Survey Finds 21% of iOS Users Won’t Switch Platforms At Any Price

A survey conducted by Goldman Sachs reveals the incredible loyalty Apple enjoys from a section of its userbase.

Over 1,000 Apple device owners took the survey, results of which were presented in a research note to Goldman Sachs’ clients, relayed by Apple Insider.

The questions in the survey were regarding switching mobile platforms, specifically the costs associated with it (to replace music, apps, etc.).

The survey found that 88 percent of the people who currently own an Apple device are highly likely or likely to stick with Apple for their next smartphone or tablet. The figure jumps to 96 percent amongst people who own two or more Apple devices, indicative of how a huge investment into the ecosystem acts as a barrier to switching platforms.


The survey also asked respondents about their decision to switch platforms if the upfront price to buy a device was discounted. 21 percent said that they’d stick to Apple’s ecosystem irrespective of whatever discount they were offered.

Goldman Sachs’ analysis notes that in addition to the cost of buying apps, services like iCloud also contribute to an Apple user’s decision to stick to the platform.

The firm’s calculations estimate the average value of a single iOS customer to be $1,053, which leads to a cumulative value of $295 billion taking into account the entire iOS user base.

What about you? Will you switch to another platform if you got a significant discount? Tell us in the comments below.

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  • DesDizzy

    I think one factor that is not given enough significance is the Apple Stores and the Genius experience. I recently took my wife’s laptop into the store because of a Safari issue. The staff are as religiously professional as I have ever encountered in a shop. It just makes you want to have an excuse to go back (and I will take my wife next time!). The shop was packed, when London retailers are complaining of empty shops because of the Olympics. The Apple retail experience is just incredible. No other “system” comes close to the stickiness of the Apple ecosystem.