How to Put iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch In DFU Mode With A Broken Home Or Power Button


Are you unable to put your iOS device in DFU mode because the Home or Power button is broken? Or simply having trouble putting your iOS device in DFU mode? No worries, few weeks back iPhone Dev team released a new version of Redsn0w that allows you to put your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch in DFU mode without the need of the Home or Power button.

In this article, we will take you through the step-by-step procedure to put your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch in DFU mode using Redsn0w on Mac or Windows.

Step 1: Download the latest version of Redsn0w from this link and save it in a folder named “Redsn0w” on your desktop.

Step 2: Download the latest iOS firmware file (.ipsw) for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch from here: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Step 3: Double click the Redsn0w zip file and extract the application to the Redsn0w folder and then launch the Redsn0w application.

Windows users should run Redsn0w as ‘Administrator’ (right-click on the Redsn0w exe and select ‘Run as an Administrator’).

Step 4: After launching Redsn0w, click on the Extras button.

Step 5: Then click on the Even more button.

Step 6: Now click on the DFU IPSW button.

Step 7: You will be prompted to select an IPSW. Use the file browser to select the .ipsw file that you had downloaded in Step 2.

Step 8: Redsn0w will start creating a DFU mode IPSW file.

Step 9: After the IPSW file has been created, you will be notified. Click on the Ok button. Please note that the IPSW file will be created with prefix ENTER_DFU_.

Step 10: Now launch iTunes (please ensure that it has been updated to the latest version).

Step 11: Select your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch when it appears in iTunes under Devices. (If you haven’t backed up your iOS device, then back it up by right clicking (or Control-clicking) on the device and clicking on the Back Up menu option.)

Step 12: Select the Summary tab. Then hold down the Option key (Windows users hold down on the Alt key) and click Restore.

Step 13: Select the DFU mode IPSW file (.ipsw file with prefix ENTER_DFU_)

Step 14: After your iOS device has been restored it will be automatically put in DFU mode (the screen should be completely black). You can now use our step-by-step guides to jailbreak your iOS device or restore it with the appropriate iOS firmware file.

Hope this helped. Please don’t forget to let us know how it goes in the comments and drop us a line if you hit any issues.

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  • Brian Underwood

    help… power button dont work. currently doesnt have a sim card. just wanting to use this 3g as an ipod for now. when plugged into itunes it doesnt show me crap, just says insert sim card. how can i get passed that into dfu?

    • Thomas Cline

      put any gsm sim card in it thats what i do for mine

  • ryan

    i did this but when i connect it to jailbreak, redsnow says its in wtf mode what do i do?

    • Skan

      select in Redsnow/ extra/even more/preferences/ auto-exit WTF mode

  • william

    I get an error when installing the firmware(dfu one) Q_Q

    • iPhoneHacks

      What error message do you get?

      • Ram Ram

        error (37)

      • deepesh

        err 37

  • diefirefly

    when i try to restore it an error pops up saying an unknown error (37)

  • denzel

    how do i remove it from dfu mode? i tried jailbreaking my ipod and redsn0w did work and now my computer wont recognize my ipod, same ting happened with my iphone

  • Makan620

    I have iPhone 3gs which is currently upgraded to ios 6. After upgrading the phone to ios 6, I am currently stuck on the activation screen which keeps failing. So I tried activating it through iTunes but it comes up with a message saying simcard not inserted etc… Also my phone power button is not working so how can I enter dfu mode whilst not able to power off the phone or not having restore option on iTunes. Please help contact me on

  • bigM

    i ve done ..i follow that instruction but i always fail,,but when i open redSnow no respon after I push power botton to sho off the red snow began start ,,,thanks

  • Emalkay

    i have recovery mode :<

  • Amy Masiker

    Error 37 =

    • Leco

      when you have the error 37 code, just click ok and your iphone will go off. the itunes will now detect your iphone in dfu mode

      • Joseph Hill

        Nooo, iTunes detected it in recovery mode.

  • wryawyr


  • detree12

    itunes says that the firmware isn’t compatible with my ipod. any ideas?

  • Malene Kruse

    Is this tethered or untethered ?

  • Karla Venegas

    I keep getting “USB communication error”, any ideas?

    • Sauly

      Change the USB port u are using

  • Chawapuwap

    I did everything step by step and got the 3194 error code. Now my phone is stuck going back and forth from the apple logo to the spinning wheel. What went wrong and what do I do?

    • Clownboat

      im getting the same error code but luckily mine wasn’t jumping from spinning wheel to apple logo, it just did a fresh reboot, any idea what that error code meant?

  • jm

    please help!! my phone is stuck on black screen and can’t do anything cos my power button is broken. email me . thanks!

  • miggyboi

    My iPod is already in infinite loop so iTunes cannot recognize my device. My power button is also broken. How can I bring it to DFU mode then?

  • Tyson

    I used redsn0w to try and jailbreak my iPod 4g. i have no lock button and i used the .ipsw with the DFU and now my iPod cant get out of DFU mode. :/ it isnt showing up on itunes or anything. could anyone help me?

