solution to this problem is a “reradiating antenna” built into the dock, that couples with the antenna on the mobile device to prevent wireless reception from degrading. This mechanism would boost both, voice as well as data signals.

The dock is shows to hold the device is multiple configurations ranging from upright vertical to inclined.


The patent was filed back in 2008, and was granted to Apple only a few days ago.

If Apple does introduce this in the future, it’ll either have to bundle a dock again along with iPhones or sell it as a separate accessory. What’s the route you think Apple will take?

[via CNET, Patently Apple]

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