Court Documents Reveal iPhone And iPad Designs That Got Shelved

Court documents filed in the Apple-Samsung trial have, in the past, given us some interesting information about the two companies and its secretive workings.

The Verge has obtained documents filed in the Apple vs. Samsung trial which include images of iPad and iPhone prototypes, revealing alternative designs of the product that the company shelved on its way to deliver the final product.

The images are of various iPad prototypes, some featuring kickstands with “iPod” branding at the back, while others resembling the white slab, photos of which leaked earlier.



The iPhone prototypes are even more interesting, with the prototype shedding Apple’s trademark roundrect shape in favor of a eight sided polygon. Another prototype shown in the documents bears a great resemblance to the iPhone 4/4S design, the dimensions, however, are very different:


As MacRumors points out, this two-tone design with a central aluminum backing is even more interesting as it looks like  an early version of the rumored next-generation iPhone:

 iPhone prototype posted by The Verge


iPhone 5 rendering based on the leaked parts

It remains to be see if the 6th generation iPhone will look like the rendering or it is indeed a design that Apple has shelved.

[via The Verge]