PaperLock: Unlock Your iPhone Just Like You Flip Through Pages [Jailbreak Tweak]

PaperLock is a new jailbreak tweak released by Apocolipse, that replaces the slide-to-unlock feature on iPhone’s lock screen.

As the name suggests, you can unlock your iPhone by swiping on the Lock screen as if you’re flipping through a page in the iBooks or Kindle app.

It replaces the default “slide-to-unlock” button with “Turn Page to unlock”. PageLock is compatible with the Camera app shortcut on the lock screen.

The jailbreak tweak also offers three themes – the default full page theme with the page turning effect, plastic and bandaid. We preferred the default theme.

If you’ve a passcode then the page turning animation will reveal the standard passcode entrykpage. You can also swipe on the passcode entry page, which reveals the Home screen but you cannot launch any app.

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Click on the image above to see the slideshow of screenshots

You can check out the demo of the app below:

PaperLock is available on Cydia for $2.99. While we liked the idea behind the lock screen tweak and the concept of themes, we feel $2.99 is too much for a lock screen tweak, especially when tweaks like Unfold that brought the fold-to-unlock concept to life, are available for free.

The initial version also quite buggy. The SpringBoard crashed couple of times while we were briefly playing around with it.

Let us know what you think of PaperLock in the comments if you try it out.

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  • jerseyboy

    Actually i installed the unfold app twice and had to restore my iphone 4g running 5.1.1

    • Dennis

      I have a question unrelated, my daughter recently had her iPhone 4 stolen. I went to track it and whoever stole it turned it off. To me the biggest flaw with apple is that it don’t require your unlock code to turn the phone off. Is there any way around this? Like an app that requires a code to power down your phone. I tried an app on cydia that hides the slide to unlock bar, but it was buggy and caused our phones to go into safe mode………………Please help with any ideas

  • I

    I like this tweak more than Unfold simply because of the mini themes they have with it. But I have a hunch this will have conflicts with my Unlock FX and lockSliderz. I would like to avoid having to restore my lovely iPhone since I had to when I installed Unfold previously. X___x

  • Worm

    Unfold is great. Who would pay 2.99 for an app like this. Maybe .99 cents to try it out.

  • Dlove

    Unfold worked fine unless I had a pass code lock an then it just froze everytime

  • LT

    Unfold froze my phone as well.

  • BCSC

    If you want to prevent your phone from freezing, you can do all the customization like this and more, with Android! It just works!

  • Kimk69

    Lol. Droid. Lol.

  • Jays_on

    I liked unfold but it seemed to make my iphone 4 run slow

  • Sean Veerhuis

    what is the tweak for the dock called that angles the app images?