This Clever Accessory Will Make Your iPad Smart Cover Even Better

While the Smart Cover is a pretty good option for a cover, it just doesn’t do enough as an iPad stand. There are just two angles at which it can support the iPad, and these angles don’t cover all possible use cases of the device.

A kickstarter project, appropriately named as Smarter Stand, helps increase the utility of the Smart Cover as an iPad stand by introducing additional angles at which the iPad can be supported.

This is done by using two clips on either side of the Smart Cover that can slide over the edge of the cover, and block the folds, thus enabling the iPad to stand in a certain position. It also works with the newly announced Smart Case.

From the project’s Kickstarter page:

Smarter Stand is composed of 2 clips that attach to either side of the Smart Cover or the Smart Case. For the Smart Cover, a polyurethane pad that sticks to the back side of the iPad is also provided to prevent the iPad from slipping. For the Smart Case, no pad is needed since the neoprene of the back cover provides the grip necessary.

This is a really clever solution, which solves the problem without adding any bulk to the cover.


The Smarter Stand comes with an anti-slip pad that has to be stuck on the back of the Smart Cover. The project page notes that this pad can be easily taken off and reused on another cover.


Here’s a video of the Smarter Stand:

You can get the Smarter Cover (2 clips + the anti-slip pad) for $11. For an additional $3, you also get the option of choosing a color for the clips. It ships in October this year. Head over to the Kickstarter page, in case you’re interested.

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