  • Danny Meaclem

    i have a iphone 2 or 3 g with no sim and i need jailbreak to hack so i dont nned a sim i cant restore of reason but my buttions are broken any help

    • hassam

      put your phone in recovery mode through recboot or limera1n
      and you are good to go

  • mora

    I downloaded ios 7 beta 2 and my phone was stuck at the activation error my lock button doesnt work and im trying to put it into dfu but i cant hit restore

    • Rmoneslifestyle

      did get a fix? i have the same issue……my ipad is stuck on ios 7 beta activation screen. When my ipad is connected to ITUNES it doesnt pass the “activation error screen (so thers no Restore/update option) & i cannot restore to DFU with REdsn0w cause my Home button doesnt work!!!! ………………………………………………………………………………….is there any way i can put my ipad to DFU mode with a single click?

      • Alzain Ali

        use recboot to kick your device into recovery then restore to ios 6 :)(

  • Rmoneslifestyle

    i have the same issue……my ipad is stuck on ios 7 beta activation screen. When my ipad is connected to ITUNES it doesnt pass the “activation error screen (so thers no Restore/update option) & i cannot restore to DFU with REdsn0w cause my Home button doesnt work!!!! ………………………………………………………………………………….is there any way i can put my ipad to DFU mode with a single click?

    • hassam

      put your iphone in recovery mode through limera1n
      thats how i did it
      had the same problem

  • harmoniaeris

    how do i launch it on itunes when it says “simcard is not supported”

  • th1sd00dftw

    i found a locked ipod and its home button its broken how can i restore it?

  • joey

    don’t bother with this method. just download recboot. It instantly takes your iphone in and out of DFU.

  • Roger Arango

    doesn’t work when the iphone is
    locked with password

  • kikin solalv

    I have ipod touch 4 I forgot the passcode also power button is broken itunes doesn’t recognize

  • david

    My ipod is disabled and the home buttons missing. How can I get it to DFU mode?

  • Mineblock

    I did this and now I want to get out of it HOW I NEED HELP!

  • M.Umair

    it didn’t work with my iphone 3g becuse it required the normal mode but my on my iphone 3g appears yellow screen and stuck on custom boot logo and the power button is not working.

  • Patel

    On step 12 I have a windows and the alt key didn’t work, but the shift key did.

  • Brandy

    on step 7. what do i open or save to?

  • bizzak123456

    this works fine in windows but hole down the shift key, not alt

  • Gary Berry

    Getting a message saying the firmware file is not compatible ? any ideas …

  • MrJodie

    Just a correction. On Windows it’s not ALT+Click to open an Open dialogue. It’s SHIFT+Click. Then you navigate to the ENTER_DFU_ file.

  • moo

    itunes still doesnt reconize ipod

  • Roger

    What do you do if you forgot the passcode to your iphone and the power button is broken..

  • wonderless

    why does it keep going into dfu when i reboot now

  • Michael

    I could successful jailbreak it but a few minutes later it would just go into recovery mode and I would have to restore it

  • Master Sparker

    It didn’t enter dfu mode but came back to recovery mode with an error, if i restore the phone normally then it get stuck in activation( iphone has no sim when it does) and power button isnt working.
    what do I do?

  • chelsea

    what if my iphone doesnt appear in itunes? what do i do?

  • Yulian

    I did all the steps until when it says to select your device on iTunes. My iPhone 4 won’t show up on iTunes and I’ve tried many things to get it to work and show up but it won’t. its stuck on the apple logo and it wont show up on the computer or itunes. what can i do to get it to show up?

  • jj

    doesn’t recognize my iPhone :(


    My itunes isn’t picking up my iphone 4 because it keeps restarting and sticking on the loading screen how do I force it into dfu mode *home button not working*

  • need help fawk

    My iphone wont show in itunes what do i do?

  • ashley

    My iPhone 4 is stuck on a completely black screen. Whenever I plug it up, it makes the sound to let you know your phone is charging. When I try to restore it through iTunes I cant because it says I have to turn off “Find My iPhone” in the settings. Which I can’t because the screen is black. Also I cannot just restart it with the power and the home button because my power button is broke. HELP HELP HELP HELP PLEASEEEEEEEE!!!!!! My email is

  • Danniel

    It doesn’t allow me to do anything with my iPhone 4 on iTunes because it needs to be activated with a sim card first, which i don’t have. This comes up There is no SIM card installed in the iPhone you are attempting to activate.

  • sandhu

    my phone is struck off in recovery mode ,
    before it was unable to pick up any sim , that it it always showing seraching ,
    i have iphone 4s . please tell me the solution for it .

  • John Kowerduck

    do i download the firmware of the iOS my ipod is currently on

    or the one i want it to be on?

  • tony

    how to get ipod in dfu mode if power button does not work?

