Music App Revamped in iOS 6; Adjusts Reflection on Slider’s Virtual Knob When You Tilt Your iPhone

Apple seems to have revamped quite a few apps in iOS 6 that come bundled with iOS devices. We’ve already covered the revamped App Store and iTunes Store app, Phone app and the new features and improvements in mobile Safari.

In this article, we take a look at the changes made to the Music app. 

Here are the list of changes:

  • Just like the iTunes Store and App Store apps, the Music app in iOS 6 also gets the slick new look with the new silver grey theme instead of the traditional blue bar at the top and the black bar at the bottom.
  • The “Now Playing” section gets a black theme.
  • Apple has also tweaked the look and feel of the music buttons.
  • Apple has replaced the the Shuffle icon and text with just the icon in iOS 6, which turns orange when you enable it instead of blue.
  • New Late Night Mode equalizer
  • Here’s a change that will blow you away. It was first spotted by a reddit user – streborhcaz who writes:

Launch the iPod app, slightly tilt your phone from side to side (don’t rotate) and look at the new metallic sliders. Apple is now using the gyroscope/accelerometer to change the reflection on the slider buttons.

Check the slight change in the reflection on the virtual knob of the slider

Check it out in the video embedded below:

We must admit that it is quite a small change, which most users may not even notice, but we’ve fallen in love Apple’s attention to detail all over again. Kudos to the reddit user for discovering it.

Here’re some screenshots of the revamped Music app in iOS 6:

Artists tab

Songs tab

Albums tab

Now Playing

Let us know what you think of the new changes in the Music App especially the effect on the virtual knob on the slider.

Image Credit: iDownloadBlog, CultofMac

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  • Scritti Politti

    “we’ve fallen in love Apple’s attention to detail all over again.”

    Do you love the “detail” where there’s no way to turn Shuffle off when you go into an album’s tracks from “now playing”? Do you love the detail where there’s no way to deselect a song that you accidentally tapped while creating a playlist? How about the way the player inexplicably takes you “back” to the Albums list, when you entered the album from the Songs list?

    How about the detail where, if there’s no album art, the entire screen just shows a graphic of a note instead of title & artist?

    And none of these is fixed in iOS 6.

  • SiqHead

    @ScrittiPoliti:disqus You can turn shuffle off son, just tap on the screen and a bar will come down, as usual, where you have the ability to turn on shuffle, repeat, and scroll through the song.
    Press done when making a playlist, tap edit, and you can delete songs from the playlist.
    Mine takes me back to the songs list when I enter an album from the songs list, so don’t know what you’re on about.
    If there’s no album art, you must be downloading illegally. Cut it out.
    Now go back to android.

    • May

      Or he uploaded a CD that iTunes couldn’t find a cover for…most of my (legally attained) music is missing album art.

    • Annoyed

      Actually it’s apple. All my music is from CD or 7digital and when I put it into Itunes not a single album had art and automatically get album art only worked for about half of it, leaving me to do the rest myself. As you might expect, I was annoyed to find that when I put it all onto my ipod after uprgading to ios 6 (having had to format it because itunes was not happy) almost all of it was gone. Further to this, it seems to have forgotten how the alphabet works, giving me artists starting with an R in the T section, and S before Q. It’s just as easy to get album art from downloading illegally as it is from CD or other sources.

      Frankly I might go back to android, seeing how easy it was to drag my music folders across and for it to just work! I see you’re not ready to let go of Apple’s hand yet

  • Guest

    am i the only one who actually thinks the new app is far less pleasing to look at than the one in iOS5?

  • Guest

    am I the only one who thinks that the music app is far less pleasing to look at than the one in iOS5?

  • Tiger Glenner

    How do i change the look of the music app on ios 6.0.1 i want the ios 5 music app look

  • Scritti Politti

    It’s not there. That’s part of Apple’s “attention to detail.”

  • mcdj

    it’s where it always has been. scroll up.

  • Janette Dumont

    found it! was VERY intent on finding it. When a song is playing, tap the screen of the song you are on, the bar will pop up on the top with the # song you are on, and a shuffle option…phew! I thought i’d go nuts!