MagSkin: Magnetic Back Casing For Your iPhone

The ecosystem of iPhone accessories continues to flourish on Kickstarter. A Cult of Mac reader spotted a cool new magnetic iPhone back case on the site, called MagSkin, that has enough strength to support an iPhone 4 or an iPhone 4S vertically stuck to a ferrous metallic surface.

Ever since the introduction of the iPad 2 and its companion, the Smart Cover, magnets have been finding innovative uses in gadgets. Even Microsoft showcased a detachable magnetic keyboard with their new Surface tablets.

The creator of the project, Daniel Weyer, describes the MagSkin on the Kickstarter page:

MagSkin is an adhesive skin that can be applied to your iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S to fully support the weight of the smartphone when placed vertically against a refrigerator or other ferrous metal. MagSkin includes access for the rear facing camera and flash. Overall, the MagSkin backing is less 1 millimeter in thickness with an added custom outer vinyl sheet.

The MagSkin stays put with pressure sensitive adhesive that removes easily and cleanly from the back of the iPhone. This skin is like many other non-magnetic skins for the iPhone, and can easily be reapplied and adjusted to get the skin aligned correctly.

As MagSkin is very thin, it also works well with iPhone cases.

magskin case against wall

Weyer’s also got some variations of the MagSkin that change colors, and ones that are sensitive to heat.

heat sensitive

For $9 you could get a MagSkin without any color choice (Weyer says it’ll be black), adding $3 more would give you the option of choosing from a variety of colors (including the color changers and the heat sensitive ones).

Head over to the Kickstarter page, in case you like the MagSkin back case and want to contribute to the project.

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