  • Caleb

    So ive tried repeatedly to enter DFU mode I follow the instructions exactly yet it just turns on and shows the message to connect to iTunes. Also this iPod is one i found on the street so its not connected to my cpu and never wants to enter DFU

  • Guest

    can some1 help me, i tried jaildraking my iphone 3gs and it did not work, my pc doens’t recognize my phone now. is there a way to remove it from DFU mode, i know you can do it by pressing your power button and home button, but my power button is broken (thats why i used this guide), so if there is any other way to remove it from dfu mode, i will be really happy if i could get some information

    My mail =

  • **NEED HELP**

    i tried it and it restored, but then itunes said there was an error (3197) please help

  • Mike

    How to exit DFU IPSW after jailbreak? I installed p0sixspwn from Cydia to make it untethered, when I reboot my device (iPod Touch 4) is going to DFU Mode…

  • michael

    when my ipod turns off it disconnects from itunes and then i get error 3194

    • Gautam

      It looks like you have host file entries for Remove them and it should fix the issue.

  • akshay

    mine says error reading from ipsw

  • Andrea Vazquez

    I’m trying to downgrade to 6.1.2 because its 6.1.6 and it currently has no jailbreaking tool. But when I try to restore my ipod using itunes, it displays error 3194. and I can’t do anything. Help please. :(

  • anonymous

    Idk about other windows user but holding alt key doesn’t work when click restore. Instead I click shift button

  • RW

    all this did was put my ipod in recovery mode, and itunes wont restore it and redsnow wont do anything with it unless its off or in DFU

  • Oscar Sprangers

    So I tried this with my 32GB iPhone 3GS (which was jailbroken at iOS6.1 I believe), and nothing’s happening.

    I had it today, and decided I wanted to do a restore to get rid of jailbreak and have a fresh iPhone, however it wouldn’t restore. It would start the process, and then a third of the way through, it would tell me an error occured. And it seemed to be a different number error every time. I’ve tried almost everything, and this was my last hope, and it’s not working.

    I made the iOS 6.1.3 version an ENTER_DFU version, and selected it to restore my phone with, and it says “Extracting software” as usual, but nothing shows up on my iPhone screen (just the “Connect to iTunes” or “Recovery” screen).

    If someone would help me that’d be great! Thanks! :)

    • Gautam

      What error message are you getting? It would go a long way in debugging your issue.

      • Oscar Sprangers

        I’m getting (3194). It seems like my iPhone just disconnects itself while the extraction process is happening.

        • Gautam

          It looks like you’ve entries in your host file for You need to either remove or comment out those entries to fix the issue.

          • Oscar Sprangers

            There aren’t any Apple entries in my host file, so I just deleted it. Then I turned my antivirus program off, and tried it again, and it didn’t work. Once again, I got error (3194).

          • Gautam

            There were entries or there were no entries?

          • Oscar Sprangers

            There were no entries.

            I just tried a normal Restore with my new conditions (the antivirus off and host file deleted) and it took awhile, but I got error code (2003).

            I’m sorry, but I’m just trying other things while you help me figure things out.

          • Gautam

            Okay good, so we have moved past the 3194 error.

            Are you using a USB adapter to connect your iPhone to the computer. If so, try connecting directly, or try connecting to another USB port to see if it helps.

          • Oscar Sprangers

            Okay, it has restored! Thank you so much for your help! I’ve spent my whole evening trying to get it to work, and now it’s all good! What do you think it was, just the port??

          • Gautam

            That’s great. Glad it worked. The 3194 error was probably because of the entries in the host file. The 2003 error was probably because of the port or USB hub.

          • Oscar Sprangers

            Hmm, well that’s really good to know! Thanks again so much! :)

  • kittykat97

    When i try to put the ispw file on the restore thing it keeps saying that its not compatible. Help please.

  • Help please.

    I have an iphone 4, i no longer wanted the jailbreak so i reset the phone completely (or so i thought) it’s been stuck on the reboot screen for 2 hours now, my lock button is broken and itunes won’t recognize the phone when it’s plugged in, I have the redsn0w application to help put the phone into DFU mode and the IOS,

    I don’t know how to fix this, I can’t take it to apple because I;ve already opened up the phone.

  • janny

    It says that my iPod is not eligible? HELP

  • Erni

    My iPod 5 is jailbroken and it was fine until i decided to install a tweak, zeppelin from xarold. I realised that it was taking too long so i locked my devide. When i try to unlock it again.. i cant. I tried to turn it back on again. But couldn’t. I cnnt get into dfu mode because my home button is not working. I connect it to my laptop and itunes detect my iPod but i cannot restore or anything. It auto sync but got stuck at the backing up stage. Anyone knows how to fix my problem?

  • Erni

    I tried but it says unable to parse ipsw. Are you sure it is really an ipsw? HELP

  • niks

    what if my iphone 4 is in ios6.1.3 and the latest is 7.1.2. what will i use to enter dfu mode using redsnow?

  • HELP

    I have an iPhone 3GS with iOS 4.1 that was jailbreaked. I decided to clear my phone with ERASE ALL CONTENT AND SETTINGS. Obviously, this screwed things up. My power button is broken so I followed these steps. My iPhone isn’t connecting to iTunes. I have the latest version and my power cable works just fine. The phone is stuck on the apple logo. I need help ASAP

  • jamey

    Thanks, wish I would have read the comments before I tried 5x with no success