Bogus Cydia App Hits the App Store – Avoid It! [Updated]

Cydia Bogus app

If you come across a new app called Cydia in the App Store, please DON’T install it, as it doesn’t allow you install jailbreak apps and tweaks on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

While the description doesn’t claim it does, it’s quite obvious from the icon of the bogus app, which mimics Cydia’s icon, that the developer – Nel Sinelnikova has used the name of the popular jailbreak app installer to trick users into buying the app. 

Here’s a description of the bogus app from the App Store, which is a simple snake game:

Cydia funny and popular snake game you may remember from childhood. Its main character – a kind of caterpillar named Cydia.
Collect all the apples and pass as many levels as you can.

Pay attention that this application is not related to Cydia Store. If someone has bought this application by mistake please get a refund.

The game supports two modes:
– Classic
In Classic mode you need to complete maximum levels, collecting apples

– Survival
In Survival mode you need to collect as many fruits as you can

Based on the reviews, it looks like few users have got tricked into buying the bogus app thinking Cydia was magically approved by Apple. Saurik has also left a review to warn users:

This product is a scam: it is using Cydia’s name (a registered trademark) and clear derivatives of its copyrighted imagery in an attempt to part users from their money. As evidenced by the other reviews on this product, users are being misled into believing they will receive access to Cydia, a well-known alternative to the App Store available on jailbroken phones, but are instead getting a poor clone of the game Snake (using worms that eat Apples). Thankfully, it is this very kind of scam that the trademark system is designed to protect users from, so SaurikIT will be submitting appropriate materials to Apple during their normal business hours, and will continue with whatever prosecution is required against Nel Sinelnikova to protect users from being tricked out of their money. In the mean time, you should fairly obviously not purchase this product.   

Logo of Cydia (saurik)

Logo of Bogus Cydia app

The app should be removed from the App Store soon, but until then you’ve been warned. And to all those who have already downloaded it, the least you can do before buying an app, is to read the description of the app and check out the user reviews.

In case you’re wondering why Saurik called his app Cydia – it’s after a moth. Cydia pomonella is the scientific name for the “coddling moth,” which is the proverbial “worm in the apple”.


That was quick! The bogus Cydia app has been removed from the App Store.

[via AppAdvice]

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