Apple: Samsung Copied iPhone As It Was The Easier Option

Samsung vs Apple

The high-profile US trial between Apple and Samsung started earlier today.

Reuters reports that Apple attorney Harold McElhinny started off by highlighting how Samsung’s phone design changed radically after the launch of the iPhone.

Apple attorney Harold McElhinny started off by showing slides that featured old Samsung phones from 2006 and compared it to the Korean company’s newer smartphones from 2010.

The key question, McElhinny said, would be how Samsung moved from the old phones to “these phones.”

“As we all know it is easier to copy than to innovate,” he told the court. “Apple had already taken the risks.”

McElhinny showed jurors internal documents, which reveals that Samsung decided to copy the iPhone as it was the easier option.

McElhinny showed jurors an internal Samsung product analysis which said the iPhone’s hardware was “easy to copy.” Another document prepared by a Samsung executive said the company was in a “crisis of design” due to the iPhone.

Apple is suing Samsung for billions of dollars for slavishly copying their products and Samsung is countersuing Apple for infringing on patents it has for core wireless technologies.

The court documents filed by Apple and Samsung has already revealed a treasure trove of iPhone and iPad prototype designs.

The jury for the trial was selected yesterday. The nine member jury is now made up of seven men and two women.

Opening statements from Samsung are expected later in the day. We’ll keep you updated with the latest from the trial.

[via Reuters]

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  • That photo is old news now.
    This is what samsung came back with. I think the only thing that is going to come out of this trial is that apple wasnt the only company working on a touch screen phone at the time… also when you make a touch screen phone with a rectangle screen pretty good chance the phone will be a rectangle with either rounded or squared corners.

    Wish apple would just spend more time coming up with new things instead of these dumb court battles. They are falling behind the times. The iphone 5 looks like it will just match was HTC and Samsung have already released this year. Then months are the iphone 5 comes out all the the LTE quadcore 2gb ram 720hd phones will be out with even better GPU’s and better screens.

    Apples needs to stop playing catchup now and come out with something that blows everyone away like they’re doing with the ipad 3 and macbook pro screens.

    • Lmlphx

      If Samsung is successful in defending this lawsuit, you’ll see less innovation, not more from apple and others. Your argument should be made with Samsung. What designs and ideas of their own have not been brought to market because they have been focusing on imitating the leader.

      • did you not look at image I posted? it shows that both apple and samsung had similar ideas at the same time… before the iphone was shown to the public. Sony also had touch screen phones going back to 2004… Dont forget palm also. I mean all companies need to move on and focus on the future.

        Also apple ripped off a lot of their current designs on Braun from the 50’s. You dont see Braun suing Apple. Just google Apples steals from Braun to see.

        Look at every computer monitor they all look the same… most cars look similar. Apple did not make the Smartphone or touchscreen phones or tablets.. I had a HP tablet in 2004 that can pass for an ipad. What apple did do is make a great smartphone and marketed it extremely well.

    • You mentioned catch up, and I read this just today:
      I do agree that there are a lot of things that I would love my iPhone to have (different looking home screen, inline replies in notifications, the phone to not vibrate on my ear while on a call and a lot more) but I realised that I’ve taken the smoothness of the iOS for granted. For me, assuming that smooth animations are a basic requirement of a modern smartphone seems like a reasonable assumption, but it doesn’t seem to be so on the Android front, which is coming to parity with Apple on this only now.

  • Stupid Apple

    I think apple should fired Harold McElhinny, by showing this. Basically 90% of touch screen phone are in rectangular shape with 1 button or 3 ~ 4 below just like the Samsung one shown above. It is a revolution of how the phone will be like with touchscreen functionality. Think it this way the LCD monitor I am looking in right now is basically looks about the same as other LCD monitor in the market. it is all in rectangular shape just location of the button or the thickness etc are different. This is waste of money…. benefitiating the lawyer. If they really want to sue… sue Android. The apps interface looks similar ……. with 4 major at the bottom…