Apple Threatened With Temporary Closure Of Its Operations In Italy Over Product Warranty


Rueters reports that Italy’s competition regulatory authority, ACGM, has threatened Apple with a temporary closure of its operations in Italy along with a fine of up to 300,00 euros.

Apple’s already has quite a history with the Italian regulatory body. Back in May last year, authorities started looking into Apple’s practices, and fined the company $1.2 million over inadequate disclosure about every Italian customer’s right to free technical support for two years as per law.

According to Reuters’ report, Apple has yet to start offering the free two-year warranty as demanded by Italian law, which irked ACGM:

The AGCM said in its monthly bulletin that Apple was continuing to adopt unfair commercial practices in Italy and noted this could eventually lead to the closure of its Italian operations for up to 30 days.


The AGCM alleges that information provided by Apple about an extra guarantee scheme encourages customers to buy the service without clearly explaining that the company is obliged to offer a two-year free warranty, the source said.

Apple has 30 days to respond to ACGM’s “threat.”

According to ACGM, Apple tries to hide the free two-year warranty entitled to every Italian customer, and instead promotes its own paid AppleCare service.

[via MacRumors]