Apple: Samsung Copied iPhone As It Was The Easier Option

Samsung vs Apple

The high-profile US trial between Apple and Samsung started earlier today.

Reuters reports that Apple attorney Harold McElhinny started off by highlighting how Samsung’s phone design changed radically after the launch of the iPhone.

Apple attorney Harold McElhinny started off by showing slides that featured old Samsung phones from 2006 and compared it to the Korean company’s newer smartphones from 2010.

The key question, McElhinny said, would be how Samsung moved from the old phones to “these phones.”

“As we all know it is easier to copy than to innovate,” he told the court. “Apple had already taken the risks.”

McElhinny showed jurors internal documents, which reveals that Samsung decided to copy the iPhone as it was the easier option.

McElhinny showed jurors an internal Samsung product analysis which said the iPhone’s hardware was “easy to copy.” Another document prepared by a Samsung executive said the company was in a “crisis of design” due to the iPhone.

Apple is suing Samsung for billions of dollars for slavishly copying their products and Samsung is countersuing Apple for infringing on patents it has for core wireless technologies.

The court documents filed by Apple and Samsung has already revealed a treasure trove of iPhone and iPad prototype designs.

The jury for the trial was selected yesterday. The nine member jury is now made up of seven men and two women.

Opening statements from Samsung are expected later in the day. We’ll keep you updated with the latest from the trial.

[via Reuters]

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