AT&T To Start Offering Shared Data Plans In August, Reveals Pricing

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Following Verizon’s lead, AT&T also announced that it would start offering shared wireless data plans to its subscribers starting late August.

These shared data plans let subscribers share a single bucket of data across multiple devices, alongside unlimited voice minutes and texts.

From the announcement on AT&T’s site:

With AT&T Mobile Share plans, customers start by choosing how much data they want each month, then choose up to 10 devices to attach to their shared plan, one of which must be a smartphone. Each plan includes tethering and unlimited domestic calls and texts for smartphones and basic or quick messaging phones. The larger the data bucket you choose, the less you pay per gigabyte and the less you pay for each smartphone added to the shared plan.

Here are the plans:


Here’s a chart showing comparable figures from AT&T and Verizon’s shared data plans:

These plans would be available to all AT&T subscribers, old and new, starting late August. Customers would not be required to extend their contracts in order to use the shared data plan, nor would it be compulsory for them to choose the shared data plan.

[via MacRumors]

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