CleverPin: Jailbreak Tweak Makes iPhone’s Passcode Protection Smarter

If you liked the idea behind AutoProtect – the jailbreak tweak that disables iPhone’s passcode when connected to your home Wi-Fi network, then you should check out CleverPin.

CleverPin as the name suggests makes passcode protection smarter or less annoying.

CleverPin is developed by Filippo Bigorella, who has developed jailbreak tweaks such as Springtomize – a jailbreak tweak that allows you to customize almost all aspects of iOS, SMS+  – a jailbreak tweak that enhances the native Messages app.

CleverPin automatically disables the passcode when you’re connected to your Home Wi-Fi network. You can add your Home Wi-Fi network via the Settings app (Settings -> CleverPin -> Networks -> Add Current Network) with one tap.

CleverPin can also disable passcode when you’re listening to music or when your charging your iPhone or when it is in Airplane mode.

You can also configure it to automatically re-activate the passcode after a certain time of inactivity.

CleverPin is available for $1.99 in Cydia. We’re quite sure that many of you will find this very jailbreak tweak very useful.

Let us know what you think of CleverPin in the comments below.

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  • CptBoeing

    “CleverPin is available for free in Cydia for $1.99” Free or $1.99?

  • Jorge toro

    Excuse me, what advantages does it have disabling the pass code while being on a certain wifi network? What good does that do?

    • cjefbg

      The theory is you set it up to recognise the wifi in your house, because if you’ve put your phone down in your house, obviously a stranger can’t pick it up, so it doesn’t really need a pin.

      When I used to share an iPod dock, I’d have appreciated one that only pinlocks when charging within a set geofence, but I don’t think my use-case is that common.

      Another obvious criterion that none of these apps pick up on is tge accelerometer: if the phone’s moving, it’s in my pocket. If it’s in my pocket, it’s under my control and doesn’t need to lock.

      Same criticism as MyProfiles, really: instead of trying to imagine every conceivable use and provide a setting, why not embed a LUA interpreter and let us write our own rules?

  • Sajid hussain

    Its just for some lazy b******s who cannot be asked to type in a 4 digit pin, i mean how long does it take to out a 4 digit pin, 2 seconds maximum. Jeez some people need to get a life

    • Damien

      Aggressive much? What’s the point in things like sbsettings, if this is for lazy people? The whole point of jailbreaking is to customize your phone and make it work just like you want it to; might as well have said jailbreaking is for lazy people as well. Maybe you’re the one in need of a life? and 2 seconds adds up over time, especially if you’re a power user; hell I have no reason to defend this tweak……I don’t use it, but your offense against it is questionable.

    • cjefbg

      4 digit pin is about as secure as a padlock on a crisp packet.

      If you want proper security that can’t be untracably bypassed in less than thirty minutes, you need to use the full long alphanumeric passcode.

      And that is a pain to type in just to skip track, so only locking when necessary would be helpful.

      Personally, I’ve opted for no password at all, and not leaving my phone in stupid places, but each to his own.

      • Damien

        @cjefbg I agree wholeheartedly as I’ve done the same, and btw if you’re jailbroken your pin is out there all you need is an app like iExplorer and ANYONE with the right knowledge can learn your pin; I’ve forgot mine and found it on device and recovered it.

  • trol

    another battery drainer as it was with autoprotect?

    • Damien

      Just about anything you install that depends on mobilesubstrate will use battery, 99% of the time you can’t get something for nothing.

  • Pablo

    Quick Question:

    Ok so living in NYC is risky when you have an iPhone. I was wondering if there is a jailbreak tweak that prevents a thief from putting your iPhone in DFU mode/Restore it. Also, is there one where the iPhone cannot be shut off from the lock screen? Thanks (iPhone 3GS )

    • shxfbds

      All that said, there is no way to prevent the device from being DFUed, because that would defeat the purpose of DFU mode.


      Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think you can even block the hardware-power-off (hold home and lock for 20s). But if you’ve set a passcode your data is safe, as the iPhone itself can’t access your data without the passcode.

      Apple could put a stop to this, by not issuing SHSH for stolen iPhones (so entering DFU mode bricks them), and making find-my-iPhone unremovable. But they haven’t.

      • Frank

        Find my phone can be taken off but it still tracks the phone. Have it on a phone here kids thought they would just delete it and not be tracked. I found out they did this so I went on and it still tracked the phone. No I don’t track them all the time but once u have an iPhone stolen u want to track the phone at all times. Since there is no way to get insurance for these and apple AT&T ect will do nothing about the stolen property. Even lieing when they know someone is using it with a new number

  • Rob Kai

    Brilliant tweak! These tweaks are not about being lazy or not. It’s all about automation. If our phone can automate a process for us, why on earth wouldn’t we let it do it? Great idea.

  • drexx

    Disable passcode while charging sounds very insecure. That means anyone with a battery pack can unlock your phone.

    • Moe

      Depends on how it works. If it unlocks it just by connecting a charger, that’s dumb. If you have to unlock it once and it stays unlocked hooked up to a charger, then that is awesome.

  • Addy

    This tweak somewhat like “APPLOCKER” in cydia.
    You can do most of the things through that. I like Applocker than anything else, it gives u very wide flexibility.

  • pontiac

    the tweak is already there for MONTHS… period :S

  • Sid

    This app also has the same problem. After using it for a day u found that all my emails are not showing properly.

  • Gman

    Autoprotect is good enough. You start adding more things and it becomes more insecure